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Chapter 13

Aron's POV

Minutes after entering the eatery, I could feel the beautiful vibes, positive aura and amazing scent; all dragged me towards a particular direction. My eyes stumbled upon the most beautiful pair of eyes that I have ever seen.

I was stupefied recognizing my BFF's face but I didn't understand whether all this was a hallucination or was she a doppelganger?

I couldn't resist myself but I walked towards her table and asked, "Erica, is that you?"
I was shocked, "Am I dreaming or is this for real?"

Her eyes only held one strong emotion - anger. She was furious and I was wondering why because she didn't feel any happiness or warmth seeing me after so many years.

After what seemed eons to me, she growled - "I am Dr Erica Cooper and you are not dreaming. But I fail to recognize you, who are you?" Her last words felt like a bolt from the blue.

"Erica, please stop, wait!" - I heard Ziva calling her but she turned away and hurriedly left the eatery without looking back.

I felt another pair of eyes staring me with a lot of mixed emotions and it was Zachy.

"How are you Zachy? I missed you and am happy that you are back." I told Zac truthfully, while fighting back my tears.

Zac was choked - "I..I..am fine." His emotions took a fiery side and he asked, "Where were you when we needed you the most?"

He looked away and hugged Ziva, "Hope you are good, Zi." How can he stay angry at her come rain or shine?"

Tears ran down her cheeks, Ziva squeezed her eyes shut and replied - "I missed you so much, Zachy."

All this while Max, Lee, and August appeared partly relieved and partly angry but none of them initiated a word with any of us.

Suddenly, Zac's emotions took a back seat when Lee voiced the unexpected glare at me - "We are not friends anymore, you betrayed and backstabbed us."

I brushed my hands through my hair to calm myself but lost my cool and lashed out - "Oh really? Isn't it the other way round? You guys never informed that you were leaving the kingdom."

Lee said vehemently, "Don't blame us. We did inform you but you never had the time to help us out, we managed things on our own."

Clara kept her hand on Lee's shoulder and said - "Let's leave, guys."

Everyone including Zac left the place and I consoled Ziva who was crying her eyes out.

I asked Simon to get some food and we decided to sit outside on the grass for some time.

After this unexpected encounter, no one felt hungry but we all sat on a picnic table and Cherry insisted all to eat something.

I wanted answers from Erica and I asked them to carryon with their plan.

I told Ziva "Ziva, I remembered something that needs my quick attention. I will be back soon, until then forget whatever happened and enjoy."

Ziva nodded and hesitated, before she could stop me form going, I told her, "I will be back in a jiffy, I promise."

I ran towards the wood in a supersonic speed. Whenever I am furious, I go for a run and strangely my speed increases with the increase in my temper.


Erica's POV

I gathered myself as my emotions were all over the place and started returning. My mind was not at peace.

I felt someone's presence nearby. I thought of asking them the correct path to save time as everyone might have got worried now.

I started walking fast towards the sound but there was no one, guess it was some wild animal. I was lost between the two trails and didn't know which way was out.

I followed my heart and took the path on my right side, that was quite secluded and dark.

As I kept walking ahead absent-mindedly, I toppled over small rocks and bumped onto something or rather someone as I felt muscular arms steadying and holding me in place preventing my fall.

I couldn't see his face but I could feel he had a well-built physique and certainly a six - pack abs. His presence brought placidity and warmth that ignited a flame inside my heart, this was a brand-new feeling to me.

Then, there was cacophony with few boulders rolling towards us and fell off almost blocking the path.

I heard his voice shouting 'run fast'. And then as we ran together in opposite direction, I realized it was him.

I looked at Aron as he was running parallelly matching my supersonic speed. Rotten luck, I thought to myself and wondered what fate has in store for me.

My mind wanted to escape before he realizes it's me while again my heart betrayed me bringing up some new emotions and thoughts that I never had.

My heart was beating rapidly and wanted to confront, talk and go back to old days with Aron. However, my mind said otherwise.

As I was about to change the course, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards himself. I was shocked but before I could say something, I saw a huge boulder that rolled over and if not for me, I would have been crushed now.

He looked stunned as he realized it was me all this time but soon, he was full on red.

He is still the same, just like those days whenever he was angry his face used to turn fiery red.

I struggled to get out of him but he pinned me, he was mighty and his masculinity over powered me.

I snapped at him, "Leave my hands, you are hurting me. This is all you can do."

With his clenched jaw, he pointed a finger and said, "Let's finish this business right now. Why didn't you call me or inform me that you are alive? I don't know who has filled filth in your mind but I am not the one to hoodwink my BFF."

"Enough! I did call you not once but several times. You never answered or rather you didn't want to answer. I know everything, Aron. The rogue attacked on us and none of you guys came to help us. We lost everything, I lost my mom and had to leave the place with gran. My dad is alive yet lifeless. This would have never happened if ... forget it." I said with a wavering voice.

"Look, I came searching for you when I heard about the rogue attacks at your place but I didn't find you or anybody else in your house or our usual hideout places. Even we were attacked that day and they killed my father in front of me, they kidnapped us, tortured me and somehow only few of us managed to escape. My mom..I lost my mom too." His voice quivered, but he continued, "Then, I came straight looking for you and when I heard they killed you, I was shattered. I had no one with me and we left our home too, rebuilt everything, and we started a new leaf. Here, you are accusing me for something which is absurd and untrue."

I was shell shocked. How could he..? Was he speaking the truth..? Did I misjudge him.. ? What exactly happened and why is he saying something different?


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