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Chapter 47

Luckily Dad was in the treatment room, so we can linger a little longer there. We gathered there, joking and laughing together celebrating my wedding with Adam. He slipped his hand around my waist. After I officially became his wife, he looks more possessive.

He whispered “Don’t you regret getting married like this ?”

I smiled while leaning my head against his shoulder “For me this is more meaningful than we invite a million people but not all of us know. For me the most important is the process not the others.”

Nurse came into the room, she smiled as she put her hand on her waist

“Looks like you guys had fun today. Unfortunately, it’s past hour, you have to go, your father needs rest”

I walked over to Dad’s bed and whispered in his ear “I’m going home, get well soon, we are waiting for you to come home”

He nodded, yawning. It seemed that he was really tired after what happened today. I went to Mom

“Mom, are you here or come home ?”

She shook her head then held my hand “I’m staying here with him. Help me to take your siblings home”

I nodded and kissed her cheek “I love you, Mom”

She cupped my cheeks with her hands “Once again, congratulation to both of you. You still have us if anything happens. You remember it, don’t you ?”

I nodded then walked to Dad’s bedside once again. I saw he was asleep. I kissed his forehead then I left him.

In front of the hospital. I hugged my siblings. Mike came with the car, Adam insisted that my siblings be escorted by Mike. When everyone got into the car, Adam hold my hand. I raise my eyebrows

“We don’t go with them ?”

He hugged me from behind and whispered to my ear “I’m taking you to our penthouse, Mrs Warner”

“How do we get there ? Mike took Dylan and the others home to my parent’s house” I caressed his hand

“Who said I only have one car ?” I hate when he started teasing me.

He released me then led me to the parking lot. There was a black Audi waiting for us.

“Looks like one of your toys ? Boys will always be boys ” I rolled my eyes. He just grinned as he opened the door.

Stepping out of the car, I followed Adam into his penthouse. When we reached his penthouse, he turned to me and placed his hand on the small of my back, leading me into our room.

Opening the door, I walked in and dropping my wallet on the desk as I slipped out of my heels. Adam was hot on my tail doing the same to his shoes and he stopped behind me when I stopped by the bed. He ran his hands over my hips and sighed.

“God, What am I going to do with such a beautiful woman” He whispered softly and I could feel his finger trailing up and down my spine, making me shiver.

He reached the zipper of my dress and pulled it down slowly

“I’ll take care of you”

I watched as my dress pooled around my ankles and I crossed my arms as the small breeze went over my exposed chest. Adam quickly pulled of his suit and his shirt was unbuttoned in less than a minute. After a few second in silence, I felt he trailed his finger up and down my back as he nodded his head over to the bed.

“Why don’t you take a seat on the bed, Love”

He commanded rather than asked and I walked over to the bed and sat in the middle with my knees up and my legs closed. I watched as he stood at the end unbuckling his belt ever so slowly then he unbuttoned his pants. They fell down leaving him in nothing but his boxers that had a very visible line showing.

I felt the bed dip and I looked to the right of me to feel myself being deeply kissed by Adam who grabbed my hair in a fist and pulled me closer to him. He pulled away from the kiss and I looked into his eyes to see something darker than his usual looks of lust. Going in between my legs, he ran his hands over my thighs.

“Let’s just skip the foreplay for now, Baby. I’m sure we;ll have enough time for that a little later.”

I was about to speak when I felt my underwear being ripped and thrown off to the side. Having been embarrassed enough, I tried to hide my most sensitive parts from him whilst closing my eyes but he grabbed my wrists before I could.

I looked up at him as he spoke “There’s no need to be embarrassed Gia. Like I said before, you are a beautiful woman and I’m very pleased that you even gave me the opportunity to even get this far. The choice is still yours, you may stop anytime you want or you may continue without saying a word. No matter what decision, I shall respect it”

Seeing the sincerity in his eyes, I nodded again giving him the answer he desperately needed to continue.

I watched with wide eyes when he slipped off his boxers and the size of his erection surprised me when it came out. Adam smirked then hovering over me, he lined himself with my entrance and looked down into my eyes.

“This is going to hurt tremendously, so would you rather take it slow or rip it off like a bandage?”

“I guess I should get it over quickly” I responded feeling weird surges in my core from the excitement. Nodding his head, Adam pushed himself in slightly and I instantly pulled away.

“Sweetheart, I told you this was going to hurt” The blush of embarrassment refused to leave my face.

“The faster we get through this, the less it’ll hurt” I was uncertain but Adam didn’t wait for my answer as he pushed himself inside me, breaking the barrier and I screamed in pain as I leaned up and grabbed his neck in a suffocating hug as I bit his shoulder. After a minute or so of no movements, he look down at me and placed a comforting kiss on my forehead.

I loosened up my grip on his neck and stopped biting his shoulder. “You can move now”

Nodding his head, Adam moved in small slow strokes as I whimpered softly in pleasure an in pain. After a few second his thrusts began to get faster and I started moaning louder. He moved his hand down to my clitoris and his fingers begin to flick it back and forth as the pleasure increased for both of us.

I felt my legs shake while my body convulsed as I came. After another 30 minutes which seemed like a few minutes, Adam came undone as well and fell on the side of me as he breathed heavily. I turned on my side as I slowly started to close my eyes.

“What are you doing ?“Adam asked and I opened my eyes.

“Going to sleep .. ” I said softly

“Who said I was done with you ?”

" I just thought maybe .. ” He cut me off as he slammed back into me from behind and whispered in my ear.

“I will be done when I have worshiped every single inch on your body ... And after that, I may not even be done yet” he gave a dark chuckle
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