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Chapter 36

“Adam, you’ve only met us once. You’re not afraid we will reject you ?” My Dad put his hands in front of his chest and leaned back against the chair.

Adam looks relaxed in response to my Dad “Sir, since the first time I saw her. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and I was determined to make her as my wife. Dating is not a determining factor in a relationship. I have full faith in Gia and finding her is my greatest joy.”

The waiter came with our tray of food. After placing our food and all the orders on the table, he left us. Suddenly my mom looked at Adam and said “Adam, all I want to ask is only one thing. Is all that you said true ? Gia is his Dad’s favorite child. I’m her mother, I know my daughter even though I’m not that close to her like her Dad. If so, I just ask that you take good care of it, the rest is up to her” She smiled motherly as she said it while looking at me.

My eyes immediately flowed when heard my mother’s word. I never thought she had such feelings for me. I thought she cared less about me because she was busy taking care of my younger siblings. I didn’t realize Adam was holding my hand. My Dad looked at my Mom then held her hand lovingly.

“So .. Gia ... What do you think ?”

I was jolted by what my father said. I wiped my tears, tightened Adam’s hand, then staring at his eyes “Adam, I’m not rejecting you, like what I said before. I really like you, this feeling even deeper. But I’m still scared, I’m afraid you’re just a substitute for my pain from Blake. I’m afraid that later you’ll do the same thing like him. I don’t want to get hurt anymore. Hurt once because of Blake was enough to make me aware. I’m not that easy to fall in love. Like what I said I was complicated and my thoughts were excessive”. Adam was still holding my hand, he was even holding tight.

“Adam, I know my daughter more than anyone else. Do you remember our conversation earlier ? You know what I want and what you have to do.” My Dad grins at him.

He straightened his seat then said firmly “I promise you, Sir. And I will keep my promise to you. I will make Gia accept me and I assure you that I will take care of her as long as I can breathe”

Our lunch ended pleasantly. Adam insisted on riding with us. He told his driver to take my car home. When we got home, my Dad took him into the living room. I want to take a shower because I want to refresh myself. I left both of them.

When I was brushing my hair, I saw from my dressing table, Adam was looking at me. He leaned against my door. I turned and said “Who said you can be in my room ?”

He ignored me instead walked towards me then took a hairbrush from my hand. He stroked and brushed my hair slowly

“I’ve always liked doing this to you. Your long hair is awesome”

From the glass of my dresser I looked at him “How do you know which room is mine ?”

He shrugged his shoulders “Your Dad told me. He even told me to stay tonight.”

I raise my eyebrows, I really don’t believe in my Dad. What plan was in my smart Dad’s mind ?

“Wait Adam ... If you want to stay here, I moved to my sister’s room” I pouted

“Why move ? You can stay with me here and we can cuddle all night”

I stood up and suddenly he hugged me from behind. He whispered in my ear “Stay here with me tonight, please ? I put my hand on his and stroked it.

“Fine, I’m with you tonight but you sleep on the floor. I’ll get you the mat first, wait here a moment”. I let go of his hug and went outside to get the mat.

When I came back, I saw Adam was holding my walkman. His face looked annoyed “This from Blake ?” I nodded while placing the mat on the floor.

“Why do you still have it ?”

“I haven’t tidy up my room since I left college”

Adam jealous because he saw Blake stuff still in my room. He walked towards me. His lips are pouted and his brows are furrowed.

“Adam, my relationship with him is over. You want us to fight over this ?”

He wrapped his arm around my waist from behind.

“You’re so egoistical Adam that is sometimes hurts to listen to you” He tilted my head back with his other hand and looked down into my eyes.

“Well I guess you just going to have a deal with me aren’t you ?” Leaning down he placed a soft kiss on my lips to which I responded by moving my hand to his hair and gripping it in my fist tightly.

He pulled away from me and turned me to face him fully so he could capture my lips once again. He gripped my waist in his hands and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

I felt a fire start in my body which instantly made my cheeks go red and I felt my heart beat faster. I didn’t have a chance to gain my composure as Adam moved one hand to my hair and deepened the kiss. I pulled away after a few seconds and caught my breath as he’d taken all the air out of my lungs. I place my hand on his cheek and gave him smile.

“I don’t have to deal with anything Adam, You don’t own me” I pulled away from him leaving him stunned.

I walked to my closet want to take a shirt for Adam and before I could turn around I was pushed up against the closet and I yelped in surprise. Adam had one arm wrapped around my waist and the other against the closet by my head. He gave me a smirk.

“I don’t think I heard you quite right in there ... Mind repeating yourself to me ?”

“No” I answered quickly and he gave me a dark chuckle.

“Are you sure ? Because I thought I heard you say a few words” I shook my head and he placed his hand on my chin and pulled me closer.

“That’s what I thought” He claimed my lips with his once again and my eyes shot open when I felt his tongue slide into my mouth.
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