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Chapter 34

I stopped in front of my Dad brother’s house. In the middle of the road - suddenly he asked me to take him there. I thought maybe he missed his sister. I don’t want to ask too many questions. On the contrary, I just do what he wants.

After arriving in front of my Uncle house, I got out of the car and turned to the side. I opened his door and helped him to get out of the car. I took him into the house. Inside I see my Aunt was in the kitchen. Apparently she was giving her maid instructions to cook. When she saw me coming, she smiled happily. My Aunt came to me and hugged me

“Gia, how are you ? Haven’t seen you for a long time. Are you okay ?”

I hugged her back “Hello Aunty, nice to see you again. I’m fine. How are you ?How’s Julie and Uncle ? Are they fine ?”

My Aunt patted my shoulder “Julie is currently in Japan. She decided to take college there. She turned her gaze to my Dad “Are you looking for David ? He’s upstairs”. My Dad didn’t say much. He just nodded then left me with my aunt.

Uncle David and my aunt have only one daughter, Julie. I don’t see mu uncle’s family very often But compared to my mother’s family, I hang out with my paternal family more often. My closeness to my Dad and his family is much closer but in a different way, although we don’t meet often.

I chatted with my Aunt in the living room long enough until I saw my Uncle and Dad come down.

“Gia, I see you accompany your Dad.” My Uncle greeted me. I smiled politely at him “Yes, He asked me to bring him here. How’s college ? Does it still take long to finish your college ?”

“Maybe if there’s no obstacle in two years I will finish my college” My Uncle nodded.

My Dad signaled to me that we should go now. I hugged my Aunt and Uncle, then said goodbye to them. I took him back to the car.

In the car, I looked at him “Where are we going now ? Would you like to have dinner with me ?“. He nodded.

I decided to take him dinner at a restaurant near our house. When we got there I saw the waiter greet us. I asked for a seat that was slightly hidden because I wanted to enjoy the evening together with him.

When there, while waiting for our orders to come, he suddenly asked me “Gia, do you have class tomorrow ?”

“I guess no. Why ? Is there any problem ?”

He just looked outside and drinking his water. The waiter came with our food trays and put our food on our table. We both ate in silence.

I sipped my coffee while enjoying the restaurant atmosphere while he suddenly took his breath and said “I have to go to the hospital tomorrow. I need to see the cardiologist”

I was stunned by his words “Are you sick ?”

He just looked outside without saying anything. I try not to show any expression, although in my heart it feels like it will explode. “I stay at home tonight. Tomorrow I’ll take you to the hospital” He just nodded while looking outside.

After our dinner and returned home, I took him to his room. I saw my Mom was lying in there. My Mom greets me “Gia, How are you ? Are you okay ? You been out with your Dad ?”

I sat on the edge of the bed “I’m fine, Mom. My college too, everything is still fine. I miss you guys, that’s why I came home today”.

I glanced at my Dad, he was changing his clothes and went to the bathroom. I turned back to my Mom “I had dinner with him. Oh .. I almost forgot, tomorrow I will accompany you two to the hospital”

My Mom looked surprised by what I said, she looks tense. I smiled reassuring her “Calm down Mom, everything will be fine”

She forced her smiled ” I hope so. Sorry if I didn’t tell you”

I shift towards her and hug her “It’s okay Mom, the important things is I already know now”

After saying good night to the two of them, I returned to my room.

When I opened my room, everything was still the same, nothing had changed. I see my Mom seems to tell the maid to clean my room. I go to the bathroom and take a shower.

After showering and putting my pajamas, I lay down on my bed. I’m still thinking about what he said at dinner. I’m still surprised by what he said earlier.

The voice of my phone interrupted my reverie. I saw the screen, apparently Adam called me

“Hi Adam, how are you ?”

“Sweetheart, are you at your parents house ?”

I immediately sat on my bed “How do you know ?” I patted my forehead then rolled my eyes “I forgot ... You and your crazy guard”

He chuckled “Good if you remember. Does any problems at your parents house ? Why are you staying there ?”

I took a deep breath “Adam, it’s a long story”

He paused then said “Take your time, I listen”

I told him everything, I couldn’t help it. My worries unexpectedly came out as soon as I told him. He just listened to my explanation without interrupting me. My tears flowed “Adam, I’m scared. I’m afraid of losing him. He’s the closest person to me. He’s the one who loves me most. What if something happened to him. I won’t be able to hold it. Why when I was away from him, something like this happened ?”

Adam tried to calm me down “Sweetheart, don’t think too far, maybe your Dad’s just need a regular checkup. Don’t overreact. Sleep now, I’m sure you need rest after what happened today. We’ll see the results tomorrow. Remember whatever happened you have to tell me” His tone is sternly.

I hung up the call from him. I lay again in my bed, I could not bear to think about all the bad possibilities that happened to my Dad. I thought until I got tired and fell asleep.

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