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Chapter 41

I saw my Mom come out of there. I stood up to her and held her hand “How’s Dad ? Is he okay ?”

While wiping her tears, she said “He’s looking for you and Adam. Come inside”

I looked at Adam the nodded at my Mom. We walked inside.

Inside I saw my Dad lying on the bed. His body has lots of tube attached. He’s awake and looks at me, he smiles weakly. I tried hard to hold back my tears, I held Adam’s hand tightly

“Hi Daddy, how are you ?”

“Gia, you’re back. I’m glad Adam is with you. How was your symposium ? Is it successful ?” His voice choked up.

“My symposium succeeded, Dad. You can ask Adam. He helped me a lot”

I rubbed the back of his hand that was not attached by the IV until Adam realized that I couldn’t take it anymore. He walked over to my Dad’s bed, bent down to his ear whispered something and my Dad nodded

He stood up and staring at me “Gia, we have to go home. You just came back and need rest, tomorrow we come here again”. I just nodded weakly.

I see my Mom is sitting on the chair. I walked over to her then hugged her

“I’ll go home. Tomorrow morning I’ll be here, we take turns looking for him ”

“Ok. You just arrived” She turned her gaze to Adam “Adam, thanks for all your help”

He patted my Mom’s arm and said “Don’t say that. I’m glad I could help. Gia means everything to me. I’m willing to do anything for her”

I saw Mike was in front of hospital lobby. He opened the door and I went straight in with Adam.

I saw that Mike was in front of the hospital lobby. He opened the car door and I went straight in with Adam. He slipped his hand around my waist while the other gripped mine. My head rests on hist chest, it feels very comfortable and soothes me. Maybe because I was exhausted from all that happened without realizing I fell asleep in his arms.

I felt something hit my belly. I opened my eyes slowly, I saw Adam’s hand on my belly. I lay facing him slowly trying not to wake him. Being close to him makes me feel calm. I snuggled closer to him. He moved a little then hugged me tight. His eyes were still closed but suddenly he said

“Why are you awake ? Sleep a little later. I don’t want you to be sick”

I buried my face in his chest “Adam, I’m scared. What about my Dad ? What if he leaves me ? I can’t lose him”. I started crying again in his chest.

He rubbed my hair, kissing my crown “Don’t think too much. I’m here with you. I promised your Dad that I will take care of you and make you happy”

I raise my head to see him. He puts his thumb on my chin so I look him in the eye “You know I love you don’t you, Sweetheart ?”

I nodded, while he place his hands on my face and placed a passion filled kiss on my lips. I brought my hands up to his wrists and let him take control like he always did. The kiss became rougher and he ran his hand down my body and grip my hips in his hands. The athmosphere changed dramatically and Adam pulled away panting.

I looked into his lustful eyes. I wrapped my arms around his neck. He placed his hands on my ass and gave me smirk as my face heated up even more.

“That’s better” He kissed my lips again and when he pulled away from my lips, he moving down to my neck. He found my sweet spot and I pushed my hands into his hair as I tilted my head back with my eyes closed and I bit my lip. My body was heating up as the pleasure was too much for me to handle.

I felt his hand squeeze my bum and he grind himself into me. I released my lip and laid my head on my shoulder as I felt overwhelmed. My face was beet red and I continued to let him continue his assault on me as I could tell he was anything but finished.

When he finally pulled away satisfied, he looked down at me and noticed my heavy breathing and my embarrassed face. He push a few of my baby hairs that stuck to my semi sweaty forehead as he placed a small kiss on my head.

“Thank you for .. calming me down” I said and Adam nodded .

I’m eating with Adam when suddenly my phone rang. I saw the screen, it was my Mom. I hurriedly picked up the phone. I heard my Mom gasping “Come here quickly. Your Dad’s condition is getting worse. I dropped my phone and stand still. Adam looked at me with a wary look “What’s the matter”

I tensed “My Dad got worse, Adam”. He got up from his chair then walked towards me and held my hand. He took his car keys and we headed to the elevator.

When I got in front of the ICU room, I saw my Mom was sitting and crying. I hurriedly approached her “How’s Dad ?”

She saw me sobbing “He’s looking for you. Get inside quickly” Without thinking, I ran inside. I saw he still had an IV. His eyes were closed. I saw the machine sounded indicating his breath was still breathing. I moved closer to him and rubbed his hands that were not connected to the IV. Slowly I made my voice

“Dad, it’s me, Gia. I’ve come”

He slowly open his eyes. When they saw mine, his lips smiled “Get closer, Gia”.

I lowered my body close to him “Gia, you’re the one I love most of all my children. You’re the closest to me. I’m sorry, it seems I won’t be able to last any longer.

I cut him off “Don’t say that. You’ll be healthy again”

He tried to raise his hand and I immediately closed my mouth

“Gia, I know you love Adam. You just don’t realize it. From all my children, you’re the strongest. You the one who always fight alone. I can see how much Adam loves you. Never let him go. Without you telling me, I know that he will always be there when you need him. Don’t be late to show your feelings to him. Take care of your Mom and your siblings. I know I can count on you.”

My tears flowed at his words, I shook my head “Don’t be like this, Dad. i don’t want you to leave me”

He smiled faintly and said “Can you help me ? Tell Adam, I want to talk to him alone”
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