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Life was perfect wall everyone thought it was until he came well no he didn't come he took me. I thought I was living well no I was just breathing to survive each day. I thought I know what love is well it is not even close to what I feel for him. Lucas the man who kidnaps me. He takes me to hell well no it was a haven. "Why can't you understand I am not a good man you deserve, I can't give you gifts, I can't give you love latter, fuck! I can't even give you house to leave Lyubov moya"(my love) Luca said taking a step back I take a step forward. "Why can't you understand I don't care if you are a good man or bad as long as you are good to me, I don't need a gift or love latter just smack me on the butt and say "I am glad that ass is mine"

Romance / Action
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1. you will naver,know I will naver show

"God Sara how can a person be that boring" anaa said dragging me to the dance floor. It's my bachelor's party only one week left for my marriage to Jacob. Jacob and we were together for two years he's family was my family friend that's how we met.

I think I love him. I don't know I guess it's the love I mean I am going to marry him but I still don't have the courage to tall him hin my secret.

"No you go I have to go to the washroom" waving her bye I walk towards the washroom. I just want a peaceful silence. I am not a party person. I hate loud noise. I love silence. It's simple and peaceful

Opening the washroom door I slide inside going straight to a mirror they have in there. I look at my reflection blue eyes, long blond hair, White skin I am beautiful but I felt nothing. I was happy that I am marrying Jacob. But I know inside I am not happy. I am never happy. Something is wrong with me. No, I remember I was happily playing around. I used to like to paint nature. I used to sing so loudly. I used to laugh so much what happened to me.

The door closed loudly sounds brack my thoughts a man came towards me with dark grey eyes, tall, Brod solder he is wearing a black shirt and black jeans he has a black mask on his face I just stood there frozen at my place. He came behind me and cover my mouth whit his big hand.

"Waaa" I square but I did not move

"Shhh, I will not hurt you. Unless you gave me a reason to just keep your mouth shut and come whit me" his hard voice came, his lips wear brushing agents my ears goosebumps started to my body why I am feeling like this?"Okay?" He asked


"Okay?" He asked more angry. I node lightly.

I can't say anything to scared and stand by this man behind me. Why is he doing this?

"I am going to leave you now. come whit me. Yha. And if you make any mess trust me you won't like a quincequnce" he took a step back sing me to come before him.

I silently walk out of the club I can see Anna and a few of my friends dancing on stage. I don't say anything and got out of the club. he holds my upper arm tightly dragging me towers the black car there is almost no one here. I can see tow men are waiting for us at the car door.

"Please lat I go why are you doing this for," I said I guess that's what people say in a situation like this but I am not crying or screaming or beginning I am just feeling numb. grey eyes men let go of my upper arm and wrap his fingers around my hair tightly.

" Shut the fuck up" he looks me into eyes and I blush. Am I serious? God, it was so intimidating his eye move to my red cheeks, He held my hair more tightly and show me into the car forcefully.

the tow men sit beside me. I sat in the middle of the one man is driving and gray eyes sit in the passenger seat. The car move rally fast I sit silently I just look at the gray eye man as if he can feel my eyes on him. he turns around to me.

I can't take my eyes off him. He can't take his eyes off me to after a few moments later he node towards both men beside me. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my upper arm. They inject me something

"What are you doing..." darkness come

into my view.

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