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Chapter 32

In the car, I looked out the window. I was nervous, my hands were sweating. I remember when I dated Blake, it wasn’t like this. I felt my heart pounding, a little anxious about the worst that could happen. Maybe all women are like this when dating.

Maybe in the past, when I was with Blake, we’re teenagers. Maybe everything that happened changed me slowly. I’m little grateful with my decision to break up with him. There’s a lesson that I can learn, it may hurt my heart, but it also heals me.

We arrived in front of the apartment lobby. Adam’s driver got out of the car and opened my door. He gave me a card “Miss, use the private elevator. Just stick the card in the elevator. If there’s something unclear, you can ask in the lobby”

I smiled kindly at him then said “We aren’t acquainted yet, what’s your name ?”

“My name is Mike, Miss”

I shook his hand “Thank you for your help, Mike”. He being polite then said “It was my duty to serve”. He nodded goodbye then got back into his car.

I walked into the lobby. I saw on the left there was a receptionist smiling at me. I smiled back at her, and walked toward her. I asked her where the lift was. She pointed in the opposite direction. I walked to the front of the elevator. I press the button, When the elevator door opened I entered. I’ll stick the card from Mike in the elevator, the elevator moved upward. The lift stopped at the 65th floor.

When the elevator doors open and I step outside. I saw it was a penthouse. The room is really big. I see in front of me is a living room, minimalist in shape. The room dominated by gray and white. I walked in, I saw Adam was standing behind me, he’s on call and he didn’t see me coming. I stood still not bothering him. I staring at him from behind. He wears a white shirt with his sleeves rolled up, he put his other hand in his pocket.

I didn’t realize he had finished the call. I was busy gawking at him “Like what you see ? Why don’t you come and hug me ? I miss you” He smirked and both hands stretched out, he directed me to hug him. I put my handbag on the table, I made my way over slowly, and his longs arms reached out, pulled me into his chest.

“How are you Sweetheart ?” Adam questioned huskily. His voice a low rumble in his chest.I snuggled further into him, drawn to the vibrations that surfaced when he spoke.

“G-Good I guess ”

Adam kissed my cheek, I blushing at the contact. “Your penthouse is very beautiful” I whispered. Adam replied with a grunt in acknowledgment. He placed his hand on the small of my back and led me over to the roof.

“Tonight my darling you .. are the definition of gorgeous” I said a small thank you to him as I didn’t want to embarrass myself.

“I’d rather spend time here than in a public environment so you won’t be too uncomfortable” He opened the sliding door to the rooftop showing the dinner table in the middle of everything. He walked us over and pulled my chair out for me.

“Thanks for tonight, Adam” While looking around. I enjoy being like this. Just the two of us without anyone else. Adam kept his eyes trained on me and I was about to say something when the maid arrived with the appetizers. he looked back over to me and I bit my lip as he caught me staring as well.

“Sweetheart ...” He spoke and I hummed.

“What are your thoughts on our relationships ? I shrugged as I pushed a piece hair behind my ear.

“As I said before, I started liking you. I admit it. But I’m afraid my feelings for you are just a substitute because I got hurt by Blake. Why do you want to know ?”

“I’ve just been ... thinking about a few things lately” He said tapping his fingers on the edge of the table. My eyes shifted to them for a second before going back to his eyes.

“Thinking about what ?” He didn’t say anything for a while.

“... Theoretically speaking ... how would you feel if I asked for your hand in marriage?”

I stared at him for quite a while not say a word before smile broke out my face and I started laughing. He furrowed his eyebrows as I continued with tears of laughter coming to my eyes.

“You’re laughing at me, why is that ?” I wiped my eyes with my finger and shook my head with the smile still on my face.

“Because you’re insane Adam” I calmed myself down and finally looked up at him.

“How does me asking you that question pertain to me being insane ?”

“Adam, do you know what you just asked me ?” He shrugged his shoulders.

“I asked the questions so I’m well aware of what I said ” I held my head in my hands and shook it.

“God, he’s finally losing it”

“What am I losing exactly ?” I put my hands down

“Your mind Adam. Your mind. We have known each other for only a month. We’ve kissed multiple times but that’s not anything compared to years worth of commitment to actually have a relationship with someone. Don’t forget I was in college and I just broke up from Blake”

“Gia, If you don’t remember. I was speaking theoretically”

“Adam” I whispered yelled. “You don’t speak theoretically or ask anything ... ever ! You speak what’s on your mind and do whatever you want. This is our first date, what more do you need me to say ?

“You don’t need to say anything”

“So why are you bringing this up while you know I’m still not clear with everything”

“Come here Sweetheart” I gulped

“W-why ?”

“Come here ”

I bit my lip, as I slowly got up from my chair and walked towards him. He pulled me down to his lap without having fully sit up. I squealed slightly and quickly placed my arms around his neck. He had one hand resting on both of my knees and the other one around my waist.

He placing the hand that was on my knees on my chin, he pulled me in for a kiss as I melted simultaneously in his arms. I moaned softly as he pulled me closer. I tried to keep quiet. He placed his hand in my hair and pulled it as he kissed me harder.
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