i loved you more than my soul darling

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it is a story of young girl who was very ambitious in life and never wanted a relationship until she achieves something in her life but destiny has its own plans

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Chapter 1

A young girl too busy with her life her career not aware that something is going to change her life forever doing her own things living her life until one day that changed her forever
she was a naive a girl too good for this world a girl with ambitions fire passion to make her life beautiful she was a girl who couldn't do anything wrong ever but one day while going through the social media for her 5 minutes of refreshment she met the boy who resides in her heart forever the kind of boy she would not even look towards in real life but somethings are meant for you atleast for sometime and they find their way
the boy was from the same school her senior but she never noticed him as she wasn't into relationships she was busy fullfulling her dreams when he sent her a message she initially ignored him and moved on with her life they didn't connect for a month as social media was the only source for them to contact and she had deactivated her account to focus on her studies
though it was a random hy from a random guy who was a complete stranger for her she still couldn't stop thinking about it for some reasons that message stuck in her mind she couldn't take it out kept wondering why has he messaged her does he know her or it's just a random message finally her final exams got over and she came back on social media the first think she did was check the boy's profile she scrolled through his pictures his status curiously to find out how he was as a person was he lyk the other boys who randomly message girls on social media just to flirt a bit she stopped on a photo of him with a girl who was pretty she felt bad and didn't understand why just then a message popped up and her heart raced it was his message Vipul she really got excited waited for a good 5 minutes before replying just so that she doesn't seem to be too free or wannabe the conversation started with the formal hey hello how are you fine and then they both had nothing to talk about she didn't want the conversation to end but didn't want to show that she was interested and wanted to talk more then a message popped up hey why do always roam around with books in school and this initited the conversation they both were waiting for they talked for almost an hour without realising a shy girl who would hardly talk to any guy for 10 minutes had an hour long conversation with someone she was talking for the first time it was something really new and unusual for her the conversation ended with a promise to talk again next day
she was smiling throughout while talking to him it was something very new for her she hadn't felt this feeling before next day she came online 10 minutes before her usual time but vipul wasnt online yet she waited for him finally he came online but didn't message her she kept looking at the green dot on his profile waiting for his message but he didn't message she thought maybe he is busy and that very minute he posted a picture with the same girl she had seen his picture before and the caption read always will be there for you my bff love love love :> she couldn't take this and went offline she kept thinking how can she be sad about a boy she has talked to just one day that too a normal conversation but she still couldn't stop thinking about him at night she again went online Vipul was online too at that time and she finally received a message from him "hey wassup how come online so late "
she was angry and didn't want to reply but she couldn't control herself and finally replied "nothing just couldn't sleep so thought to see some stuffs online what abut you" the conversation continued she finally asked him about the girl "hey your girlfriend is really pretty you guys look good together" he was surprised "hey who are talking about i am single :) haven't got so lucky yet still waiting for my girl " finally they clarified and got to know that she was just his old friend and not his girlfriend there was a wide smile on Pooja's face she felt so relieved they talked till 4 in the morning that day and finally Vipul asked Pooja if they could meet she hesitated a bit but then finally agreed.

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