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Chapter 39

I closed my eyes as the sun was peaking through the window into them. I opened them slowly and yawned softly. Looking at the time I noticed it was only 6 and I had about an hour to get ready. I made a move to get up but I froze when I felt an arm pull me back. Only then did I notice there was a large arm wrapped around my stomach and a chest against my back. I looked over my shoulder slowly to see Adam sleeping soundlessly.

I turned my body fully and he pulled me closer so that we were chest to chest. I blushed slightly and brought my hand up to his hair slowly. I brushed the few strands that fell on his forehead away and admired his face that always had the same expression. Scary but handsome. I moved my hand down to his jaw line and traced it back and forth with my finger. I could feel him relax under my touch and his eyes remained closed. Sighing softly I tried not to get angry at myself for not telling him my feelings.

"I love you ... ” I barely whispered knowing he wouldn’t say anything as he was still asleep.

I slowly moved his hand and got out of bed. I walked slowly to the bathroom without trying to wake him. I brush my teeth and take a shower. I wrapped my towel then came out of the bathroom. I saw Adam leaning on the bed checking his phone. I hold my towel tight so it doesn’t fall.

“Adam, you awake. I go get my clothes” While shaking I hurriedly took my clothes and ran to bathroom. I shut the door to hide myself from even more embarrassment.

Out of the bathroom I saw Adam was gone. On the table there is a note

I’ll go first, see you later at the symposium

Love, Adam

I immediately got ready. I put my laptop, phone and files in my bag. I looked at the mirror once again. After making sure my appearance was perfect, I got out and went downstairs.

I see the room has many visitors. I immediately looked for Professor Agnes. She’s near the stage I walked towards her.

“Am I late, Professor ?”

She shook her head pleasantly “No. When the symposium began sit down with the others. Jot down all the important things. I’ll be busy today. You can give me a summary of today’s by email. And don’t forget, you work alone. You really have to listen because later I will report the results to the campus” She said firmly.

I nodded then excused my self to join the others. I find a seat then take out my notebook. According to her orders, I focused on this event.

The symposium ends in the afternoon. Until recently I haven’t met Adam. Professor Agnes really busy like what she said. No wonder she was invited to this event. I’m lucky to be invited and chosen by her. There’s a lot I can learn here. I returned to my room, the summary for Professor is waiting to be worked on. I don’t want her to be disappointed with my performance. I wanted to show her that I was worthy of her choosing.

I didn’t realize that I feel asleep after sending my summary to Professor Agnes. When I wake up, it’s already morning. During these three days, I worked like madman. Went to the symposium, took notes then came back to my room and made summary for her. Because I have to send it every night, for dinner I ordered from hotel service. As long as I’m here, I haven’t left the hotel.

So far I haven’t seen Adam again. He just sent a message that he couldn’t see me yet because of his busy schedule. I don’t mind it, even grateful because I can focus on carrying out the duties from Professor Agnes.

When the symposium started, I saw Professor Agnes had taken he place. She looked at me and nodded, signaling that she knew I had come. I immediately sat down and took out my notes and got ready. During breaks I went out of the room to get coffee. I didn’t feel like eating, so after finishing my coffee and writing a few notes, I returned to the room. When I got there and sat at my usual place. I saw Adam already on the stand with Professor Agnes and the others.

Adam glanced at me, I pretended not to see him. I don’t want Professor Agnes to know how close we are. I pulled some of my hair behind my ears, to get rid of my nervousness. Luckily it wasn’t long after that the event started again.

Seeing him speak up front made me lose focus. Remembering that only a few days ago I confessed my love to him even though at that time he was asleep. I don’t know what made me do that but at that moment I realized that I really love him.

Today’s event is over and I’m getting ready to go back to my room. I saw Adam was with Professor Agnes. They seemed to be talking seriously. They look at me in a whisper. I felt uncomfortable, i was afraid Adam would tell her about our relationship. I hurriedly took my bag and got up from my chair. When I was about to get out of the room, someone pulled my hand. I looked and saw Adam who pulled my hand.

“Gia, wait a minute. I have something to talk about”

He took my hand then walked hurriedly. I can barely keep up with the pace. He took me to a room. He looked inside and when he confirmed that no one was inside, he pulled me inside. He looks tense and worried. He held my hand

“What’s the matter, Adam ?” I’m trying to calm down. Seeing Adam like this scared me.

“Your Dad is at the hospital. He needed surgery” Adam looked at me worriedly afraid I might pass out.

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