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Chapter 4

I don’t realized that the car is stop, I look around and see that we’re in the parking lot. We get out from the car, and walking inside the movie theater. Inside the theater, he changing his ticket on the counter, I look around and found empty seat. I take seat while waiting him, I see he searching on me, so I wave to him and pointed him to sit near me. He nodded then walking to my direction.

“What will we watch today ?”

“Its Despicable Me” he said, but I feel his body tense, his tight trembled.

“Are you feeling okay ?” I worried, maybe he not feeling well. I always speak frankly with others, and now is not different I guess, I don’t know where this game lead on, but I need to know what’s game he playing with me.

“Actually, I just wondering why you asked me to watching movie with you, of course we can hang out together, I just thought you need accompany, that’s why I agreed.” I look at him confusion

He take my hand, caressing my knuckles, and now I definitely confused “Gia, we know each other since 3 years ago, I always watching you afar. Every time I see you smile, laugh, talking to the others in the tutoring class, I feel something. I don’t know since when my feelings start growing to you, I hate when you give your attention to them, I just want to tell you I like you Gia, would you be my girlfriend?”

Oh my God, now this is definitely something I didn’t expected, Blake likes me, and wants me to be his girlfriend? My heart beating fast, I blushed, deep inside my heart feel like I’m going to explode. I know I like Blake, but I never thought he will like me too. Like I said, every girls wants to be his girlfriend.

I staring back at his eyes, trying to composed my self, “Yes, why not ?”

His face look like burst in happiness, mixed emotion showing on his face “finally you’re officially mine”

“Come on, it’s time” he take my hand, holding it tight. We entered inside the room, finding our seat. When we take a set, suddenly he slip his hand in my waist. I lean on his shoulder, while watching the movie, I’ve been thinking about us. I know we are friend, now suddenly turning into dating, I mean it will be weird situation isn’t ? I never thought in a million times about being Blake girlfriend.

I’m a little bit afraid with his first love reaction, she’s in the same school with me. What will happened if she know that now I and Blake having relationship ? Honestly, I curious with Blake, I want to know his mind, is this relationship only a part of his games, or he have other motives. I’m far away from his type of girl that he like, and now he in here, sitting beside me, dating with me. I still can’t trust it.

Maybe he finding that I’m day dreaming, he caressing my cheek and says “Gia, what’s in your pretty head?” I blushed, I bet now my face look like tomato, thanks god the theater is dark so he can’t see my face. I shook my head “nothing, I’m just thinking about something”, he keep looking he like he want me to continue

“About us, this situation, why suddenly you asked me to be your girl friend ? Is this a part of playing chasing a girl ? what do you see from me, I know I far away from your type ” I spilled it to him. I’m sure so straight forward person, but no turning back now, let it go.

He kissing my cheek then staring at my eyes, his eyes is big, brown, thick eyebrow, it melted me “I told you before, something in you intrigued me. Whenever I see you smiled, laughing and talking with others in tutoring class, I’m jealous with them. I never realized when it start, but getting here with you, I can’t stop thinking of you, imagine your smile, face, laugh. I just want you to be mine. When the last time we hang out, I almost kill Sean, I know how he’s feeling to you. Don’t even asked me why, I can see his eyes when looking at you, its like he want to eat you up, and I hate it. That’s why I decide to confess my feeling to you”

I speechless when he said that, wait he know that Sean likes me ? that’s why when we on the billiard place, he sit in the middle us. The truth is, I don’t know what kind of feeling do I have now, I never been in this stage. I always protect my heart, I see how girls feeling when boy broken her heart, and I swear I don’t want to run into it. Deep inside my heart I aware my heart is fragile, that’s why I always pretend to be strong, never put my feelings to other.

When the movie is over, we walking hand in hand to the parking lot. He taking me to dinner on the cafe near the theater. I feel that he more protective to me than before, back at the past, when I’m not his girl friend, I always feel okay when walking with other, chatting, having fun. But now, when we walking inside the cafe, he never let go of my hand.

When we come inside the cafe, I feel he hug me, It seems like he want everyone know that I’m his girlfriend. I almost shame, my face blushed, red as tomato. We sat next to each other, he ordered food for both of us. When the waiters took his order and leave, I turn my head to him “how we supposed to acted in the tutoring class, do we have to keep this as secret”

He grab my hand, start caressing my hand and scooting to me “Why we have to keep this as secret ? are you shame if we’re dating ?”

I pouted to him “of course no, but it might be awkward to our team isn’t, and how about your first love ? she will be okay with this ?”

“I don’t care, you are mine now. I don’t want to share, and about her, I’ll tell her, anyways she already having a boyfriend. Why should I care ? I only care about you” he said with deep voice.

The food is coming, and we eat silently. After finishing our dinner, he driving me home. When the car stop in front of my home, I glanced at him, saying good night to him, I closed his door, then walking to my house.

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