Eternal Academy

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Chapter 11

Monday morning came around sooner than I’d like. Lucien made me late to first period insisting he take a shower with me. Mateo didn’t wait up, refusing to be late like always.

The second years were back, with Nick sitting next to me once again. He was so close that his knee occasionally brushed against mine, shooting sparks through my body. It was then I confirmed he was definitely one of my mates. Or at least I had my suspicions he was.

“Catalina your one on one will be with me today.” He says, a lazy smile on his face. Today his hair was hanging loose around his face. Making him look beautiful and dangerous all at once.

I nodded, “When do you want to meet at the library?”

His leg knocked against mine. “Actually, we’ll be meeting in my dorms.” And I can’t wait to get you alone little wolf. I gulped, did he know we were mates? I pretended not to hear him.


“Meet me outside the library after your last class.” I nodded. Don’t be late little wolf. He wink.

I found Mateo waiting for me in the hallway. “Tell that wolf not to make you late again.” He grunted. I smirked in amusement. “Here.” He reached in his pocket, pulling out a familiar gold necklace.

I frowned, taking it. “How’d you get this?” It’s one of the new ones I just bought. The ones he was looking at. My eyes narrow. “Did you steal this from me?”

He blushed. “I planned to give it back.”

I tsked, “Stealing from your girlfriend? Are we going to need couples therapy?”

Slinging an arm around my shoulders, he starts pulling me down the hall. “I hear they’re giving out pizza today for lunch.” I brightened, we hardly ever get pizza.

“Lead the way.” For now I’ll forgive him. You can’t stay mad at someone when pizza is involved.

We grabbed a couple of slices and I waited while he filled his goblet with soda. “Now that we’re dating can you explain the goblet to me?”

Lifting the cup in question he held it out to me. “Dragons like shiny things.” I took a sip of his soda. Drinking out a goblet gave you a different kind of power. It made me feel like a princess.

“I see the thrill of it now.” I laughed.

“Hey pup!” Arms wrapped around me from behind, pulling me into a hard chest. “Sit with me?” I eyed the werewolf table, everyone beckoning me to come over.

“I’m eating in the library.” Slipping from his arms I turn to give him a kiss. “And I’ll be out late tonight, study session with a fae.”

His face goes blank. “Which fae?”

I hesitated, remembering Abigail saying he and Nick were sort of enemies. “Nick?”

A growl. “Absolutely not.”

Mateo steps forward, frowning. “This project is fifty percent of her grade, she’s going.”

Another growl. “Then you help her with it dragon.” I step between them, placing a hand on his chest.

“Lucien, calm down you’re making a scene.” Most of the students had stopped eating to watch him and Mateo, hoping a fight would break out. He frowned, then turned away from us. I sighed in relief, quickly pulling Mateo out the cafeteria.

“Your mate is a bundle of sunshine.” He mumbles, glancing over at me.

I giggle. “He’s an animal, what do you expect? At least he doesn’t steal from me.” He had the nerve to look sheepish.

Settling in our little space we both sit down to eat. I smile when he places a slice of pizza on my plate. I wasn’t shy about eating around him, and he knew how much I loved food. “Why does Nick want to meet you in his room?” Hearing his name made a shiver go through me. Shrugging, I shove pizza in my mouth to avoid answering. “I see the way he looks at you during class.”

Swallowing, I tried to brush off his comment. “He doesn’t look at me in any special way.”

He pushes his glasses up. “It’s the same way Lucien and I look at you.”

I flush. “And what way is that?”

“Like we want to ravish you and lock you away at the same time.” His voice is low, an intense look in his eyes. A spark of something I couldn’t place.

“Mateo Beckham, did you just use your sexy voice on me?” I tease, trying to lighten the mood. “Is that how you seduce the ladies?”

“Only my girlfriend,” He chuckles. “Though I think you did most of the seducing in this relationship.” My smile widens.

After my last class my nerves were through the roof, thinking about Mateo’s words. Did Nick really look at me like that? He did like to tease me. I bit my lip considering.

“Need me to walk you?” Mateo asks, bumping my shoulder. He seemed to always know when I’ve spaced out. We’re currently standing outside our last class Spellcasting, while I consider ditching this whole meeting.

My thoughts jump at the opportunity, wanting to say yes, but I hold back. I’m a big girl I don’t need my boyfriend walking me everywhere. “Nah, I’ll be fine.” Throwing my arms around his neck, I pull him in for a kiss. It’s nice and slow like most of our kisses, making my toes curl and a spark in my vagina. We break apart and I move to nibble on his neck. “Or I can skip it and try to convince you to get in my bed instead?”

He sighs, pulling me close to him. “I can’t let you skip out on school work.” He says, voice full of regret and longing. “Now go show him what my girl is made of.” Placing a kiss on the top of my head, he pulls away walking in the opposite direction.

Sometimes I’m surprised by how different he is with me. Around other people he doesn’t say a word unless it’s related to school. With me he wears his heart on his sleeve, opening himself to me more than anyone else I knew. I was lucky to have him.

I took the quickest route I knew to the library, cutting behind the demigods dorms. Usually I’d take the long way to kill time, but now I was rushing.

I was halfway pass the building when I felt another presence. My arm tingled with goosebumps, making me pause. Behind the building was a forest, it surrounded the whole school and some classes usually took place out there. I was told by Mateo once that the school and the woods are warded from anything that didn’t belong here. I.e humans and demons.

So the black mass forming not too far in front of me, had warning bells going off. “Shit!” I stepped back, watching in horror when a large hairy black paw comes out.

The leg was huge, almost the entire length of my body. Another paw came out, and I almost fainted. I had to remind myself fainting will only make me vulnerable to whatever was pulling itself out the black fog.

Fully stepping from the shadows was a beast five times larger than an average werewolf. Dark black fur, large glistening teeth, and sharp spikes on his head. Something told me I should run, or even scream. But I was now frozen in fear. I was out here alone with something straight out of my nightmares.

Paws sweeping across the ground, it watched me, hackles raised. I didn’t know much about dogs, but I had a feeling he was about to attack.

With a snarl he charged me. I screamed, throwing my hands up to cover my head. The wind knocks out of me when it crashes into me. Sharp claws dig into my shoulder, making me scream in pain. Saliva from his mouth drips on my chin. I gasp from the pain as he continues to shred my shoulder.

I was going to die, there was nothing I could do to stop this beast from ripping into me. Tears leak out of my eyes as I lay there. Instead of ending this quick it was going to drag my death out.

Something snapped in me, a surge of power pushing against my chest. It traveled from my chest to my hands. A pain started in my fingertips and I screamed. With a burst of energy I grab the beast, sinking my nails in it. It howls, falling off me. I try to sit up, but the pain in my shoulder was too much. Though it felt like I was slowly healing.

But my arms could move. I brought my hands up, still feeling the power in them. My eyes widened at the long black claws and fur protruding from them. They were covered in blood.

A growl drew my attention back to the beast. He was shaking off whatever I had done to him, a murderous look in his eyes. He wasn’t happy.

He sprints for me, and I scream. Bright white light fills the area. I close my eyes against the brightness. When I open them again, the beast was nothing but a pile of ashes.

“You’ve been keeping secrets little wolf.” Nick crouches next to me, and I cry in relief. He grabs my furry hands and I feel the power leaving them. When I look again they are once again normal. He growls. “Damn demons touching my wolf.” I watch him curiously. Closing my eyes his next words were a demand. “Sleep little wolf.” I try to fight his magic, but I was too wounded and weak. Sleep welcomed me in seconds.

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