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Chapter 48

I woke up to Adam’s arm wrapped around my waist. He was softly breathing next to my ear. My mind drifted when we made love last night. Last night was my first time and I knew he was tired after a few rounds so he’s still sleeping.

He brought me closer towards his chest and I got the warmness in my chest. I looked out the window from our room. I could tell the sun was just about to come up. I should get some sleep little longer. I interlocked my fingers with him and felt secure. I fell asleep.

When I was stretching my body, I felt Adam’s arm pulling me towards him. I slowly turned so my face was facing him.

“Did you sleep well ?” I asked innocently.

He looked into my eyes and kissed my lips “Good morning, Wifey. Finally you are mine. Happy as soon as I wake up to smell your scent”. His head pressed against my neck. I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Hubby, you seem very excited today ” While kissing his lips, he kissed me back. His hand trailed down my back, rubbing my bare back. I tightened my grip on his hair, he groaned. His kiss moved from my lips to my neck. He found my sweet spot and left mark there, I moaned softly. Until when he started caressing my thighs.

My phone rang, I gasped in surprise then hurriedly picked up my phone at the table. I saw the screen, it’s Mom number

“Morning, Mom. Why are you calling me so early ?”

I heard nothing but sobs

“Your Dad, Gia. You have to calm down. He can’t make it”

I heard behind her the sound of the machine and someone screaming. My heart seemed to stop beating, my body was shaking and my tears flowed.I dropped my phone on the floor. I didn’t realize that I was still naked until Adam suddenly covered me with my nightgown. He doesn’t say anything but hugs me from behind.

I rested my head on his chest, I sobbed. I couldn’t think, suddenly I felt numb. I heard Adam’s voice in my ear

“Gia, now you can’t be like this. Dad needs you. We have to go to hospital now.”

He turned my body and wiped my tears and peck my lips. Adam held me and help me dress. I didn’t care if I looked like a kid now.

I sat daydreaming on the edge of the bed. My gaze was blank, I stayed there while Adam walked back and forth getting ready. He took the key car on the table and then took my hand out of the pent house. I didn’t realized until suddenly I was in the hospital. I tightened Adam’s hand. He seemed to feel my anxiety he staring at me and smiled to calm me down.

I just reached the door of my Dad’s room when I saw the doctors clustered on his bed. Mom stood on the side crying looking at them. I walked closer to Mom. As soon as she saw me, she shook her head

“How could this be ? He suddenly was breathless”

I was silent and said nothing until one of the doctors approached us and said

“We’re sorry, we were unable to save him. His breath is still there but it’s far. Do you want us to continue ?”

Mom shook her head, she trying to be strong “No need, doctor. Poor him, he will suffer even more”

The doctor just nodded sympathetically to us “We are sorry for the loss of your husband. Sorry we couldn’t save him”.

Mom just nodded then they left the room. Mom walked over to Dad’s bed then bent down and whispered in his ear “Goodbye, Honey” then kissed his forehead.

Mom looked at me and said “I have to finish the administration” I nod and she goes outside.

I walked to Dad’s bed. I looked at him. He looks like a sleeping person. I touch his arm, his body still feels a little warm. My tears keep flowing.

I caressed his arm and muttered “Why did you leave us so quickly ? I just got married one day and you’re already gone. You don’t feel pain anymore now. Goodbye, Dad. I hope you are happy there, take care of me from there”. My tears didn’t stop, I cried next to his bed.

After Mom returned, I left the room. Adam helped me into the chair. He didn’t stop holding my hand. I sat quietly while my mind drifted to Dad. Everything that we did together came back in my mind. How did this happen ? Why did he leave me so soon ? That questions kept repeating in my mind until Adam’s voice struck me

“Calm yourself, Sweetheart. You have to be strong. Mom and others need you”

I gasped at his word. Suddenly I realized, now is not the time to cry all the time. There has to be someone who preparing for the funeral and inform others about my Dad’s death. There’s no way I rely on Mom or my siblings. They always depend on Dad and this time it’s my turn to help him.

“I forgot to bring my phone, I have to deliver this news to my uncle. ”

Adam took my phone from his pocket and handed it to me. I took my phone from his hand then paused for a moment while taking a deep breath. I know Mom is not close to my Uncle and I believe that she hasn’t informed them. I’m searching my uncle’s number then pressed the button

“Hi, Gia. You don’t call me often. What’s up ?”

I was silent for a moment

“Dad is gone. He had just died. I think you should know this news. Sorry Uncle, I just told you. I’m in the hospital right now. Please hurry over here. ”

He didn’t say much than “Thanks, Gia. I’ll be there soon”

I put the phone on my lap. Adam put his arm around me and rubbed my hair, he kissed my crown repeatedly.

Mom suddenly came to us, her face was tense and looked panicked

“You have to help me prepare everything at home while I finished all the business here. We’ll meet at home later.”

I took her hand and held it “Okay, Mom. I’m going home now. I told Uncle about Dad earlier. He said he would come here”

Mom looked regretfully at Adam “Adam, sorry we bothered you with all these things”

Adam smiled at Mom to reassure her “Mom, don’t say that. Do you forget that now I’m your son too”

Mom’s eyes filled with tears as she nodded.
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