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Chapter 33

I sat on the bench near my classroom. Unfortunately today Leia didn’t come in, she was skipping class. She date with her high school friend. I remember her telling about that man and I’m sure Leia must be so happy now that she can date him.

My face still flushed when I remember what happened last night.Adam is really crazy, how can he think about marrying me. I do like him and this feeling deepens in him, but I’m not ready to talk about marriage. It’s not that I’m unprepared about marriage but I’m just not sure if Adam is the perfect match for me.

“Gia, right ?” I looked and saw a girl called me. I stand and smile at her

“That’s me. Why are you looking for me ?” She smiled at me then said “Professor Agnes is looking for you. She’s in the lecturer room.”

I pat my forehead “But I have a class now”

“Professor Agnes said it was okay. Finish your class first.” I thanked her and looked at my wrist watch and walked into my class.

Finished class, I walked to the lecturer room. I knocked on the room and turned the knob. I saw Professor Agnes sitting on the couch reading a journal. I approached her “Sorry Professor, are you looking for me ?”

She looked up and smiled at me, pointing at the couch “Yes Gia, I’m looking for you. Sit here.”

I took the place next to her and put my attention to her.

“Gia, I need a student to helpme. I heard your grades are good. I have a symposium with a famous psychologist. I need someone to help me there”

I frowned “Are you sure, Professor ? Why me ? As fas as I can remember, I’m not that smart and I’m not sure I can help you”

“I often pay attention to you when in class. I’m sure you have potential. I don’t offer it to other students. I want you to help me. I’m sure you will succeed. So ? Do you want to think about it first ? Or you can give me an answer now ?” She fixed her eyes on me.

I was silent for a moment, I was shocked by Professor Agnes’s sudden offer. Her offer was very tempting and this opportunity is rare. I decided to accept it. I nodded then said “Ok Professor, I accept it if you really need my help”

She stretched out her hand and took mine “I’m glad to hear that. The simposium will be held later this month. You will fly with me for a week to Singapore.”

My smile disappeared immediately “But Professor, what about my college ? Would it be a problem if I allowed that long ?”

She grinned “Assume it has been set. Later, I’ll coordinate with the campus for this matter and in return your credit will be added. You won’t just help me this time, if the symposium is successful then maybe I’ll need your cooperation for the next project”
I looked at her and smiled happily at her offer. She is very concerned about me “Thanks Professor, this means a lot to me”

She patted my shoulder “You deserve it”. She got up from the couch then took me to her office. She took the file from her desk and handed it to me “You read this file first” then she takes something from her bag.

She handed me her business card “If anything is unclear, you can contact me. This is my card” I took it and thanked her.

I came out of her office carrying the file that Professor Agnes gave me. Fortunately today’s class is over. I headed to the parking lot. My phone suddenly rang I pull out from my pocket. I saw the screen, it turned out to be my Dad.

“Hi Dad, how are you ? Is everything all right ?”

My Dad sounds happy “Gia, when do you want to go home. I miss our Dad and daughter time”

I laughed as I pulled out my car keys and opened the door “What if I come home today ? We just eat out together, I’ll pick you up now.”

“Okay, I’m waiting for you. Be careful driving your car”

I hang up the phone and put my bag in the passenger seat. I start my car and go to my Dad’s house. When I got there, I saw my Dad was sitting on the porch of the house. He saw me coming and smiled happily. I got out of the car and hugged him “I miss you, Dad. Are you ready ?” He nodded then I took him to the car. I opened the passenger door, put my bag back. After he got on I helped put the seat belt on and closed his door. I turned and got into the driver’s seat.

In the car I glanced at him. I saw he was enjoying the view “How’s home ? Where is everyone ?”

“Still the same as usual but it’s not fun because you don’t exist. Your brothers and sisters are busy with their own business. How about you ? What’s up with you during college ? Are you okay ?” He turned at me

While changing gears I grinned “Yeah, everything is fine. Next week I’m going to Singapore. Professor Agnes asked me to help her. There’s a symposium. Wish me all good luck” He nodded his head.

“Then what about your love relationship ? I assume everything is normal after last time we talked ?” He teases me

“Luckily everything was back to normal. My high school romance didn’t seem to work, but I found someone”

My Dad raised his eyebrows, now his attention is directed to me “Someone ? Who ?”

I cleared my throat “My professor. He seems attracted to me.”

“I thought he was much older than you. He should be more mature and educated. I believe in all your choices. I’m happy because you still want to share with me”

I was touched by what my Dad said. I’m grateful he is an open minded. I can always tell him anything. He never judge me directly. Suddenly I remembered the time I was still at home. I always miss times like this. He always treats me like his favorite child.

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