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Chapter 35

I came out of my room, I saw all my siblings were having breakfast at the table. I took the place next to my Dad and took the bread for breakfast. Our driver who will take all my siblings to school. After all leaving, I was still at the table with my Dad while my Mom was getting ready in the room.

While biting my bread, I glanced at my Dad “How are you today ?“. He smiled reassuring me while drinking his tea “I’m fine. Don’t worry”. I smiled faintly, worry still visible on my face.

We drove my black Range Rover. I see my Mom looks tense, my Dad looks the same as usual. He seemed unfazed by this situation. When I got to the hospital lobby, I dropped them both while I parked the car.

When I went inside, I saw my Mom was taking care of registration up front. I saw my Dad sitting in the waiting room. I walked over to him and sat next to him. We sat in silence while waiting. My Mom said to me “I signed up for you Dad, we just have to wait on the call”.

Not long to wait, I saw nurse come out of the examination room. She called my Dad’s name. My Dad an Mom stood up and entered the room while I remained sitting there waiting for them.

I cover my face with my hand. I pray that all is well, i hope nothing bad will happen to my Dad. I’m afraid to face what my Dad diagnosed by cardiology. Suddenly I feel someone embracing my shoulder. I immediately opened my eyes and I saw Adam sitting next to me, embracing me. His eyes hypnotize me, calm me at once.

I feel relieved when I see him. Everything that was on my mind that I was holding disappeared instantly. I hugged him and cried in his chest. He just hugged me while whispering sweet words in my ear to soothing me. He kept hugging me until I sobbed . After I calmed down I staring at his eyes and rubbed my nose. My eyes are swollen and red. He wiped the tear marks on my cheeks.

When he was about to open his mouth to speak, suddenly my parents came out of the examination room. I hurriedly got up from my chair and walked towards them. I looked at my parents “How ? What did the Cardiologist say ?”

My Mom and Dad looked at each other. They suddenly turned their eyes to Adam. I forgot if Adam was still next to me. My Dad staring at my eyes then teased me “Who is the man next to you, Gia ? Don’t you want to introduce him to us ?” I jump a little, nervous with my Dad’s subtle insinuation. I cleared my throat “Mom ... Dad ... This is my Professor. Adam ... these are my parents.”

Adam suddenly extended his hand to my Dad “Sir, I’m Adam Warner. I’m the closest person to Gia now”. I raise my eyebrows and looked at Adam. He looks confident talking to my Dad.

My Dad shook Adam’s hand. He smiled warmly at Adam “Oh, You’re the man that Gia told me before. Let’s walk with me”. I gawked at my Dad’s behavior, my mom hugged me and smiled “Come on, help me take care of medicine and your Dad’s payment at the cashier”.

I stood with my Mom at the cashier, I glanced at Adam. He was sitting with my Dad in the waiting room. They look familiar to each other, they’re even joking. I shook my head in disbelief. My Mom just smiled seeing me looking at them.

When the payment and medicine business was over, my Mom and I went to them in the waiting room. Apparently Adam invited my parents to have lunch together. I couldn’t believe what Adam was doing to them. I think my Dad has believed in Adam.

Adam invited us to eat at a restaurant in a fancy hotel. It seems that he has been here often because the employees seem to know him. The waiters gave us a private room. I sat next to him while my parents faced us.

“So ... Adam ... What do you think about Gia ?” My Dad started talking while waiting for the food to come. Adam smiled politely at my Dad “Gia an attractive woman. She is kind, simple, and the most importantly I love her”.

I almost spat my drink when I heard Adam’s words. My Dad grinned seeing me like that, I hurriedly wiped my lips. My face flushed and embarrassed at once. Adam looked panicked seeing me and I convinced him that I was all right.

“So what do you want with Gia ?”

My Dad seems to have plans of his own for Adam. I’m very familiar with him. I know this is one of his trick. He knows how to read people. I want to know where he took this and also want to know how Adam reacted. Moreover, this time Adam talking in front of my parents, he should be aware that this is not games.

“Sir, I’m serious about Gia. I want to make her my wife. When my trolley hit her and I looked for the first time, I was already in love with her and I want her to be completely mine. I realized that Gia was still in college and I wouldn’t restrain her. She will still achieve her goals and continue her studies. I will always support her”

Adam staring me in the eyes as he said that. He looked calm and looked no doubt. I was shocked to hear Adam’s explanation to my parents. I didn’t think he would say that lightly to them. He seems to really want to have me until he dares to express his feelings like that in front of my parents.

I looked at my parents, especially my Dad. I wanted to see how he reacted after hearing Adam’s explanation. He looked calm after hearing Adam’s speech while my Mom just smiled affectionately looking at me.
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