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I stood still in front on Dad’s tomb. Others have started leaving the cemetery. I squat down and touch the headstone. I still can’t believe this is all happening. I clearly remember our last conversation. How happy he was when I married with Adam.

I felt Adam touch my shoulder “Baby, we have to go now.“. I stood and looked once more at the headstone and whispered “Goodbye, Dad. Take care of me from there.” Adam slipped his hand around my waist and led me to the car.

It’s been a week and I still remember Dad. I still mourn his death. I took a seat on my bed and pulled my knees to my chest and wrapped my arms around them. I laid my head on my arms and as I got lost in my thoughts and I started to doze off, a knock at the door brought me back to reality.

“Come in” I spoke hoarsely and I watched as Adam opened the door and walked in. He gave me a sad smile as he sat on the bed along with me. He pulled me closer to him so that my legs were across his and my head laid on his shoulder.

“Hey .. ” He whispered brushing the hair out of my face and I gave him a sad smile as well.

“Hi .. ”

“You know it’s been a week and I’m sad to see you like this and I’m sure Dad will be sad to if he sees you like this”

“I still can’t forget him. He is the person that closest to me. He’s the one who really understand me and now he doesn’t exist. How do I live my life now ?” I sighed as he just reminded me of my problems.

“I know that, you know that I’m always here to be with you. Dad has handed over his beloved daughter to me. I will certainly take care of you as much as I can, especially I love you so much ”

" .. Can we not talk about this anymore ?”

“Of course ..” He responded and they sat in silence. I started drawing patterns on his hand and he watch me as I did.

“I want to take shower”

“Ok .. ” He pulled me closer and eventually I shifted positions and ended up straddling his legs. Adam bit his lips as he quickly pushed me onto the bed, changing positions and I squealed gripping onto his shirt. He hovered over my body and looked down at my flushed face. He lean down and place a small kiss on my lips.

I got out of the bed and walked into the bathroom and started getting unready. When I was in the bathroom about to brush my teeth, Adam came in. I looked over at him and blushed as I looked back to myself in the mirror.

He hugged me from behind and placed his head on my shoulder as he looked at me through the mirror. I was in my bra and lace underwear when he tracing the side of my thigh with his finger. I held in a moan as I leaned my head back.

“Join me in shower will you ?” Nodding my head, he unhooked my bra and threw it to the ground. We both fully got undress and he turned the water on and we could both stepped in. I was feeling very shy as I didn’t say a word. Turning me around, he placed his hands in my wet hair and I looked up at him.

“I don’t think you know how much I’m in love with you, Gia .. ” He spoke and I gulped softly.

“I know .. ” I gave him a small smile before continuing

“I love you too ... ” Sighing, he pulled me closer to him by my waist and leaned down to my ear

“Let’s hope you’re still saying that after we’re done taking shower” I furrowed my eyebrows.

“What do you mea .. ” He didn’t give me a chance to finish as he lifted me up fully and slid into my dripping core. I moaned loudly as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Wait Adam, give me a second ” I barely spoke but he didn’t stop. Backing me against the wall, I placed my hands on the walls and my whimpers slowly getting louder. He kissed my neck, I bit my lip and leaned my head back against the wall in ecstasy.

I opened my eyes and rolled. Adam really used up my strength last night. I looked around but it seems he has left for campus. I stretched my body, I lifted my fingers and stared at our wedding rings.

I can’t go on like this, get up from my bed and go to the bathroom and get ready. I will visit Dad’s grave today. I texted Adam, telling him where I was going.

I put flowers on Dad’s headstone. I sat on the side and looked at the headstone. I can’t cry anymore, I have to be tough. I took a deep breath and whispered

“Hello, Dad. I miss you. Everything is not the same after you were gone. I know I can’t go on like this. I have to live my life. I know you won’t like to see me like this. Adam is a good person, he loves me and takes care of me the way you want. Thank you for awakening me to accept him. I will try my best for the sake of my household. I will be loyal to him as you are loyal to Mom. I will love him forever. I will not disappoint you. I will try not to be sad anymore. I love you forever, you are the best Dad to me.”

I hold my tears. I can’t cry anymore. It’s not me, I can’t be that weak. I stood and looked around. My heart is more relieved after talking with Dad. Even though he’s not here, I’m sure he’s listening to me.

When I turned around I saw Adam leaning against the tree watching me. As usual his hand was put in his pocket. I smiled as I walked towards him.

“Since when have you been here ?”

“I know you need some time alone with Dad”

He grabbed me into his arms, I smell his scent, the scent that most reassures me. The scent that can instantly make me forget all my problems.

I’m not alone anymore.
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