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Sidney Roberts, 24, works at a gas station, the late night shift all the time, on the shady part of town, she works after she works her first job as an administrative assistant, she works there from six to two then closes the gas station from 2 30 to 1`0 30 sometimes later. One night when she's there a young, handsome cop, 28, comes in to get coffee while he strikes up a little conversation with her. He's a Dom in his private life and isn't afraid to give a stern lecture when it is needed. Once he finds out about her being there by herself all time, he starts to make it his duty to be there and check on her all the time. He starts to come toward the end of her shift to make sure she's safe and sound, even though he knows she's all sorts of wrong for him because of his Dom lifestyle. He doesn't try to inflict a lot of pain on his subs but he's huge on his woman behaving and acting right in public. The more he comes around though he starts to notice how tired she is and that she seems to be spreading herself thin, and wants nothing more than to take care of her, then he finds out about the first job she has when he starts to poke around a little more. Soon, he introduces her into a life she never even knew existed and she doesn't know if she wants this kind of life or not. She's been too independent for as long as she can remember to give it all up. Can she give up control?

Romance / Erotica
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“Don’t worry, Momma, I’ll figure everything out, you provided for me for so long, I’ll figure out how to do the same for you.” Sidney Roberts whispered to Alice Roberts as she slept on the bed as she began receiving her chemo treatment. She felt tears prick at her eyes and her vision began to blur as she ran her hands through her long red-brown hair, she couldn’t lose her mom, she had already lost one parent for a reason she’d never understand. Being abandoned by one parent was horrible but losing the one parent who stepped in to be both father and mother would be more than she could bear.

She jumped when she felt her phone vibrate in her front jeans pocket, she stared at the number strangely. She took a deep breath as she opened the text message. She dried her eyes as she began to read the message.

Sidney, I am Andrew Bailey and I am interested in hiring you at our store, Fuel Mart, I would like to set up an interview at four pm tomorrow, I hope that works for you and let me know soon I look forward to meeting you.

Sidney glanced to her young, yet sickly mother. She let out a sigh as she replied, her fingers flying over the touch screen keyboard. Tomorrow will work, thank you so much.

She locked the phone as she sunk back down against her chair, “Don’t worry, Momma, I’ll be the strong one and I will handle this, you will get better.” She felt pain stab her heart but she could handle this, she had to. Her momma had to get better, she was only forty years old, there was so much more her momma could experience, it wouldn’t be fair if she missed it, then again lift wasn’t fair. Hers hadn’t been since her father walked out on them, the bastard.

Anger built up in her, anger was better than the pain sometimes. She straightened when a nurse finally came in and unhooked her mom from the chemo treatment.

Alice jerked awake a panic in her beautiful sapphire eyes, just like her own, but she relaxed as soon as her eyes landed on Sidney. “It’s okay, Momma, just time to go home.”

Alice sagged against the bed as she let Nurse James unhook her and Sidney pressed her lips to her mom’s forehead.

“Momma, I’m going to go get the car.” She hardly waited for an answer before she was out of the room and headed to the elevator.

Hopefully the job interview went well and soon they wouldn’t have to worry too much about anything. She wasn’t prude or selfish, all she wanted was to be able to provide for her momma and herself and build up a savings as well, the sooner Alice was okay and beat this terrible disease the better off they would be. She already made a decent amount at the law firm Bradford and Staton but she could do more.

Granted Fuel Mart probably wouldn’t be very much help but it would indeed help some. She had a lot of expenses hanging over her head but it would be okay. Alice raised her to be strong and independent and she would be exactly that for her momma.

She had already given up her apartment and moved back in to help with the bills of the house. She could do this by herself though, that she vowed.

She helped get her momma into the car and they headed home.

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