Eternal Academy

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Chapter 13

Abigail was waiting for us the moment we walked in the door. “Catalina! I’m so glad you’re ok.” I stare at her in confusion. “Something bad happened right? The way Lucien stormed out of here complaining about killing a fae. Did Nick do something? You never can trust their kind.”

My eyes narrow on a sheepish looking Lucien. His first thought is always murder. “I’m fine, it was just a misunderstanding.” My stomach growls, making itself known. The both of them follow me to the kitchen, lingering. “What?” I growl, fed up. He roll his eyes leaving, Abigail stands her ground.

“So what happened?”

“Nothing.” Grabbing the bread and bologna I start working on making sandwiches.

She huffs, taking a seat at the island. “Yeah right nothing, I’ve never seen Lucien look so angry.” She pause. “Are you two mates? I mean the pack suspects it, but we also know you’re dating the dragon. Lucien has never shown attention to a girl this long.” Being reminded of his hoeish ways makes my heart ache. I nod, she squeals. “Oh my gosh! That makes you Luna!”

“Makes me what?” I finish my third sandwich and decide to make Lucien one.

“Female alpha.” She answers in a tone that implies I should’ve known this. Had I been raised like a normal werewolf then yeah.

Grabbing my sandwiches I start heading for the stairs. “Night Abigail!” She mumbles something about lack of girl talk before I exit the room.

By the time I make it to our floor one of my sandwiches are gone. I knock softly on his door, biting into my second sandwich. He opens it and I walk in, taking a seat on his bed. “I made you one.” I tell him, holding it out.

Sitting next to me he bites the sandwich, while I’m still holding it. “Thanks pup.” Moving back he leans against the wall, closing his eyes.

“Are you tired?” I ask, finishing off my second sandwich. He peaks at me, then reaches for me. I let him pull me back against him, snuggling into his side. But he still doesn’t answer me. “Lucien?”

“I hate the thought of my father sending that after you. Even if he doesn’t know about us. To do that to any student...” His words fade off.

“It could’ve been anyone, like Nick said everyone’s a suspect. Hell it could’ve been the succubus that doesn’t like me.” I shrug.

He smiles. “My girl is so beautiful she has a succubus jealous of her.” I blush from the compliment.

Finishing off his sandwich I stretch out on the bed, laying my legs across his. He moves, settling behind me. “Whoever it is, will regret messing with my girl.” His hand hooks in my pants, pulling them off. I kick them to the floor, sighing at the feeling of freedom. Then I feel something hard poking me in the ass. My thoughts flash back to movie night, a wave of lust hitting me. “Catalina,” He breaths huskily.

I tilt my head to face him, his lips instantly capturing mine. I’m lost in the smell and feel of him almost immediately. His arm comes around, cupping the back of my head and pulling me closer. My lips part, inviting his tongue to explore my mouth.

Shuffling around he removes his pants and boxers. My body heats up from the weight of him against my back. Breaking the kiss I reach between us, gripping his hot erection in my hand. He moans, jerking against me.

Not giving me a chance to stroke, he flips me on my back, moving down my body. My breath catches the moment he grabs the hem of my panties, pulling them down and off. He kisses up the inside of my leg, leaving a hot trail and me squirming in anticipation.

Looking up at me he smirks, licking a part of my thigh inches from where I need him the most. “Lucien.” I moan with a hint of growl.

“Patience.” He whispers, posed above my soaking heat. I lift my legs, opening myself to him. He groans, eyes zeroing in on my pink lips. “Fuck it.”

Holy cow!

I gasp as he reaches for me, plunging his tongue in me. My eyes roll to the back of my head and I grab his head, pushing him more into me, hips bucking. “Oh God!”

He grabs my hips holding me in place, licking and sucking and absolutely driving me insane. I grip his hair, yanking harshly. “Please.” I beg, getting close to that peak. He hmms his approval, the vibration going through me. He tugs on my clit with his teeth, giving me a mixture of pain and pleasure. It isn’t long before I see stars, my orgasm hitting me with a vengeance.

When I come back down Lucien is still lapping at me. I’m breathing heavy, watching him through hooded eyes. He sits up, mouth shining with my orgasm, I blush at the sight.

Moving up my body he tugs on the end of my shirt. I sit up pulling it off, unclasping my bra and tossing it to the side. He reaches up, cupping my breasts in his large hands. Kneeding them gently, he watches me. “You look radiant after an orgasm pup.” Moving back he grabs his erection, stroking lightly. He moves forward, pressing the head of it at my opening, teasing me before easing inside.

We both watch mesmerized as he slowly sinks in to me. I watch the tip of him disappear in my slick heat, before I’m overcome with pleasure. Moaning as I throw my head back, I lock my legs around his waist, forcing him fully in. He stretches me, and my walls clench around him against the invasion. “Shit.” He hiss, easing slowly out of me, then plunging forward again. His muscles flex as he finds his rhythm.

I arch my hips, meeting his thrusts. We both slowly build up to that edge. Lucien moving faster and going deeper. He rams into me, the bed shaking against the force. A pleasure of heat starts in my chest, then travels down to our connected bodies. I cry out, he leans down pressing his mouth between the juncture of my neck and shoulder. “Mine.” He growls, clamping down on his mark. A wave of pleasure crashes through me, my body shakes from the force of my orgasm.

He grabs my hips, lifting me higher in the air. Going deep enough to hit my g spot. He thrust once, twice, then stills, emptying himself deep in me. My eyes widen at the black cord, snapping into place between us. We’re both breathing heavy, bodies slick in sweat.

“That was...”

“The best fuck of my life.” He groans, moving out and off of me. “I can’t believe I waited this long. I should’ve taken you during movie night.” I chuckle, snuggling into his side yawning.

“What he said.” I giggle. He laughs, tucking my head under his chin.

“Goodnight pup.”

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