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“One in five,” he speaks with annoyance. “Don’t feel special.” “One in five of what? For what?” You ask the air, as no answer is given. You look to another, his eyes are quick to look away from yours, he seems sympathetic.

Romance / Fantasy
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Same Old

In your pajamas the breeze lightly tickles your skin, you hug yourself as you walk. Stumbling aimlessly, you look for anything familiar. Most buildings you pass are overgrown with vines and torn down by weather, the trees starting to swallow them. Your bare feet tread caustiously on the cold pavement that seems newly made and kempt, unlike its surroundings. Another breeze sweeps through and you brace against it, grimacing. As it ends, you re-fix your gaze ahead and the road is no longer empty. A man? Suddenly the street begins to light up two street lights at a time as he walks towards you. He is one step away, reaching out, when harsh lights flash in your eyes. Prying them open you’re met with a bowing man, his hand outstretched for yours. Instead of taking it you look around and see couples twirling about on the polished floor. Gold and pink liter the white marble of the grand walls, both colours dancing themselves to meet with the extravagant chandelier blooming from the middle of the ceiling. Your eyes continue to linger until they’re met with another pair. Unforgettable eyes, a cool silver with just a spot of brown misplaced in the left. Though risen from bowing his hand is still asking for yours while his other arm rests behind his back. His mouth moves yet you hear nothing, feeling compelled by the words you fell deaf to, you rest your hand into his.

Just as he pulls you in, the floor falls from beneath and your heart drops with it. Lightly jolting awake, your breathing is heavy. You let realization soak, “Again,” you sigh out. Sitting up, you start patting around your bed, quickly grabbing hold of your phone and shining it in your face. “5:00 AM. The same time too.” You just feel irritated and throw yourself back down onto the pillow. How could you go back to sleep with that dream lingering in your mind? What does it even mean? Anything?
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