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Chapter 44

“I want to be your wife”

As soon as Adam heard that, his face changed from panicking and nervousness. He smiled and looked very happy. I know he’s holding back his emotions. Maybe if it weren’t in the hospital and my Dad wasn’t lying on the bed, only God knows what crazy thing he will do.

He took the ring in the box and put the ring on my finger. My Dad shed his tears, Adam wiped my tears with his two hands then kissed my forehead

“Thank you, Love. Finally after all the waiting, you are mine”

Adam looked at my Dad and touched my Dad’s hand “Thank you Sir, you give your blessing to us”

“Adam, don’t call me Sir again. Just remember what you promised me. Gia is my beloved daughter. I know we gave you a lot of trouble especially now that I’m sick. I ask you as a man, never hurt her heart, take care of her for me”

Adam caressed my Dad’s hand “Yes, Dad. Whatever happens, I’ll never leave Gia. I will keep my promises to you and her”

My tears flowed again seeing them talking together. I was left speechless as I admired the ring on my finger. My heart feels relieved, I just pray that I don’t take the wrong path.

“What’s with all this ? Why is your Dad crying, Gia ?” My mom talking from the door, she is shocked and tensed seeing my Dad like that.

Dad chuckled “You know, Honey. My dreams will be fulfilled”

My Mom walked to the different side of the bed from me. She stroked Dad’s hair while smiling affectionately at him “What is your dream about ?” My mom teased him.

“Adam just proposed Gia. Finally I still can see her married. I’m so happy”

My Mom looked at me and Adam “Adam, you have to call me ... Mom .. now. I’m happy to hear this news. But what about the wedding ? I don’t know if I can prepare it. Your father is still in the hospital” My mom suddenly got nervous and panicked.

“Sweetheart, what kind of marriage do you want ?” Adam whispered in my ear. My face blushed, I looked down for a moment to think

“I have a request, but I’m not sure ...”

Adam cut me off “Just say what you want. You want a grand wedding ? Or expensive ? Just tell me” he urged me.

I lifted my head and looked at them ” I don’t want it all. I just want my family see me married”

Adam frowned “Are you sure ? Is that what you want ?”

My mom interrupted “Gia, this is your wedding. Just say what you want. I and your Dad will do our best to make it happen. I will ask the doctor if they will allow your Dad to be discharged from the hospital to attend your wedding”

I shook my head “I don’t want it all. If I could ask, I just want a sacred marriage. Why would my wedding be magnificent if turned out that one day my relationship with Adam didn’t work. I prefer simple marriage but I’m forever with Adam living a happy life.”

Mom and Dad looked at each other then nodded understandingly at me

Dad suddenly said “Gia, you are my favorite daughter. I’m proud to have a daughter like you”

Adam patted my shoulder, then looked at us ” I have to go now. There are a lot things I need to take care of immediately regarding this matter”

“Eager much, don’t you ?” Dad teases him.

Adam scratched the back of his head “Dad, you don’t know how happy I am, especially after listening to Gia’s request. Makes me want to make her as Mrs. Warner as soon as possible”

He really didn’t waste his time, after saying goodbye and hugging my Mom. He walked over me then whispered in my ear “Till tomorrow, Mrs Warner”. He blinked and kissed my forehead one last time before leaving then left the room leaving the three of us.

“It’s been a while since we chatted like this” Dad said suddenly. I laugh while standing up from my chair. I stretched my body then walked to the window and looked out. I folded my hands in my chest

“Mom, Dad ... is the decision that I made is correct ?“.

I still looking out the window. Suddenly Mom hugged me from behind “I know you love Adam. You’re just scared, your heart was hurt once. That’s why you have hard time trusting Adam. Give him a chance. Your Dad trusted in him and so did I”. I was just silent to Mom’s words. That night the three of us spent the night together.

Mom forced me to go home, she said she wanted to be with Dad in the hospital. I have no choice but to obey her. I took a taxi home. I didn’t tell Adam on purpose because he would ordered Mike to pick me up.

I went home to my parents. As long as my father was in hospital I did not return to my flat. I also didn’t think about my college problems. I want to focus on my father’s health.I opened my bedroom window, I took a cigarette in the drawer. I climbed to the window and sat on the edge. I smoke my cigarette while daydreaming.

I play the ring on my finger, I rotate it with my thumb. I strengthen my faith and convince myself. Although now in my heart is still worry and fear, actually I’m very happy. I remembered how he’s face when I accepted his proposal. I’m grateful he accepts me with all my flaws.

Every time he was near, all my anxiety and fear disappeared. he’s different from all the men I’ve met. I realized I love him. It made my anxiety and fear excessive. I think Adam noticed that. Maybe he wants to get married as soon as possible to convince me that he really loves me. The more I think, it can make me overreact. I try to get rid of that feeling. I better sleep so that I don’t think of all kinds of things.
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