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Chapter 45

I was enjoying my coffee and cigarettes on the terrace when I saw Mike come. His hands were carrying boxes. I stood up and went over to him

“Morning Mike, What are you doing in my house ?”

Mike as usual, greeted me kindly “Morning, Miss. I was ordered by Sir Adam, to give this to you. He’s waiting for you at the hospital”, While handling me the box.

“Why is he waiting for me there ? Did something happen ?”

Mike didn’t answered my question, he just stood still like always. I shrugged my shoulders then carrying the box inside.

In my room, I open the box. Inside the box I see a beautiful white dress. This dress is simple, knee length, not to many accessories, this dress is definitely my style. Suddenly m phone vibrated, Adam sent a message

I guess, Mike has come to your house. Wear that dress. I’m waiting for you at the hospital

Love, Adam

Now I’m curious. What’s the crazy thing on Adam’s mind ?. I didn’t reply to his message, instead I walked to the bathroom.

After drying my body, I took the dress and put it on. I see my self in the mirror. This dress is really beautiful. Adam sure had good taste. I sat in front of my dressing table, I brush my hair, and pull my hair. I prefer my face natural without make up. Only to the hospital, why overdo it ? Maybe he want to take me out after we visited Dad.

I don’t want to think too much. Mike must have been waiting for me a long time. I took my phone and my wallet and then left my room.

Outside, Mike was waiting for me, he leaned close to the car. When he saw me, he just nodded and opened the back door of the car.

Playing the ring with my finger is my new habit. Without realizing it I did it in the car. Mike didn’t say anything, I didn’t want to bother him either. so I kept quiet while looking out the window.

After saying goodbye to Mike, I entered the hospital and headed for Dad’s treatment room. I see Mom and my siblings are all there. I ran inside, gasping while I walked over my Mom “What’s the problem ? Why is everyone here ? Dad is fine right ?”

I’m scared but when I look at everyone, they don’t look sad or worried. They are even engrossed in chatting and joking with each other. I become more confused.

Allie walked over me, she’s holds my hand “Sis, you’re beautiful today”

I embraced her shoulder and whispered to her “What’s with all this ? Why don’t you all go to school ?”

“You will find out in a moment” she’s blinking her eyes.

I rolled my eyes then walked to my Dad. He already looked fresh and excited. The tube is still attached to his body.

I touch his arm “Morning, Dad. How are you today ?”

He smiled and said “I’m fine and happy. I’m even really excited today”

All their behavior makes me more confused. I become frustrated. I stepped to the window and looking out. It seemed everyone was annoying today. And where’s Adam ? Didn’t he say he’d meet me at the hospital. I fold my arms in front of my chest.

I get pissed off with everyone. I walked out of the room. As soon as I wanted to open the door, I saw Adam in front “You came ... Where are you from ?” My face annoyed to see him.

He smirks seeing me “You miss me ?” He teased me instead.

“You ... ”

When I wanted to spill my anger, I saw Mike and some one that I don’t know standing next to him.

I shut my mouth then Adam invited that man inside. Me with Mike following them.

“Mom, Dad ... This is the Civil Registry Officer. He will record my and Gia’s marriage papers.”

The officer nodded and walked over to Dad’s bed

“Good morning Sir, I’m Officer of Civil Registry. Is it true you are the legal guardian of Gia, the woman who is getting married today ?” Dad nodded

The officer took out a paper from his file. He handed her the paper to Mom “Ma’am, please help so that your husband can fill out this form”

Mom nodded and sat on the chair then filled it. After finishing, my Mom walked to my Dad’s bed and helped him sign the form.

I was stunned, I stood still like a statue watching the officer submit the form. Adam was completely out of his mind. I’m shocked and happy. This is all beyond my expectations. No wonder he made me wear this white dress. He know I don’t like excessive things.

Allie walked over to me then slipped her hand around my waist and rested her head on my shoulder “Sis, Adam really loves you. You know from last night he was like a madman. Called us, forcing us to come and ask us to keep this all from you. I’m happy for you, Sis. I’m glad he became my brother-in-law. He’s different from the others. Even though you rarely tell me about your love relationship but I know he is the best of all”

My tears flowed hearing Allie’s words. I never thought she was mature for a child her age. I embrace her “Thank you, Allie. You are my greatest sister. I’m lucky to have you and Amie as sisters.”

Mom suddenly stood beside me. She held my hand and looked into my eyes

“It’s time, Gia”

I nodded, we walked hand in hand to Dad’s bedside. Dad staring at me “Gia, you are the most beautiful bride in my eyes. Finally I can see you married. You don’t know how happy I’m now” His voice trembled and his eyes filled with tears.

The athmosphere becomes emotional when his weak hands tried to reach mine. I couldn’t hold it in anymore. My tears fell, Dad trying so hard to hold back his tears., he trying to strengthen his hand to grab mine.
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