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Chapter 40

“You Dad is in the hospital”

That words kept spinning in my head. I stood frozen, motionless. My body trembled and became limp, my tears suddenly flowed down. I felt Adam hugging me, made me sob even more. While he rubbed my back and said sweet nothing to soothing me.

“Gia, I’m sorry ... I’m sorry, Sweetheart” Those words sounded almost like a mantra in my ears.

I’m trying to be calm. I let go of Adam’s hug but he tightens his hug and won’t let me go.

“Adam, get off me. I have to think” My voice trembled. Slowly his embrace loosened. I wipe my tears with my hand. I saw chair next to me and quickly sat down. Adam knelt in front of me, holding my hands. I took a deep breath trying to understand this and my next step. Adam still waiting for me to speak, occasionally wiping tears that were still flowing in my eyes.

“How could this happen ? Why he didn’t say anything to me ?” My voice is still sobbing.

“Gia, calm down. You have to go back and meet your Dad there”

I cut him off “But Adam, how about the symposium ? Professor Agnes surely will be disappointed with me” I’m getting stressed thinking about all this.

He wiped my tears with his thumb, with a warm gaze he smiled “I already told Agnes. She understands, now you must prepare to return. I will be with you”

I nodded then stood out of the room. I looked for Professor Agnes first to say goodbye. I see she still in the same room as we left her, she’s still talking to others. As soon as she saw me, she immediately came over and hugged me.

“Oh Gia, I’m sorry to hear that, I hope everything is fine”

“Professor, I’m really sorry, I couldn’t attend this symposium until last. I think Professor Adam has told you the reason” She nods sympathetically at me.

I smiled faintly “I’m sorry Professor, I can’t stay long”. She nodded and glanced at Adam. They both nodded at each other and then Adam put his hands behind my back as we headed for my room.

Adam helped me get my things sorted as fast as possible then left for the airport. What is in my mind now is my Dad.

On the plane, Adam sat next to me. I rested my head on his shoulder while his hand held mine. My tears fell again for the umpteenth time.

“Adam, will he be alright ?”

He kissed my head “He will be fine. He’s waiting for you”

I sat up straight and turned to him “How do you know he’s waiting for me ?”

He squeezed my hand then looked into my eyes “Gia, these few days actually I’m with him in the hospital.”

I was shocked, angry, and pissed off with him. I looked away and let go of his hand. How can he do this to me ? Why did he trick me ? Why my Dad doing this to me ? How dare Adam betray me.

Looks like he can read my mind. He didn’t touch me, I heard him say “You know that time when I talked to your Dad alone. He told me, he had a heart attack. When he went to the cardiologist, the doctor confirmed that your Dad had coronary heart disease and must be operated as soon as possible. Your Dad made me promise to keep it secret from you. He doesn’t want you to be sad. He knows how will you react if you find out. He asked me to take care of you.”

I cried hearing his explanation. He grabbed me into his arms and I didn’t refuse either. My anger disappeared at once. All I need now is to be in his arms. I don’t want to face this alone. I’m tired of having to be strong.

As the first child who must be strong and able to survive. This time I can’t. especially this is my Dad, the person closest to me, the one I love the most. On the one hand I’m pissed off with Adam for hiding this but on the other hand I understand his position and I’m grateful that he’s beside me now.

I didn’t enjoy my trip home from Singapore at all. All I have in mind is I want to see my Dad as soon as possible. Adam didn’t ask many questions or comments throughout our trip. He always held me and hugged me, sometimes calmed me down when I started crying.

Mike opened the door, he looked at me sadly. I just smiled slightly at him. In the hospital lobby, I stopped for a moment. I closed my eyes, trying to calm myself down. I don’t want my parents to see me falling apart like this. I have to go back like the usual me. Adam seems understand, he put his hand behind my back while rubbing it sometimes.

In front of the ICU, I saw my Mom was sitting alone. I immediately approached her “Mom, what happened ? Why didn’t anyone tell me ?”

She was shocked to see me coming. She was silent almost speechless. Her body is tense, she looks so tired “I’m sorry, Gia. It’s not that I don’t want to tell you but your Dad, he forced me to hide this from you”

She hugged me crying. I hugged her back, rubbing her back. I try not to cry in front of her.

“Soon visiting hours. I’m sure your Dad will be happy to see you here” My Mom smiled sadly. I sat next to her, hugging her, trying to calm her down while sitting next to me. As long as we talked, Adam didn’t say anything.

I saw the doctor come out of the ICU. He walked towards us. We immediately stood up. My Mom asked the doctor “How is my husband ?“.

He smiled then patted my Mom shoulder “For now his situation is stable. He can be visited now. Oh yeah, don’t talk to him too much and don’t stress him because it will affect his heart”

We nodded together then the doctor left us. I looked at my Mom and smiled to calm her down “See Dad first, Mom”. She nodded and walked inside. I sat back on the bench and Adam hugged me to comfort me.
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