Eternal Academy

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Chapter 10

Taking a shower never felt so good. I almost didn’t want to leave it. But alas I had something to do. As much as I felt I belonged with Lucien, I couldn’t go any further in the relationship with him until Mateo knew.

I would hate for him to hear it from someone else. What I feel for Lucien is the exact way I feel for Mateo. Without a doubt I knew he was also my fated mate. Was it possible to have more than one? I’d have to research that with Mateo later.

Grabbing a nice summer dress I slip it on. Standing in my new full length mirror, I drag the brush through my hair several times. Once satisfied with my look, I swipe a coat of lip gloss on. Perfect.

My footsteps pounded on the stairs as I rush down them, running into Lucien at the end. My heart skips a beat at the sight of him. Sweeping me into his arms, he places a sloppy kiss on my lips. “Going to see the dragon?” I nod, watching him for any kind of negative reaction. “Need me to come?”

“No, it’s best I do it myself. Maybe the three of us can hang out later?” I ask, pulling out of his arms. He shrugs, standing on my tippy toes I reach up to give him another quick kiss. “I’ll see you later.” Stepping around him, I make my way to the door.

Since Mateo was a dragon I wasn’t sure which dorms he slept in. Considering he was the only dragon on campus. I decided to check the library.

I made it there rather quickly, spotting Mateo in a back corner with a book. “Hey.” He startled, not expecting anyone to come up to him.

Getting up from the couch he pulls me into a hug, inhaling my scent. “You smell different.” I blush, no doubt I smelled like Lucien. I guess the shower didn’t help.

“That’s what I came to talk to you about.” Grabbing his hand I pull him back down to the couch. Taking a deep breath I decide to just rip the band-aid off. “I think Lucien is my mate.”

He stares, letting my words sink in slowly. “What?” I cringe at the hurt in his eyes. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt him.

“It feels just how it does with you whenever I’m around him.” I pull the left side of my dress down, showing him my bite mark. “He marked me the other day.” He stills, staring at my shoulder in horror.

Grabbing his book he jumps up from the couch. “I have to go.” He says, stepping around me making his way to the door.

“Mateo! Wait.” I call after him, but he didn’t slow down or look back. My heart clenched in pain. My eyes watered, I got up quickly leaving the library.

I didn’t speak to anyone as I raced upstairs to Lucien’s room. He opened the door, took one look at my face and pulled me in. Settling us on the bed, he pulls me flush against his chest as I sob. No longer able to hold the tears back. “I’ll kill him.” He growls, arms tightening around me.

“I hurt him,” I sniffed. “I don’t deserve him.” Even though I’ve only known him for a couple weeks, I knew my life would never be completed without him. Same with Lucien.

“You deserve the world and everything in it.” He declared. Someone knocks on the door. “Fuck off!”

“Open this door right now Lucien! I need to check on my friend.” Abigail demands from the other side. I chuckle, lifting my head from his chest.

“I’m ok.” I call out weakly.

She huffs. “Find me when he’s done hogging you.” He growls at her words. I yawn, and he shuffles us until we're laying flat on the bed.

“Take a nap.” Nodding, I bury my face in his chest. Trying to bury the pain of losing Mateo as well.


A curse and a yell woke me up. I was in bed alone. Where was Lucien?

“Get in there now.” A voice demanded. I frown, realizing it was Lucien’s voice. The door to his room opens, and he pushes Mateo in. My eyes widen at the sight of him. His clothes were wrinkled and his hair a mess.


Lucien closes the door behind him, leaning against it with his arms crossed. “You’re not leaving this room until my girl is happy again.” Mateo blushes, looking at his feet.

I sigh, sitting up in bed. “You can’t force him to be with me Lucien.”

He growls, “The hell if I can’t, he has no right to be upset.” My alpha glared down at my dragon, looking seconds away from shifting.

“This is bullying.” I argued, he shrugged.

“He’s right,” My eyes snap to Mateo, he was now watching me. “I did some research... And I can’t blame you for having more than one mate. I just have to accept that I must share you.” The corner of his mouth lifts. “It’s not easy for a dragon to share his treasures.” I launch myself into his arms.

“I thought you hated me.”

His arms come around me, squeezing me to him. “I could never, I was just shocked. It’s not everyday your first girlfriend tells you she’s seeing another guy.”

I grin up at him. “I’m you’re first girlfriend?”

He leans down, pulling my bottom lip into his mouth. “You’re my first everything.”

“Ok that’s enough.” Lucien yanks me out of his hold, securing his arm around my waist. A low growl leaving him. Apparently Mateo’s not the only one that has to work on sharing. I turn in his arms, wrapping my arms around his neck.

“Thanks for bringing him to me.”

He smirks. “Anything for you pup.” He turns his back on me, going to his closet. “Now both of you get out, before my wolf ties you to the bed.” We didn’t need to be told twice.

Yanking Mateo out the room, I pull him across the hall to mine. He stops in the middle of it, examining all the new things added. His eyes zero in on my jewelry box. “I kind of ruined our Sunday huh?” It was now night outside, meaning I slept most of the day away.

He placed the jewelry down he was examining, coming over to the bed. “It was my fault.” Flopping down he pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket. “I researched the topic of having multiple mates. It hasn’t happened in decades, which made it hard to find anything on it. ” He spread the paper out on his legs. “The last known person was a wolf hybrid. Half wolf half demon, she had six mates. All different types of supernaturals.” The writing on the paper was sloppy and hard to read, but it’s obvious he memorized everything.

“Are you saying I might have six mates!?” The thought was absurd. I was having a hard enough time with just two.

“It’s possible, have you felt a strong connection with anyone else here?” My thoughts instantly go to Nick, but I shake it away. Just because I thought he was attractive doesn’t mean we have a connection.

“Not that I know of.” Balling the paper up he shoves it back in his pocket. “Do you think I might be part demon?”

He shakes his head. “All the half demons and full demons are in hell. They’re no longer allowed on earth.”


He shrugs. “Some war with them and the gods that happened long ago. They’ll be teaching it in class soon enough.”

“And you’ll have to run it all by me again.” I smile.

Reaching out he grabs the back of my neck, pulling me to him. “Let’s get ready for bed.” He says, finger stroking my neck.

I move to straddle him, his hands griping my hips. “I’ve slept long enough. Right now I have something else in mind.” Slamming my lips to his, I didn’t give him a chance to protest. I needed my dragon.

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