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Chapter 7

It almost my graduation day, I see everyone in school look so happy. I standing on the railing, my favorite place, watching the scene, I’m going to miss this place. I don’t have to much memory in here, I’m familiar with every student here, but they don’t know me very well. My friend told me that we’re going to take the photo session on Sunday. Shit, I almost forgotten, I need to tell Blake about this, I text him,

Blake, my photo session for graduation on next Sunday, do still want to accompany me ?

Okay babe, I’ll pick you at your place

Great, its going to be fun I think. I never bring my boyfriend in every school event, I guess Sunday the right time to bring him. I can’t wait till next Sunday. Wait, I totally forget, what should I wear for the photo session ? Damn, another thing to think.

At home, open my closet, I remember I have Javanese blouse its called kebaya. My mother bought it when she traveled to Jogjakarta. Until makes mess with my closet, I finally found it, the color is white, I will mix it up with jeans, so it will look modern style.

After found the dress, I sit in my chair, put my headphone on my ears, I push the play button, now hearing walkmans becoming my habits. I reach my unfinished novel, start reading it, I still have time to read it before I’m going to my tutoring class, and I can’t wait to meet Blake. I love attending my tutoring class before, and now I’m more excited because I’ll meet my boyfriend there.

I’m come inside the cafe, I see Blake waving at me. After all of my friends knowing our relationship, they don’t mind about us being lovey dovey because apparently the notice how Blake behavior toward me. They can see that all of this time, Blake have feelings to me, but they try to ignore it, until Blake figured his own feelings.

I sit in his lap, he put his hand in my tight. I pull out my cigarette, and start smoking. Today there is live music in the cafe, the sound is loud. Suddenly he whisper in to my ear “come with me tomorrow”

“Where are we going ?”

He grinned his teeth “we want to playing music at the studio”

“We ?” I look confused. He explains to that, he have a group band in his school, before I came, they talked about music, and found out that Mark and others also has band in their school. Now they wants to playing together. I know that Blake can played guitar and keyboard, I wish I can watch him playing, I bet he’s hot. My face suddenly blushed when imagine he playing keyboard.

Mark looking at me “why your face red ?” now he raise he’s eyebrow, looking curious at me. I stuttered, lit my cigarette, try to ignore him “n-nothing, I just feel hot”. Blake caressing my tight turn his head to Mark, “piss off, don’t tease her. Ignored him baby”

When he stroking my tight, I feel there’s a weird sensation in my body. I don’t know but I love the feeling when he touching me, I feel safe and relaxed near him. Mark looking at us then stand “come on you two, we almost late for the class”

After school I waited Blake in front of my gate school. I already changed my uniform, I also texted my mother that I’ll be late. I was talking to my friends when I saw Blake’s first love coming towards me. Her face is beautiful, she’s the popular girls in my school. We know each other, but we rarely talking. And now I wonder what does she want with me.

“I heard you are Blake’s girlfriend now ?” her voice was calm but slightly mocking me

“Why do you care ?” I still speak with her nicely. I never care about her relationship with Blake or others, so why she have to care with my business anyway.

“Nothing, I knew him since we are kid. I know him better than you. And I’m his first girlfriend. Don’t you know the quote first love will never die. Maybe you’re just the escaping for him” I know that she’s jealous with me, come on, she already has a new boyfriend, why bothering her self in Blake has new girlfriend. I admitted I’m jealous with her, but I don’t want she notice it. Trying to be calm and not affected with her answer, I just smile at her

“And the point is ?” inside me want to scream, hit her or maybe punch her, but my father always taught me to be polite to others. And it wasting time and humiliated my self if I created scene now to her. I know what she want, but I don’t want to push my self to her game.

“You just wasting your time, wishing he’ll loving you, wake up, you only plain girl, he only toys you” she laughter, turn around and leaving me. I sigh, well she don’t even know me, does she think after bullying me like that, then I’ll crying and feeling desperate ?

I realized deep inside my heart, Blake slowly take my heart gradually. But they don’t know what kind of girl that I am. I’m the type a girl who when hurt, instead of crying I will letting go. I know how hard you trying to love someone, when the other feelings opposite with you, you can’t do nothing. That’s why I never trying to love someone.

I standing there while lost in my mind, I don’t see Blake come to me, until his hand patted my shoulder. I watch him, he look weird to me “is something wrong ? I called you 5 times but you look like statue there”

I don’t want to talked about it now, pretending like nothing happened, I assured him “nothing, I’m just daydreaming”. We walking to my car, when he picked me at school, he never brought his car, his driver drop him to my school, so he can driving my car.

Today we are going to the theater, he know how much I love watching movie. Every month on Monday we definitely will go to see a movie. Its like our ways to dating, we bought popcorn, soda and spending our time together. I remain him that after watching the movie, we’ll have to go to the studio music. Finally I can see him playing keyboard, even his ex first love almost ruin my mood today, but when imagine he playing keyboard, and looks hot, I feel my mood back instantly.

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