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Chapter 37

I saw my Dad was drinking his tea while reading the newspaper. I pulled my chair and sat next to him. I frowned “What crazy plan were you trying to do last night ?” while taking sandwich at the table. My Dad just grinned, his questioned “Hey, where is Adam ? Why are you alone ? Didn’t he have breakfast with us ?” My Dad raised his eyebrows. I rolled my eyes “He was taking a shower, soon he will join us. Happy ?” he just laughed after hearing my answer.

Adam soon entered, he sat in the chair next to me. After saying good morning to my Dad

“Morning Adam, suit yourself here” Said my Dad while reading the newspaper.

I turned to him “When did you bring your clothes ? As I remember last night you didn’t bring anything except your phone.”

“What are the benefits of Mike as my driver ?” I pinched his arm, he just stroke my hair affectionately. My Dad just smiled seeing us.

“Gia, I heard you were going to the symposium with Agnes. Have you read the file ?” I looked at him suspiciously.

“How do you know I’m going with Professor Agnes ?” He sipped his coffee

“Do you forget who I am ? Don’t tell me this morning you hit your head” I pouted.

“You sure are annoying this morning”

“Thanks for the compliment” Adam said while eating his sandwich. I smack his waist. This morning he teased me on purpose. Suddenly my dad interrupted our conversation, he seemed interested

“Gia, is that the thing you told me before ? That you’re going to the symposium ? With your lecturer ?”

I just nodded while eating my sandwich. My Dad seems dissatisfied with my answer. He turned to Adam

“Adam, explain to me about that symposium. I’m lazy to ask my beautiful daughter this morning” And now he teases me.

“There will be a symposium in Singapore. My colleague, Agnes ... She asked Gia to help her”

“How about her study ? Will it be the problem ?” My Dad looks panicked.

“It’s okay, Sir. I will be there too.”

Now I turn to be surprised, I cut him off “You there too ? Why I don’t know ?”

“Because I was a speaker there to, sweetheart. It seems that this morning you really hit your head” He pinched my nose.

My Dad seemed relaxed after hearing Adam’s explanation. I drink my water then look at my wrist watch “Adam, let’s go, I’ll be late” He nodded

I returned to my room to take my bag. After taking my car keys, I went out to the living room. I saw Adam talking seriously with my Dad. I approached them, Adam saw me coming. He immediately took my car keys and bag

“You ... go with me. Let Mike take your car” he said sternly

I hugged my Dad tightly “Be careful at home. If anything happens let me know as soon as possible. Oh yeah, when do you see the Cardiologist again ? Let me know” I’m worried for him

My Dad stroked my back “I will be fine. I’m calm, there’s Adam near you. He can help me look after you there.”

I was sad to hear him say that “Don’t say that, you will always be healthy. You have to be with me when I get married later. Don’t leave me.”

He hugged me so tight then kissed my crown “I love you, little one. You always remember that don’t you ?

I nod, then he let go of my hug. He looked at Adam, he held out his hand “Take care her for me will you ? You know it isn’t ?”

Adam takes his hand and says “Don’t worry, I will always be with her”

All the way to campus I looked out the window, my mind drifting. I remember my conversation with my Dad before I left. I just feel bad leaving him.

“What are you thinking ?” Adam broke my reverie.

I looked at him and smile faintly “I just miss my Dad, even though we only parted ways for a while”

He put his hand on my thigh to soothing me “You know your Dad loves you right ? He will be healthy. Don’t overthink. Just think about your symposium. Don’t you have to meet Agnes today ?”

I took a deep breath and leaned back in my chair. I closed my eyes, trying to calm my self.

Professor Agnes was writing at her desk when I came to her office. I knocked pn the door to announce my arrival.

“Professor, I’ve been here”

She looks up and smiles at me “Sitting here, Gia.” She pointing to a chair in front of her desk.

“So ? Have you read the file ? Is there any question ?”

“I have read professor. More or less I understand the contents” She seemed pleased with my answer.

She opened the drawer and handed me an envelope and a file “This is your plane ticket. We’re leaving in two days. I have taken care of your lectures with the campus. Don’t forget to prepare your passport and your belongings. We meet at the airport. If something happens, don’t forget to inform me” I nod understand

“Is there any more Professor that you need from me ?” She shook her head then said “You could go. Just prepare your self and don’t forget to read the file so that you understand better”

After leaving Professor Agnes’s room, I took out my phone and sent a message to Adam

Adam, where are you ? Where is my car ?


He soon called me “Sweetheart, I’m in my office, just come here. I’m done too.”

I closed the phone and rushed into his office. When I got there, I saw him putting a file into his briefcase. I entered his room and sat in his chair. He smiled at me.

I pouted “Where is my car key ? I can’t go home”

He smirks “No. Today you come home with me. Where do you want to go ? My place or your place ?”

I got up from his chair then put my finger on my fore head pretended to think hard

“I want to go back to my flat. In two days I go to Singapore, I have to prepare everything”

He nodded and took his briefcase and we left his office.
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