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LYRA was studious . One of the bests in her grade. She was an orphan. A nerd.Well... that's what everyone knew about her . But that's just half truth. She had too many secrets that only three people knew. She moved away from her family. She's the mysterious daughter of Anthony Romano- the Italian Mafia . ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪ HAWK was playful .The school's badboy. A footballer. He had a sister . He is the Eldest son of Lucian Black - The don of Russian Mafia. Love Between Two Mafias . Their love is true . They win . They lose . They gain .

Romance / Mystery
Ivy Yuri
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I am Lyra Romano-Black. I am 17 years old .Will be 18 in a few months. I have brunette hair and blue eyes. I wear specs at home but usually I wear contacts . I live in a apartment which my elder brother, Killian Romano-Black, owns. He doesn't live here anymore.

I was 14 when I ran away from my house. My twin brother, Luka Romano-Black ,who is 10 minutes younger than me held my hand tight and gave me a reassuring smile. He always would. My cousin, Nicolas Romano-Black, also decided to come with us because he wanted some 'adventure ' in his life.

I am Italian from dad's side - The Romanos and Russian from mom's side - Black.

I ran away from them because papa (dad) decided to marry me to Hawk Black. I was close to him but the idea of marrying him freaked me out . I argued with dad about it and he gave me a challenge. He said " You move out from this house and live on your own. But you have to complete all missions I give you . You need to tell me where you are but no one else should know who your identity including our men. I may or may not ask them to find you . It's your job to not get caught. So be prepared . Okay ,cara?"

" Okay d-" I said but got interrupted by Luka. "I will go with her too" "Me too" Nicolas chimed in.

God I love these idiots.

"What's up with you two now ?" papa asked .

"It would be adventurous "Neko ( Nicolas) said.

" I love Ly too much, papa " Luka said. "Me too " Neko said glancing at me.

"Alright, but I will miss you all. " papa said. " And Neko you better ask your dad about this "

We started fighting underground. Every kid in the family knew to fight . We were trained since we were 5 years old. We knocked out our opponents with a kick or two.

When I became 16 , life got boring. To add up some spice in my life ,I fucked one night stands. Usually strippers . I never kissed them . I hated romance. Thanks to my family.

I want to be loved too.. but I am afraid. Afraid that history would repeat itself.

One day a man came to us . He asked if we could fight for him .He's our coach. Mr. Robert Andeson . We dont need one . We were skilled in hand to hand combat , martial arts and weapons too. We carried our gun around at the age of ten . We were in the mafia.

My dad is an Italian and mom Russian . They married because their families wanted to get closer. My mom or ma as we call her was in Mafia too. Ma and papa never liked each other.But they stayed together for the sake of both the families. My older brother, Lorenzo did not want to take over as the cappo. And that led us ,twins, into tough training.

We told Robert everything about us including the reason we ran away because our dad had send him to us as our local guardian. He asked us to disguise. He asked us to hide the truth. He said no one should know that me and my brother are twins . And then we started pretending to be strangers .

I became a nerd because of my love towards my books

And he became a footballer.

Mr.Anderson or Robert as he prefers to be called, introduced me to his daughter- Elora Anderson , although she doesn't know that her father is a coach . She only knows that I work in her father's Library -cafe which is also true .

Our Cousin was always with us throughout our rough and happy times. He was the most mature among us three . And my little bro the least...

My twin is very protective. He acts like the mature one.

I love him too much . Being away from those two isn't always easy.

Now , its just a matter of few months . Then we will be 18. And I can be with those two.

I got Elora and Aria as my friends. Though Aria I I dont get along too well, Elora keeps us together . Luka and Neko are friends with the Blacks without them knowing our identities.

Why we ran away from our family.. why we are hiding... everything.

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