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I’m writing my final notes for my last patient medical record today. I heard my phone vibrate, I looked at the screen and read it

Baby, are you done ? I’ve finished teaching. Let me know when you’re done

Love, Adam

I smiled while replying his message.

I leaned back in my chair. I daydream, it’s been more than ten years. I don’t want to drown in my sadness. I promised Dad and I will keep it. I asked Adam to help me take care of my college. I’ve been on leave for too long. He supports all the things I want, like he promised Dad. I also asked him to keep our marriage a secret from campus. I don’t want our marriage to be gossip on campus. Until I finished my college and became a psychiatrist at a hospital.

I often go to Mom’s house although not once a week.Bryan and Dylan’s still living in Mom’s house because Allie and Amie are now in college and they live in dorms. Sometimes I talk with Allie and Amie over the phone or if each of us have time, we will meet at the cafe just to chat.

Jason also married six years after Dad died. As expected, we never got along and could never be reconciled even his wife dislike me too.

I remembered Blake, after our last encountered that time. I never saw him again. He was the first man I liked, too bad our relationship had to end like this. I used to think because our long relationship. I will marry him and be with him forever. But turns out that he hurt me, cheated on my back and betrayed me. Sometimes I wondering how’s doing. The last news I heard about him that he was married and had two children.

“My beautiful woman seems to be daydreaming”

Adam’s touch on my shoulder startles me. I stared at him, he wear a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up as usual. He stands beside me and stares at me lovingly.

The man I love, he is the only man who loves me with all his heart. Over ten years our marriage, his love for me never changes. He the only one who understands me completely. He became Dad, friend, husband. He’s everything for me. Sometimes we fight but that’s the spice of marriage and every time we fight, we always end up in bed. Our sexual relationship never changes. He always has ideas that sometimes make me lost my mind and I love it.

“You just came ?” I stood up and hugged him. His scent never made me tired of smelling it. He rubbed my long hair while kissing my forehead then put his thumb on my chin and kissed my lips

“I don’t want to bother my wife and I love seeing her when she’s daydreaming. She looks sexy”

“Let’s go home” He said

I nodded then released my hug and cleared my belongings. He took my briefcase and brought it. I held his hand as I walked out of my office.

When we arrived in front of the hospital, I saw Mike was beside the car. Mike is loyal to my husband. He got married two years ago and has one daughter. Adam once forced him to stop being his driver so he could pursue his dreams. But Mike insisted on working with him.

Reaching the gate Mike opened his window and put PIN number in before putting his face to the scanner. The gates opened slowly and he drove slowly until we reached home. We lived in the penthouse while I was in college. As soon as I graduated, we immediately moved to the house. It turned out that during our stay in the penthouse. Adam owned a house and repaired it without my knowledge.

When I opened the door and went inside, I heard a girl’s voice laughing

“You’ve taken a shower. Don’t get your clothes dirty again”

I heard Tina, my servant was scolding. I went to the kitchen and saw my favorite girl was bothering Tina’s cooking.

Tina is Mike’s wife. She is kind, sweet and affectionate. When we found out that Mike was getting married. I asked Adam to build a house near our house for him. Tina turned out want to work for us. She said instead doing nothing but waiting for Mike come home, she’d better help me be a servant at my house.

“What is a princess doing here ?”

I ruffled her hair and lift her to my hip

“Mommy,I’m helping aunt Tina cook” her lips pouted. I smiled at her act.

I decided to use birth control as long as I haven’t finished college. Once I graduated, he really didn’t delay anymore. He seems really want have a child. A month after that I got pregnant.

When I was pregnant, his attention was killing me. He’s very over protective of me. He likes stroking my belly, sometimes he talks with my belly while rubbing it as if he talking to someone.

I remember when I was about to give birth. That day he wanted to stay at home with me but I forced him to go to campus. Not until an hour he left. I called him and told him to come back home again because I couldn’t hold my contractions anymore. Once he arrived, my water broke. He immediately carried me bridal style, back to the car and rushed to the hospital.

Adam panicked when he found out the doctor said that I could not give birth normally because of high blood pressure. Doctors fear that if we forced it will affect our baby. That is the first time I saw Adam so panicked and helpless. When I was pushed into the operating room, he tried to calm me down even though it didn’t work.

After two hours in the operating room. Audrey was born safely. I’m still half conscious when I see Adam holding Audrey. His face looks very happy.

Audrey is completely plagiarized by her father, just like me and Dad. Adam spoiled her so much and so did Mom and my siblings. Audrey is adorable, her behavior similar to Adam especially if she is cranky.

I carried her into the living room and set her on my lap

“What did you do today, princess ? While rubbing her hair.

“I play doll with Aline. Aunt Tina took us to eat ice cream” She said while looking at the television. Adam joined us. I saw he had taken a shower and changed his clothes. I’ll leave Audrey to him then I go to my room to take a shower.

When I returned to the living room, I saw the two of them asleep. Audrey sleeps on Adam’s lap. I tiptoed and walked over to them. I looked at their face, they are my happiness, my breath, my life. Seeing them reminds me of Dad.

I’m grateful that God brought Adam to me. I will never want to change anything in my life. For me what happened before is a life lesson for me.

I’ve been hurt before and makes it hard for me to trust other people. But Adam showed me that there still people you can trust and he helped me out through that.
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