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Chapter 30

“Gia, waittt ..” Leia shouted behind me. I looked, she ran over to me. Gasping for breath, she put her hand on my shoulder.

“Where have you been. I thought you were leaving because last time I heard you were on leave”

I embrace her shoulders “Don’t overdo it.What’s the news during my absence ?” I tried to distract Leia. She grins “Nothing exciting, just a pile of tasks”. Suddenly she stopped walking, her face seemed curious “You know Professor Adam doesn’t teach either. How many times his course has been replaced by a substitute lecturer. It seems he’s very busy”

I coughed pretending to be surprised “No way, seriously ?“. Leia looked at me with an excited nod.

I didn’t want anyone know my relationship with him. What happens if one campus finds out, I can’t imagine it. I hope Adam isn’t that crazy. I wondered what kind of things he capable of. I shook my head, dispelling the crazy thought. Leia gave me a strange look.

We entered the class, Me and Leia took the back seat. Leia gave me a lot of help, she gave her notes during my absence. Fortunately the first lecture is not Adam’s class. I have to remind Adam when I meet him later to discuss this matter.

Me and Leia have lunch together in the cafeteria. We exchange a lot of stories. She turns out to have one older sister and one younger brother, her Dad is also a banker and her mother is a housewife, similar with me. What I learned from her is that she is friendly, easy to get along with, but maybe because she is a middle child, she’s more childish.

It has been a long time since I had any female friends. I promised her that this afternoon, I woul accompany her to the bookstore to buy college literature. My phone suddenly rang, I saw the screen, it turned out to be Adam. I whispered “Hey, what’s up ?”

“I remember you having a lunch appointment with me, but why are you even having lunch with your friend ?” Adam teases me.

I stood up and looked around. I don’t see him.“How do you know that I was having lunch with my friend ?”

He laughed “Sweetheart, I have lots of ways to find you. You remember that don’t you ?”

I rolled my eyes “I have an appointment with Leia to accompany her to the bookstore. We’ll talk again tonight.”

“Ok sweetheart, be careful” I hung up the phone and put it on the table. Leia is looking at me with a probing look “Who is it ? Your boyfriend ?” I just grinned “Kind of that”

Leia looks enthusiastic “I thought you didn’t have a boyfriend. I just knew that. You know, I had a boyfriend when I was in high school, but just like that” She scowled. I laughed looking at her. I stand up, I take my phone and bag.

“Come on, we still have class. I don’t want to be late. We will hang out after that” She nodded happily, she grabbed her bag and follow me.

Luckily, she couldn’t drive the car, so we just go using my car. Arriving at the bookstore, me and her looking for the book we need. After finding it, we decided to go to cafe near her house. At the cafe, I took out my cigarette and Leia looked at me curiously “Are you a smoker ?”

While lighting my cigarette I said “Yeah, is there a problem with you ?” She took my cigarette box and pull out one “Of course no, because me too” We looked at each other then laughed together.

The waiter came to take our order. I ordered iced vanilla latte and she’s milkshake strawberry. The waiter brought tray and put our order on the table, he smiling friendly and said “This is your order, enjoy ..“. We both looked at him and thanked him in a friendly manner.

“You know, from the first time I met you. I was sure we’d be good friends. I know you’re fun” Leia said while smoking. I laughed looking at her “Same as me, I have no girl friends”. She sat up straight then looked at me curiously “Why like that, explain to me”

I fold my legs into the chair “I’m more friends with guy. I’m comfortable with them. When I was in high school I thought they were more complicated”

Leia grinned “Almost the same as me. My friends are also guys. Hey, you haven’t told me about your boyfriend. Come on, tell me about him.” She looked at me with questioning eyes.

“You won’t let go, huh” I shook my head with a smile. She leaned back and grinned

I looked around and take a deep breath “I just broke up with my boyfriend. We’re dating from high school, but it turns out he betrayed me. He’s making love with another girl and I catch him, so you know the next”

She’s still curious “Then who called you earlier ? I thought he betray you, but you don’t sound angry with him”

I laughed seeing her “This is another story. My life is complicated now”

She seemed to understand, she didn’t push me to far. That afternoon we chatted and hung out. I see my wristwatch, time has shown ten at night. I looked around it seemed that we’re the last customers there. I see the waiter has started to clean up. I looked at Leia “We have to go home. Let me take you home” She nodded. We tidied up our bags, paid to the cashier then I escorted her back to her house.

I lock my car, I saw it was so late and I’m so tired today. I’m thinking of reheating leftovers for my dinner. When I opened my flat door and was about to put my bag on the sofa, I saw Adam sitting on the sofa watching television. He knew I was coming and looked at me “You here. What took you so long” he scowled

I raise my eyebrows “Adam, how did you get in ?” He took my hand and pulled me to his lap. I put my bag on the sofa and then put hands around his neck, he kissed my neck, I moaned soft

“I miss you, your scent is intoxicating me” He murmured
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