Eternal Academy

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Chapter 9

The mall trip with Abigail after school was uneventful. But I did finally get everything I needed. Thank God for small miracles. Wearing Abigail clothes wasn’t too bad, but I definitely preferred my own things.

With classes being out for the weekend she suggested we have a movie night. A horror movie marathon. I swear I was starting to love this girl.

We stopped at the grocery store to grab snacks for everyone. Unfortunately only werewolves were invited to movie night, much to Mateo’s annoyance. I promised him that Sunday would only be for him.

“Sweet! You got the spicy kind.” Zach high fives his brother. The twins were helping us unpack the groceries. I shake my head at the two of them, reaching up to put spaghetti sauce in the pantry. I stretch on my tippy toes, cursing when only the edge touches the shelf.

A solid body presses into my back, hand sliding up my arm and to the jar, placing it easily on the shelf. I held my breath when a nose buried itself in my neck. My bite mark tingled in appreciation. “You smell good pup.” His other arm snaked around my waist, pulling me flush against him. I didn’t need to turn around to know who was holding me. The sparks said it all. Plus the silence of the kitchen now. “How’s the bite?”

I turned in his arms, laying a hand on his chest. My head tilted to look him in the eyes. ”You bit me?” I asks in surprise. I always assumed it was Mateo.

He nods, tracing a finger around it. “I couldn’t help myself. When I woke to find you snuggled up against me...” He bends his head, tongue darting out to lick it. My knees buckle as a jolt of pleasure goes through me. He catches me, holding me up against him. Wedging his knee between my legs.

“Why?” I whispered, want thick in my voice.

He growls low in his throat, pressing me more against him. Letting me feel all of him, and he was excited. “Cause you’re mine.” I stiffen. “Don’t worry, I know you’re mated to the dragon.” His nails dig harshly in my side. “I can smell him on you.”

“Lucien.” I whimper.

He bites down lightly over his mark, I moan. “It’s why my wolf took over, claiming you.” Trailing soft kisses along my neck, I sag against him. Only for him to pull back. “Come on.” I happily follow behind him, hoping he was pulling me to his bedroom. My legs clenched in anticipation. I wanted him badly.

Instead we went to the common area, where everyone was setting up getting ready for the first movie. Lucien chose a single chair, pulling me down on his lap. Abigail raised an eyebrow at our position, I shrugged. I wasn’t sure what was going on myself, but I liked it. Matt turned off the lights starting Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I slouched more into him, getting comfortable. He grabbed a blanket from nearby, covering the both of us.

Three movies in and my eyes were starting to get heavy. I never could last more than three movies, even at the orphanage. It’s why I stopped going to movie night there.I leaned my head on Lucien’s shoulder, who was all into the movie. Matt and Abigail were out cold on the other couch. Amber, Piper, and Caleb left after the second movie.

Zach hopped up from the couch, grabbing the empty bowl of popcorn. “I’m going to make more.”

Lucien placed his lips on my neck the moment we were alone. “How quick do you think I can bring you to an orgasm?”

My eyes widened at his question. “What-” My words cut off, his hand slipping into my underwear.

“Keep quiet.” A finger slips between my folds, circling my dampening cunt. I squirm against him, he nipped my neck, slipping a finger in me. I couldn’t help it, I moaned loudly as the thick digit started moving in and out of me slowly. “Tsk Tsk.” He started moving faster, adding another finger, pinching my clit.

I gripped the arm of the couch, my back arching from him. His other hand grabbed my leg pulling it back, opening my legs more. I withered and moaned against him, rotating my hips trying to get his fingers deeper.

When he added a third, I completely came undone. Crashing down around his fingers. He moved them in and out lazily until my orgasm passed. Pulling his hand from under the cover. He brought the three glistening digits to his mouth, sucking on them. “Mmm,” He licks his lips. “My girl tastes good.” I blush at his words. The sound of a microwave closing makes me jump. He taps the side of my hip. “Up, pull your pants and panties down.” I didn’t question him. Jumping up I yanked the garments down slowly, still recovering from my orgasm.

Lucien grabbed my hips, guiding me back down. “Slowly.” I yelp when I feel him poking at my entrance. He pulls me down the length of him, filling me just as Zach returns. “Fuck.” He groans, shifting me around until I was comfortable. Adjusting the blanket over us he settled back in the chair. I frowned, what the fuck? That’s it?

“Lucien.” I growl lowly.

He chuckles. “Just relax pup, enjoy the movie.” I thought about moving, to release the pressure building in me. But Matt was awake now sharing popcorn with his brother. I groaned in frustration. He felt amazing inside of me, and I wanted nothing more than for him to bend me over and take me in front of everyone.

The thought caused my vagina to scream out in pleasure. A surprise orgasm hitting me. Lucien inhales sharply behind me, no doubt reacting to the flood of wetness now coating his cock. He pulls me back against his chest. “Naughty girl, watch the movie.” He whispers.

Pulling whatever will power I had left in me, I tried to ignore the large cock buried in my cunt. Surprisingly, I ended up falling asleep.

I woke with a start, feeling something sliding across my legs. “Relax.” I looked down to the side seeing Lucien bent around me, pulling up my pants and panties. My eyes scanned the common area, everyone was gone. I detached myself from him, letting him slip out of me with a wet smack. Pulling my clothes up the rest of the way, I yawn.

Lucien tucks himself, standing up as well. He started walking out of the room and I followed. When we get upstairs I turn to go in my room, only for him to grab my arm pulling me in his.

He stripes down to his boxers and I take a second to admire his body sleepily. “You need help?” He asks, nodding to my clothes. I shake my head, stripping down to my bra and underwear.

Climbing in the twin sized bed I snuggle under the covers. Seconds later a large arm wraps around me, pulling me back against his chest. “Night pup.” He places a kiss on the back of my neck. Within seconds I was out again.

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