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Chapter 43

I have thought carefully before confessing my feelings to him. I don’t need to prepare anything romantic to do that either. For me, now is the right time to express it. What my Dad said triggered me, he steeled my courage to take a step out of my habit. For me saying those word isn’t easy, especially since I had a hard time trusting men.

For me, all men are the same. They just play with women, love chasing after them, once they get them, they end up bored and throw them away.

But Adam made me change my view. With him, I learned to get out of my fears even though he knows I still like to overreact and sometimes overthinking. He tries to understand it.

He lifted my face with his hands so that I looked into his eyes “Do you know how long I’ve waited for you to say that, Love ?” He said huskily.

I feel my self being deeply kissed by Adam. He grabbed my hair in a fist and pulled me closer to him. He pulled away from the kiss and I looked into his eyes to see something darker than his usual looks of lust.

I put my head again on his chest, I pulled my fingers back and forth on his belly like making a pattern”You know that I don’t want to do it before we get married, right ?”

“And when are we getting married ?” I shrugged and got up from his chest.

“Well that’s something for you to decide upon Mr Warner.”

I snuggled close to him. He hugged me while stroking my hair. When I was half asleep I heard him whisper in my ear ”I love you so much“. I don’t remember whether it was a dream or Adam actually said it. I was too tired so I fell asleep right away.

This morning Adam insisted on taking me to hospital. Earlier in my room we had argue. I don’t want him to leave his job because of me. But Adam is Adam, no matter how hard I try, he always had his reasons.

Arrived at the hospital, I went straight to the ICU. I saw my Dad was not there. I panicked and asked the nurse. It turned out that because my Dad’s condition was stable, he was transferred to the treatment room.

In the treatment room, I saw my Mom sleeping on the chair next to my dad’s bed. They held each other’s hands. I look at them from far, I don’t want to disturb them. I like to see their romance.

I decided to wait for them outside. Adam wasn’t with me because he said he had something to do.

My Mom came out of the room, she saw me then came to me

“You just came ? ” I shook my head

“I’ve been here just a little while. How about you go home first. Now it’s my turn to look after Dad. You look tired”. She nodded and stood up, we went inside.

After she left, I sat on the chair next to his bed. There is still a tube in his body. I see today he looks fresh. He’s watching television.

“You’re not with Adam ?” said my Dad

“No. He just drove me to the hospital earlier. He says he has something to do” My Dad nodded then continued watching television.

The nurse came to bring dinner for my Dad. I fed him because there were still many tubes attached to his body.

Finished tidying up the food, I pull out my phone. I want to texted Adam. Suddenly my Dad muttered

“Gia, I love you. You will always be my little girl, my precious one. I imagined you in a wedding dress. You must be so beautiful”

I pretended not to respond “Dad, what are you saying ? You’re better now. You can see me wearing it later”

He smiled weakly “We never know what kind of future”

“What if I fulfill your dream, Sir ? Of course, if Gia wanted it”

I was shocked when I heard Adam’s voice from behind. I turned to the door. I saw he leaning near the door.

I stood up and said “Since when were you there ? Did you listen to our conversation ?” My lips pout.

He smirked then takes out a small box from his pocket.

“Do you want to be Mrs Warner ? This is not the best marriage proposal ever, I can’t give a romantic one. I just want you to be mine as soon as possible. Once you confess your feelings, I don’t want to waste my time”

I was flabbergasted by his words. I know Adam’s madness and this time including the definition of insanity at its maximum.

He winked at me “So ... Do you accept it ?”

I turned my body, looked at my Dad. I saw him smiling happily. His gaze is sincere and nods at me, it looks like he really wants to see me married.

I moved closer to my Dad, I caressed his hand and whispered “Dad, What do you think ?”

He smiled at me and looked at me with affection “Don’t ask me. Ask your heart. I respect all your decisions.” I saw he tried to moved his hand to touch me but was blocked by the tube attached to his body.

I cried on my Dad’s shoulder while holding his hand. I want him to be happy, I want him to be well. This is the toughest decision I’ve ever made because once I answered Adam, there was no turning back. I want to get married once in a lifetime. I want to be like my parents. My Dad is always loyal to my Mom and I’ve always admired that. My Dad always showed his love and affection for my Mom.

I don’t feel forced to take this decision. Not because my dad is sick that I should decide to marry Adam. I just thought it might be a good time. I don’t know how much longer My Dad will last because I realized his heart could stop beating at any time, I also want to fulfill his dream. I love Adam, he has shown me how much he loves me and I don’t need any other proof. I just hope this is the best decision that I take.

Adam knelt in front of me, holding the box filled with rings, he looked at me with lovingly. I looked at him and whispered

“I accept your proposal, Adam. I want to be your wife”
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