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Chapter 5

I turning the knob, then walking inside my home. The athmosphere is quiet, I take a look to the living room, nobody there. I go straight to my room, open my room, put my backpack on the chair. Strip from my clothes, get inside my bathroom, take a shower, feel fresh I get out, and get in on my bed, put my head on the pillow.

I recalled my first dating previously with Blake. I’m still unbelievable it happens, I never know he had crush on me. I feel something about him, he’s different with other guys who I met before. I never felt like this, its like something burn in my chest, I constantly thinking about him, and every time I think of him, my heart beating fast.

My phone vibrate, its Sean again

Can’t wait to see you tomorrow night

I ignored he, my mind still thinking about Blake, suddenly my phone ringing, I see the screen its Blake, I pick the phone

“Gia, are you still awake ?” his voice sound sexy in my ear

“Yup, I still awake, what are you doing ?”

“I’m thinking of you, can’t wait till tomorrow, I wish I could skipped the time until tomorrow” his voice sounds husky

“Eager much do you, I’ll see you tomorrow, good night Blake” I closed the phone, and put it back to my night table.

I hear my phone vibrated, Blake sent me a messages

dream of me baby

Smiling widely like an idiot, I just found out what its like when someone fall in love. Wait, love ? since when I use that word ? Completely forget about Sean, I closed my eyes, slumber take me into deep sleep.

Wake up in the morning with stupid smile on my face, I still can’t believe what happened yesterday. I’m Blake girlfriend. Oh my god, life can’t never be this better, I’m get ready for school, walked out my room. I see my dad sitting in the dining room, he turn his head at me, sipping his coffee “morning darling, do you still need Ted to driving you at school ?”

I shook my head, take a seat beside him, then get sandwich and start eating it.

He messy my hair, I rolled my eyes to him and then he chuckled staring at me. After done with my breakfast, I kiss his cheek, I walk to garage, I open my car door, start the engine, and turn on the music, ohh I love my life. I start driving to my school, finding my spot, then get out from car and locked it. I walk into the school, maybe it because yesterday I feel today everything seems different.

I take my first class, I heard my teaching talking to us, that before our graduation, she want us to make a book of memories, it consist with all of our pictures. She said we need to picked the theme, after deciding apparently my class want the theme is villages. I confused, what the hell, thinking what I’m supposed to wear. In school I not the one who like to taking a part in every activity. That’s why I never speaks about my friend at school, we know each other, I’m a friendly, but maybe I’m an introvert person

I pull out my phone start to write a message for Blake

Blake my class want to make a photo session for our graduation books. Would you like to accompany me ?

After 10 minutes he reply

Sure babe, tell me when and where, I’d love too, anyways see you tonight, I missed you

I rolled my eyes, now he trying to be cute. After school, I driving back home, I see Alie sit in the living room, she’s watching television. I spend my afternoon with her, its been a while since we having time together.

I look at my wrist watch, it almost evening, I have to get prepared for my tutoring class. Say goodbye to Alie, I back to my room, I pick t-shirt from my closet, get shower, and tidy up my things, looking to the mirror, checking my attire, grab my bag then walk out from my room. I see my dad in the living room, he’s reading the newspaper. I hug him from the back, he hold my hand. “dad, I’m going to my tutoring class” suddenly he took something from his bag, and give it to me, I see it pepper spray, I laugh at him, then kissing his cheek. I know how much my dad loves me, he always show it with act.

I drive my black Range Rover to the tutoring course. When I arrived, searching for the parking lot, parking my car, get out and closed it, I walks into the cafe, inside the cafe I look around, I see Blake is there waving his hand to me. I smile at him walking to his direction, I see Mark, Leo is already there but I don’t see Sean. Blake take my hand, and suddenly pulling me into his lap. I taken aback with his sudden action, but he grip me tight so I can’t move. Leo and Mark look at each other then teasing me, “since when both of you lovey dovey together, treat us drink will you, we have to celebrated it”

My face turn into red, blushed hard, embarrassed. Damn, I never got this situation, usually I’m the one who teasing them.

“Fuck off, leave her. She’s mine now” Blake snap them

Leo chuckled, I smack Blake chest, he’s pretending hurt “Baby you hurt me”

I rolled my eyes, pull out cigarette from my bag, and start smoking. One things I like from Blake, he respect me, he know that I’m smokers, but he never try to make me stop. He know how hard to stop from smoking, and I’m glad he accept that.

I see my team gathering around, but weird, I don’t see Sean and Ryan. Ryan is Sean best friend, they always together, because they come from the same school. I asked Mark where is Sean, he just shrugged, he said he will text them, I ignored him, I thought maybe they skipped the class because they have something more important to do. When its time to class, Blake take my hand and holding my hand.

At the class Blake sit beside my chair, when the teacher teaching, he scooting to me, handing me a small box. He said I can open it when I’m home. I raise my eyebrow, but ignore it, I put it at my backpack.

When the teacher get out for a while, he take my book, I just watching at his action. I see he drawing in my book, when he returned my book, I see he drawing my face and his face in the cartoon style. Another things from that I observed, I know he like music, playing guitar and keyboard, now I know he can driving car and drawing. How can be this guy like this, so perfect in everything .

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