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Chapter 9

Then morning light in my room coaxes me from my sleep. I groan in frustration as I lose what I was dreaming about. Slowly my eyes flutter open and I smile mischievously. Today Blake will pick me up. Freshening up my self, wearing my favorite t-shirt, my face is sensitive, that’s why I never wear make up, I brush my hair, put it into pony tail, spray my cologne, I grab my backpack and walk out from my room.

In the dining room, I see my dad sitting there, he looked at me smiled, “morning darling, where are you going today ? I thought we’ll have father daughter time today” he smirk teasing me.

I chuckled, “dad, come on, you know I can’t. Today I have to go to photo session with my class” My phone vibrate, I see Blake text me, he’s already outside my house. Saying goodbye to my dad, I walk away. I see Blake standing next to his car, busy with his phone, when he lifted his head and saw me, his lips twitched sexy. I bit my lips, blushing at him, and when I’m near him, he hug me, and kiss the top of my head.

He open the passengers door, I slide inside the car, he turn around and step in. After put on the seat belt, he start the engine, he looked at me and said “where are we going babe ?”

“We’re going to Dago Hills, we meet them there” I said to him

He nodded and start driving, along the way we talking about random things. This is our first time I asked him to go out and meet my school friends. I know he known some of my school friends, but I never announced to anyone about my relationship with him. I feel a little bit nervous, thinking what happen next. I thinking a lot of scenario will happens when my school friends meet him.

“Babe, why you silent ? daydreaming ?” he startled me.

“Nothing, just thinking about my friend reaction, when they meet you” I admitted my feelings to him.

I heard Perfect by Ed Sheeran playing in the car. I looked at him, he gripping the stirring wheel, just smirk.

“Actually I have another gift for you, I want to give you this cassette, its how I express my feelings to you” he said.

He is indeed romantic person, and creative. He made something unique to show how his feeling to me, he don’t spoiled me with the expensive gift to pleased me. His small attention for me, make my feeling like in the nine cloud, having some one who care for me, instead my family. No one ever giving treatment like that to.

When we reached the hills, get out from the car, I smell the fresh air, makes me relaxed. I see my classmate already gathered there. They talking each other, some of them enjoying the view, others selfie’s with their phone. When they see we’re coming, all of their face look shocked, since they know I never get closed to anyone in my school, especially now Blake hand slide in my waist, hugging me while we walking.

There is a few who recognized Blake greet him, and some of the other looking envy, jealous to us. Through the photo session, I feel Blake eyes staring at me all the time. When its over, I told Blake to wait me on the car while I’m changing my clothes. I walking to the car, when I see Blake is talking with his first love, I’m totally forgot she’s here. I’m just standing there watching them talking. I see his first love hold his arm, brought herself closer to Blake then whispered into his ear and they laugh, they seems happy. I freeze there, I know I’m jealous looking at that scene, but I don’t want to make myself stupid with my sudden action angry to both them.

My my self calm, I walk to their direction, I put fake smile in front of them, look like nothing happened. Blake look at me, smirk, and hand me his hand, then hug me. When I see at his first girlfriend face, I know she’s hate me, her face showing everything. I see jealous, hatred, angry, spite to me.

“So you brought Blake here to accompany you” she’s mocking me

I just trying to be calm and said “I told him about the photo session, and he insist to take me here”

While still hugging me from behind, his face leaning on my neck “I don’t want she’s going alone. I hate see that boys trying to get her attention” he’s pouted, I found his face look adorable. His first love look annoyed and frustrated, I narrowed my eyes on her face she’s still trying to get Blake attention, I noticed how anxious her. She didn’t seem to notice me, she focused entirely on Blake.

“Blake my mother miss you, she invite you to dinner at my house” she told him with her squeaky voice.

“Why don’t she invite your new boyfriend” Blake sound indifferent.

“But me and my mom want you, its been a while since you come to my house, and I miss you” she sounded bratty, I couldn’t help it but feel like Blake was dealing with a childish kid who wasn’t used to not getting her way.

I thought keeping quiet, not wanting them to shift their attention to me instead. It was amazing that she hadn’t noticed how annoyed he looked at her mere presence. I guess ignorance was bliss.

I didn’t like the glare I received when she finally noticed me. The look I know so well, pure jealousy, that was what I was seeing. She was wishing I’d just die right then and there. The last thing I wanted to deal right now was a jealous girl who thought she had the right to claim a living human being. There were no words for how wrong that was. So I figured to ignore her, pretending I didn’t see her death glare.

Blake seems to be bothered by her attitude, then he kissed my neck murmured “are you done with the photo session baby?” I nodded, he give his last glance to her without saying a words, still hug me, and leaving her without notice. She just standing there looking at us, burn with angry.

At that time, I feel jealous to both of them, but I don’t want they notice it. I think I will confronted to Blake when we are leaving. I definitely don’t want she happy if she knows I’m jealous. I admitted no matter how hard I try not to care about everything between them, I still affected. Thanks God my logic still working, and I can ignored my emotion.

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