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Chapter 8

The studio music located near to Blake school, we parking in front of the place. The music studio is a home, we walking inside the house, there is a man wearing black cap, white shirt, black shorts looking at us smile. Blake smile and held out his hand to that person, “what up dude, look this is Gia, my girlfriend” he told that person.

The man handed his hand to me, I shake his hand “wow, Blake girlfriend, hi, I’m Theo”

“Hello, I’m Gia, nice to meet you” Theo seem good guy, and he nice. Blake sit in the couch, he pulled me to his lap, like always, we waiting Mark and others. After 10 minutes waiting, Leo comes first, he talking with Theo, apparently they know each other. I whisper to Blake asked “Blake, how Theo and Leo know each other ?”

“Baby, we’re from music background, of course we know each other. When we play in the stage there always a person who handle the equipment for check sound” I nodded my head then caressing his hand. He stroking my hair while I playing with my phone. I see everyone is come. When all set up, Theo said to Blake “you can start, for two hours”

Blake holding my hand, and we walking inside one room. I see the wall is soundproof, in front of me I see guitar, bass, drum, keyboard and other equipment that I don’t recognized, on the left there is a small couch, Blake pointed me to sit in the couch.

Blake walking behind the keyboard, Mark in the drum, Leo take the bass, Jeremy in guitar, and Damian lead. This is the first time I watch Blake and the others playing music. When I see to Blake direction, he holding the keyboard, pressing the tuts, my god, he looks so hot, it looks charming. No wonder girl throw her self to him. Now I see how sexy he is, standing there with his keyboard, Damn, I can’t take my eyes of him.

While playing, he staring at me, his smile mischievously. Shit, a warm shiver runs through my body, making the hairs on my skin stand. I have to suppress my feelings, he’ll be the death of me. When the third songs end, he whispered to Damien, then Damien staring at me, smiling and nodded his head to Blake, suddenly they switch places. Now its getting interesting, Blake singing, another things of him that I just knew. When he started singing, I’m shocked, his voice is sweet, melodic, and strong. While singing, he staring at my eyes, the intensity of his gaze makes me blushed

When we finished our time in the studio, we going out for dinner. Its been a while since we hang out together out of our tutoring time. We going to McDonald, Blake driving my car, Mark and others in Leo car. When we get there, step into the store, Blake told me to seat with Leo and Damien, while he and Mark ordering our food.

When I take a set, looking around I see a few girl try to get Blake attention. I just observing them, the girls get closer to him, pulling her phone, I bet she wants to have Blake number. I feel someone patted my back, Damien look at me curious “why you’re not jealous when see someone chasing and flirting to your boyfriend ?”

I laugh hearing his question, seriously, do he have to asked my that stupid question. We stare at them, I see Blake look uneasy, while the girl keep following him. Me and Damien looked at each other then laughed out loud, while Leo staring at us confused.

I don’t realized Blake suddenly hug me from behind, whisper in my ear “what are you talking with Damien ? why did you look happy earlier ?” now he sound jealous to me and Damien. Damien just staring at us confused. I turn my head to him, and patted his head “Blake, baby, we just talking about the girl who flirted with you earlier”

Suddenly he put his hand on my cheek, kiss my cheek softly, pouted and said “I hate seeing you laugh with Damien”

I shocked with his sudden reaction, he just smirk at me, while his eyes glance to that girl. When I turn around and see her, I see her face look annoyed, then she walking out of the door immediately.

“Are you trying to pissed off her ?” I tease him

He hug me then said “I take what’s mine, and I’m make him pissed” he pointed to Damien. Damien looking at Blake then rolled his eyes. “Shut up” Damien snap him. I laughed looking at Damien. When we finished dinner, saying goodbye to each other. Blake driving me home, he already told he’s driver to pick him at my home.

In the car I remain him about tomorrow, my photo session. He said he’ll take his car and pick me at my home. When we reached my home, I see his driver is already there, we get out from the car, and he kiss my forehead, whispering good night in my ear, then he walk away to his car.

I step inside my home, I see no one there, the light is dark, I guess ever one already at their room. I open my room, put my bag on the chair, going into the bathroom, strip my clothes, then turn on the water and step inside. I feel cold water running to my body. So many things happened today, and I want to think of it in my bed. After dry my body with towel, pick my PJ then I plug charger to my phone, I get in to the bed, wearing my headset, listening the songs and put my head in my pillow.

Today I see different side from Blake, I never know he can sing, I know he can playing keyboard, and today is the first time I saw how hot and sexy he is. Not mention his voice, my god, he can be a good singers. Deep inside my heart I’m afraid if I’ll get attached to him, I’m afraid of getting hurt.

Suddenly I remembered my counter with his first love, damn every time I remember it, I feel like I want to kill someone. I mean I know he love her before, but when it doesn’t work and now he with me, I don’t find a problems with that. I don’t know what is in Blake mind, every time we meet, how he hold my hand, when he kiss my cheek. I feel like he do have feelings to me. But maybe it just my imagination, I know how guys can hide their feelings. And I don’t want to get trapped with their game, I have to protected my heart. I have to use my logic instead my emotion. I’m afraid my emotion will lead me to heartbroken.

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