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Chapter 3

Thank god its Friday, when the school bell rings, rush grab my backpack, leaving school. I get in the car, then driving to my home. As expected, my home is predictable, noise, full of my mother shout, and I see my maid cleaning the mess. I walking to my room, then changing my clothes, I get out from my room, going into my little sister room Amie. I open the door, I see Amie playing with her phone, she turn her head to me, smile and pointed me to sit in her bed.

She still in elementary school, but I never treat her like a kids. I know she’s mature and open minded more than kids on her age

“How’s today sis?” I lay my body beside her

“My friend is stupid, they thought the can foolish me.” she pouted. I remembered the last time our conversation, she told me that one boy in her school trying to get her attention by bully her. They don’t even know how smart my little sister. That idiot deserve it, I know Amie can handle it.

“Before I forget, why don’t we going to the mall tomorrow ? Its Saturday, you know, dad and our time” she remains me.

I almost forget, Saturday and Sunday is my time to accompany my dad and kiddos. I’ll become they guard while they going every where. I never hate the rituals, because its the only way how I can get closed with my dad and my siblings. I nodded at her then get out from her bed I wave my hand to her.

“Remain dad okay” I told her the I get out from her room, back to my room again. I checked my phone, I see messages from Blake

Gia, what are you doing ? are you still up for our plans on Monday ?

I confused with him, it only watching movie, what’s the big deal I though, I replay him

Of course, why I have to cancel it ? do you have some thing on Monday ?

Within a minutes he replay

Good, I’m afraid you canceled it, see you on Monday then

I put my phone back to my desk, I pull out my laptop. I have to finished my home work.

Today, my family time, I driving my car, my father sit in the passenger seat, Amie, Alie and Bryan sit in the back car, we’re going to the nearest mall. Watching they playing in the game station, I see my father sitting in his usual place. I pull out my phone, Sean text me,

Gia, what are you doing today ?

I reply, just baby sitting my brother and sister, what up ?

Nothing just I missed you

This chasing game still on, I sigh why must to be like this. If Sean not ours, I will flirted him. But its makes everything difficult, one side I have to ignore it an stay away from this stupid situation, but part of me said game on, another stupid boys to play. I send him reply,

haha, so funny

I put my phone back to my pocket, walking to my father direction. I sit in front of him. I told him that Monday I need his driver take me to the school, I said I have a group task in school. My dad never questioning my decision. Whenever I near him, we never talk much, sometimes we just watching people passers by, or just make fun others. Our father daughter relationship is very strong.

While we in the mall, Blake sending me message, he said he can’t wait for Monday, a little bit furious with his action. Why he makes this sound like a date, I thought I wasn’t his type. Maybe he just need company, and he have free ticket.

Today, Ted, my father driver take me to the school, just because today I’ll meet Blake, I feel nervous, I even can’t focusing when the teacher teaching, my phone vibrate, I read Blake send me messages

Gia, after school I picked you, wait me in front of your school gate okay

I confused, how will he pick me ? are we going to the cinema by bus ? I said okay to him then starting listening my teacher.

After school, I walk into women’s bathroom, changing my tops shirt, but I still wearing my school skirt, looking my self at the mirror, tied up my hair into ponytails, then going to the front gate my school. I feel a little bit nervous, excited, my heart thumping. I sent him messages I told him that I already there. 10 minutes waiting, I see grey Pajero come to my direction, the car stop in front of me, suddenly I see Blake get out from the car. I shocked, I thought he can’t driving. I can’t stop thinking, I know that we often meet at the tutoring course, but he never bring his car.

Totally shocked, I just stand until he speak to me “are you okay how school today?”

I stuttered, “e-everything is fine I guess ...” He open the passenger door for me, shit I never think its going to be like this. I thought we just like how we used to be when we hang out. I get in his car, put my seat belt, now I’m totally nervous, damn now it look like we’re dating. My palm start sweating, I feel hot, my heart beating fast. He turn on the radio, it Ed Sheeran “Perfect” songs, totally shit, now I can’t think properly, my mind almost blank. I just staring at the window trying to enjoying the view.

“H- how it possible, how can you driving ?” I still curious,

he gripping his wheel stir then smile, “who said I can’t drive ? I just never take my car to the tutoring class”

I lean my body to the chair, trying to figure it out. If in this situation is not Blake, I will flirted to that guys as soon as possible. But this is damn Blake, I know how handsome he’s, I always suppress my feelings toward him, because I know what kind of girls does he like, but now, here, he sitting beside me, driving, look like shit, it looks like he’s going take me dating.

Who will not get attached to him ? he’s handsome, friendly, cool, calm, kind that every girls want. I admitted that I get attached to him too, but when he get closed to me and become our team in tutoring class, I get rid that feelings right away. I don’t want like the others chick who chasing him.

Along the way, I lost in my mind. Now I’m like stupid idiot girls who thinking that this guys like me. Damn Blake, how can he do this to me? I’m not done with Sean, now Blake suddenly coming into my life, turning upside down my feelings. I guess I have to following his game, I need to know what is on his mind on this situation.

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