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Chapter 8

"You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life."


Erica's POV:

I started walking towards the other end of the floor where I felt Cecelia's presence. Before I could peep inside the room, the head nurse came running towards me and informed me that one of the patients was unresponsive and Dr. Lee needs me urgently.

As soon as I entered the ward, I saw Lee was already trying to give CPR. Lee gave me a look which meant nothing could be done now but still he wanted me to try one last time. I tried to revive the patient several times but unfortunately, nothing worked, we had to declare him dead.

Lee and I left the room after having a small talk with the family. Such situations are hard on us, despite being doctors, we do feel sorry for them. It bothers me a lot and at such heavy times, something moving inside me but I never could point my finger at it yet.

It was around 1 am when we were done with all the patients. Lee went to get his car and I waited for him at the exit point.

Once I was seated securely inside the car, I told Lee - "Such a hectic night."

Lee chuckled - "Yeah, I don't think we have had so many cardiac cases in a day."

"Hmmm" I just nodded and looked out of the window.

Lee then asked - "Did you get the gifts? Tomorrow we are leaving for the resort, I shall pick you and Clara. Max will get August and reach the venue. We should reach before him, so don't be late."

"Alright. Yeah, the gifts are done. It's in Clara's car." - I replied to him in a dull voice, recalling the evening's discussion with Clara.

Lee sensed the miss in my voice and said - "Someone looks upset. Is everything fine?"

I looked at him and then out in the dark. I was already burned out and didn't want to even discuss the person whom I hate. I quickly dismissed his question saying - "just overtaxed."

Soon, he pulled into CCP's driveway and I thanked him, bid him goodnight.

Rosie opened the door hearing the commotion and waved at Lee. I went in and looked for granny. Rosie told me that she is in the temple.

We have a separate porch area wherein the temple was built with a unique design, which is a replica of our ancestral temple which we rarely visit.

The idol was also carved out as per the ancestral carvings. It is made of white marble and there's an artificial waterfall setting around the temple, which looks mystical. There a sitting area in the front to worship the Moon Goddess; the entire arena is blissful and heavenly.

My gran is a staunch devotee of the Moon Goddess and whenever she is stressed, she sits near the temple. I saw her meditating and sat beside her in silence.

Gran opened her eyes, stood up from her position and I hugged her. She patted my back and asked me - "How was your day? What took you so long today?"

"Too many patients tonight, all because of that gas leak in the nearby town." - I replied with a weary look.

She asked Rosie to get me something to eat and I remembered something. "Gran, I wanted to discuss something with you."

Gran said - "First, eat something, my dear and relax. We will talk in the morning."

"Umm Gran, Can I ask you something? Were you at the hospital today?" I asked Gran while grabbing a glass of water.

Cecelia stiffened and took a deep breath. She replied - "Yes, dear. A friend was admitted in an emergency."

"Oh. You didn't come to meet me, gran. Who was she?" - I complained.

Cecelia said - "I knew you were busy. Now, come on, stop asking me questions and take some rest, you are exhausted; go to bed. Tomorrow, we can talk and you will be leaving for the resort, right?"

I nodded and gran kissed my forehead, I took the stairs to my room. I quickly took a warm shower, slipped into my pyjamas and a top. I snuggled in bed and sleep took over me within minutes.

"....few men rounded me on a desert area. Before I could act, something pushed me aside with a huge force. I got up with a dizzy head and saw a ...a ..WOLF!


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