Eternal Academy

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Chapter 12

The first thing I notice when I come to is I’m no longer in pain. The second thing, I wasn’t in my room.

“Correct,” A voice whispers from behind me, I stilled. “You’re in mine.” Strong arms wrap around me, pulling me in to a hard chest. That’s when I notice the bed I’m in. How didn’t I notice before?

“Nick?” My voice was scratchy, obviously not being used in a while. How long was I out?

“Too long.” A nose press against the back of my neck, inhaling deeply. “I thought I lost you little wolf, after I’ve barely found you.” He admits.

I shiver in response, he place a kiss on my neck. “What was that thing?” I whisper.

His grip tightens. “A demon.” A demon? The very things that are supposed to be banished in hell. “They are, someone sent this one. That particular demon is called a hellhound, hell’s most notorious hunters.”

“How did it get on campus? Is there nothing protecting us here?” I waited for him to respond, but he said nothing. “Nick?”

“I fear,” He starts, taking a deep breath. “I fear someone let it in.” Now I turn in his arms. His grey eyes roam my face. Taking it in as if memorizing every detail.

“What?” We were so close, I could feel every breath he exhaled.

Reaching up he pushes a stray lock of hair out of my face. “I’ve invited your mates. We will discuss things when they arrive.” My eyes were drawn to his lip ring, caught in a trance. I wanted to kiss him. The corner of his mouth lifts. “There will be no kissing little wolf.”

“Why?” I blurt, flushing slightly. It didn’t bother me that he could read my mind, I figured as much when he spoke in it.

He chuckles, trailing a finger along my cheek. “I’m afraid I was promised to another, long before I met you.” I stiffen, my heart breaking silently. He was married?

Waking up in his bed I knew without a doubt he was my mate, only to find out he’s taken. “I’m in the process of fixing that, now that I’ve found my fated I’ll have no other.” I blink. “But I will not kiss you until it’s done.” A loud banging makes me jump. “That would be your mutt.” He sighs, like he regrets inviting him. Slipping around me I was disappointed to see he was fully dressed. The banging sounded again.

“Open this door you half breed!” I giggled, covering my mouth. Nick looks back at me and wink, pulling the door open.

“Ahh Luci-” My wolf pushes pass him, making a beeline for me.

“Are you ok pup?” I nod, sitting up to hug him. “I knew it was a bad idea going to meet him.” He threw over his shoulder, growling. “I should kill you.”


“You can’t blame him Lucien.” I sigh, shaking my head. Over his shoulder I see Mateo come to the open door. My dragon glanced curiously around the room, stopping on a pile of gold rings.

“Don’t even think about it dragon.” Nick says, shoving then all into his desk draw. He blushes, closing the door behind him. “Now that you’re both here, we have a situation on our hands.” Lucien takes a seat on the bed, pulling me onto his lap. “Catalina was attacked by a demon, let in by your father.” He says, pointing at Lucien. I felt him stiffen underneath me.

Then he growled. “Watch what you say fae.” He threatens.

“You’re her mate?” Mateo asks him curiously. Lucien knew that Mateo was my mate, but he didn’t know there was a possibility I have more.

Nick nodded. “I wouldn’t say this if I didn’t believe it. You know part of his magic is in the protection spells that protect this place. He would feel if something evil was trying to get in, meaning he let it in.”

Lucien didn’t say anything, and I wondered if what Nick is saying was true. “Who’s your father?” Mateo walks over, no longer being distracted by the jewelry. He tries pulling me from Lucien’s lap, but he refuses to let me go. My dragon frowns.

“The dean is his father.” He answer.

My eyes widen. “Whoa,” I say, trying to turn around and look at him, but he keeps me in place. “That asshole is your father?” I still remember him scaring me half to death when I first got here. “But wait, he wanted me here. Why would he try to kill me?”

Nick shrugs. “It’s just a theory, everyone is a suspect at this point. But my money’s on him.”

Lucien places me gently on the bed, then turn to Nick. “I told you to watch what you say fae.” He growls, prowling closer to Nick.

“Or what mutt?” Nick arches an eyebrow in challenge.

I stand up as well, getting between the two of them. “Can you guys save the piss contest for later? I was just attacked you know.” That snapped them out of it.

“I’ll talk to my father.” Lucien says, making for the door. Nick blocks it.

“That’s not a good idea mutt, if it was your father that let it in. Letting him know we’re on to him wouldn’t be a good idea.”

“He’s right,” Mateo comes to stand next to me, I wrap my arm around his waist. “No one needs to know about the attack until we’re positive who sent the hound.” Lucien growls, but doesn’t argue.

“How are we supposed to find out?” It’s not like we can just go around accusing people.

“Whoever it is, I suspect they know you’re a Lycan.”

“What!?” Me, Mateo and Lucien ask at the same time.

Nick looks smug. “Did I forget to mention that? My girl is a Lycan. Saw it with my own two eyes.”

“When?” Demands Lucien.

“During the attack, she transformed only her hands. Only lycans can partially shift if I’m correct.” His face went from smug to hard. “She’d be dead otherwise.”

Lucien was watching me in amazement.

“That could be why you haven’t shifted, there’s only two lycans left in existence. Lucien and his father, it’s no secret the lycans were hunted down and killed for their power. I think your lycan is either hiding or being suppressed.” I could see the gears turning in my dragon’s head. The little nerd was probably excited about this discovery, means more research on his part.

“Wait,” I turn to Lucien. “You’re a lycan? I thought you were a werewolf.”

He nods. “Not many people know, in fact very few do.” He eyes Nick suspiciously. “How the half breed knows I’m not sure. All lycans have the power to shift into regular wolves. I do it all the time to hide my true identity.”

“Just because you and your father tells everyone you didn’t get the lycan jeans, doesn’t mean everyone believes it.” Nick rolls his eyes.

“I always wondered...” Mateo trails off, shooting a glance at Lucien.

“Which is why you’ll be training her to connect with her other side.”

“Wait what?” I turn to Nick. “Why?”

His face softens when he looks at me. I was surprised to see playful Nick turn out more demanding than my alpha wolf. “Until we find out who’s doing this, most likely there will be more attacks. You’ll need to know how to protect yourself.” Lucien growls at the mention of more attacks. I wasn’t too happy with the idea either. “For now you need to rest, everyone else can leave.”

Lucien snorts. “She’s coming back with me.” I hold my hand up to stop Nick from arguing, he sighed irritably. “Let’s go pup.” I followed him out the room, giving Mateo a hug and kiss on my way out.

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