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Chapter 42

With unsteady step I left the room. When Adam saw me, he rushed over to me. I wiped my tears “My Dad called you”

He nodded and went inside. I saw my siblings were all there. They are crying, I saw Allie and Amie hugging each other, while Dylan hugged my Mom.

As soon as Amie and Allie saw me, they came straight to me and hugged me “Sis, how’s Dad ? He’ll be fine, right ?”

I tried to be strong and smiled at them while stroking their hair “Later, when you meet Dad, don’t make him sad. Smile in front of him.”

Adam comes out of the room. His gaze is calm. That’s one thing I like about him. No matter what the situation was, he never looked worried, panicked or scared. He walked over me and sat next to me

“What my Dad wants from you ?” I said sobbing.

He embrace me and saying “Secret between men” While blinking his eyes. He tried to distracted me so I wouldn’t be sad. I pinched his waist.

Inside ICU are my Mom and Dylan. Dylan is closest to my Mom and he’s the youngest child. Meanwhile we were outside waiting, I saw Mike coming with food. Adam comes to him and take the food. They talk for a while and then Mike leaves. Adam came back to me and handed me the food

“Give it to your siblings, they must be hungry. We won’t know how long we’ll be waiting here” He said sternly

I gave the food to Amie, I told her to share it with others. I have no appetite at all. Imagining my Dad’s condition has messed me up.

I gave food to Amie, I told her to share it with others. I have no appetite at all. Imagining my father’s condition has messed me up.

My Mom and Dylan came out of the room. We all crowded around her “Your Dad’s condition has been stable for a while”

My Mom looked at me “Take your siblings home. Thy must be exhausted”

I nodded then looked for Adam “Adam, I have to take my siblings home. If you’re busy, I can ..

He cut me off “No need. Let them go home with Mike” he said sternly. He took his phone then step aside for a moment to call Mike.

My siblings came home with Mike, I came home with Adam. It seems that now my parents really trust him. They even treated him like his own son. My siblings also accept him, they seemed to have the figure of the oldest brother.

After saying goodbye to my siblings, my Mom sat in the middle of us

“Mom, you want to go home too ? You look exhausted. I’ll take care of Dad here.”

She shook her head weakly “I don’t want to, he’s my husband. I’ll take care of him”

She suddenly took Adam’s hand and said “Adam, thank you for your help to our family. I can’t repay it”

He rubbed my Mom’s hand “Ma’am, this isn’t a problem. I told you from the first, Gia is my happiness, she is my priority, means that her family is included in it”

Her eyes filled with tears “How happy I will be, if you become Gia’s husband. You really do love her. i can see it from your eyes”

Adam just smiled listening to my Mom’s words. I was suddenly moved by what my Mom said. I didn’t expect Adam to have such a big influence on my life.

“Ma’am, I think it’s time for Gia to come home”

My Mom suddenly grabbed Adam’s hand “Would you look after Gia and her siblings while I take care her Dad in the hospital ?

Adam’s gaze softened to see my Mom who was already looking tired “I’d love too, Ma’am”

I went into ICU room once again to say goodbye to my Dad. I saw he was closing his eyes. I thought he was asleep. I caressed his hand, suddenly he opened his eyes slowly. I bent down and whispered in his ear “I go home first, Mom will take care of you. Adam will be with me to look after the other at home.”

He nodded with sad eyes then said “I wish I could see you married. Adam is a good man. Don’t waste him”. I nodded then kissed his forehead.

Adam and I went home together to my parents house. I saw the others were already in their room. I took him to my room.

“I want to take a shower first. You wait here”

He just muttered while sitting on my bed. When I had freshened myself and came out of the bathroom, I see Adam is on the phone. I went to Jason’s room to borrow clothes. I gave Jason’s clothes to Adam

“Take a shower now. Do you want dinner ? If you want I’ll prepare it”

He just shook his head and went into the bathroom. I climb into my bed and lean back on my pillow.

My Dad words ringing in my ear. I’ve been thinking too much all this time. What if Adam is the one for me ? I’m too scared of being hurt. I don’t trust someone easily, especially men, but he showed me all this time he never hurt me. Every time I hurt him with my words, he remain patient with me. Whenever I’m sad, he’s always there for me. He always took care for me all the time. I’ve never seen him close to any woman as long as I know him.

I love him but I’m just afraid to step. Marry him ? I imagined what if I married him. I was intrigued, imagining all the things that could happen if I married him.

“Penny for your thought ?” Adam’s voice startled me. He pulled me into his hug and I curled up on his chest. He stroked my hair sometimes kissed my crown. Suddenly I felt, this is the time, I gathered my courage then slowly whispered in his chest “I love you, Adam ...”
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