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Author's Note: Must read before proceeding ahead

Hello wonderful readers,

This is my first work in fantasy fiction. I am an avid reader and fantasy, magic, science fiction, etc are something that I love reading anytime. Hence, the attempt to write one and I truly hope you have been enjoying the story as much as I am.

Before you continue reading the story ahead, I want you to know a few aspects of my book.

This story is based on werewolves – creatures with the ability to shift into humans and wolves. The characters here will have a perfect balance in both the worlds (human & werewolf). You must have read about the protagonists, their profession and life in the human world till now.

Henceforth, you will notice the shift to werewolf world and the life, the quests revolving in their real wolf world. However, you might be going back and forth in both the worlds alternatively in this book.


They worship the Moon Goddess. They are most powerful during a Supermoon night and stay close knit in their packs. Many books suggest that shifting happens between the age of 11 and 14; however, in this book, it will be anywhere between 16 – 18. Marking and mating, telepathy (mind link) are always a part of werewolf stories but here, you will find much more interesting things than that.

Pack Names used in this book:

Silver Spring Pack

Golden Tetris Pack

Smoky Quartz Pack

Morning Glory Pack

Yellow Sapphire Pack [Aron Layton belongs to this pack]

Moon Stone Pack [Erica Cooper belongs to this pack]

Cedarwoods Pack

Red Avengers Pack

Some terminologies that will be used in this book:

Alpha – Leader of the pack

Luna (alpha female) – Alpha's mate

Beta – second in command after alpha

Delta – third in line & next for beta position

Gamma – Elders of the pack

Zeta – the lead warrior of the pack

Theta – doctors of the pack or herbal wolf

Kappa – the cook or lead hunter

Lambda – the hunters, skilled & trained in tracking and hunting

Omega – young werewolves; 2nd lowest ranking in the pack.

Rogues – werewolves either kicked out from the pack or left on their own free will.

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