Eternal Academy

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Chapter 14

The next day I’m called into the Dean’s office before class. Someone was banging on my bedroom door, waking Lucien up. He got the note from the second year, then shook me awake. Good to know no one outside of our pack expected me to be in his room. I won’t get the chance to tell Mateo not to wait up. I’ll be long gone before he gets here.

I watch Lucien rush to get ready, eyeing him wearily. “I think I should go alone.”

“Like hell you are.” He barks, covering his glorious body up with a pair of blue jeans.

I bite the inside of my cheek. “I don’t think it’s a good idea if you show up with me. Then he’ll know...”

“Know what?” He turns to me, pulling a white t-shirt over his muscled body. I wanted nothing more than to climb back in bed with him. Maybe have a repeat of last night. “That you’re my mate? Let him!”

God he’s stubborn.“I’m going alone,” I say, pulling his door open. “So you can back off!” He growls, lunging for me. I yelp, slamming the door shut behind me. I rush down the stairs two at a time, but I can hear him gaining ground. Matt is in the common area when I run by. “Stop him! Don’t let him catch me!” He grins wickedly, stepping in the center of the room once I pass.

“Get the fuck out of the way Matt.” The sound of crashing and a curse makes me giggle, as I sprint down the steps. Hopefully Matt can take care of himself.

It didn’t take long to find the Dean’s office, located next to the main building. His assistant let me in, nodding in greeting. I walk in stiffly, eyes taking in the room for any threats. “Ms. Cortez,” He greets. “Have a seat.” He points to the chair I first woke in, tied. At least I’ll be able to run this time. I sink into the chair, waiting for him to reveal why he summoned me here. “How are you getting along so far? Sorry I haven’t had the time to check in on you.” I wasn’t aware he planned to. Does he check in on all the students? I doubt it.

“It’s been great.” I force a fake while. “Met some interesting people.”

He nods. “I heard you’ve been spending time with the dragon.” Damn, even teachers gossip. Funny he mentions Mateo and not Lucien. So he doesn’t know I’ve been spending time with his son? Or maybe he just believes it’s pack business and nothing deeper.

“He helps me a lot.” I answer vaguely. If he’s hoping to fish information out of me he’s not getting any. “Why am I here?”

He smiles, showing sharp teeth. I squirm in my seat. “The Goh trails of course.”

“The who what?” He chuckles.

“The Goh trails. Each student must complete it to pass on to the next year. Mr. Beckham didn’t mention this?” Obviously not, I grit my teeth.

“No sir.” It felt weird calling him sir. Something inside of me rebelling against it. It didn’t fit for me to consider him my superior.

“As it is I’ve taken the liberty in finding you a private tutor. She’s taken the trails before and will help prepare you.” He pulls off a sticky note, scribbling something down. “You’ll be excused from your third period class and instead meet with her every other week. Starting next week.” He holds the paper out to me.

“Does that mean I’ll have a free period some days?” He nods. Sweet, I can use that time to get to know my men better. So far I only knew their dick size, well except Nick. Maybe I can find who the hell he’s engaged to and help find a way to get him out of it.

“Though I’d advise you to use that time for more studying.” Yeah right.

“Absolutely.” He eyes me, and for a second I wonder if he can read minds. Since it seems everyone in this freaking school can. But he says nothing, and I take that as my cue to leave.

The minute I’m outside the building I’m pulled into a hard chest. “You’re in trouble little pup.” I gulp, twisting in his hold. I was so focused on other things that I forgot about ditching Lucien earlier.

“Hey guys.” Mateo walks up, his eyes zeroing in on me. “You didn’t want me to walk you to class today?” I can hear the hurt in his voice, and it makes my heart ache. He must’ve just came from the werewolf dorms looking for me.

I try to go to him, but Lucien won’t release me, asshole. “She got called to the office dragon, don’t worry you’re still her favorite.” He growls. Mateo looks away, his cheeks turning pink.

Stomping on his feet I force him to release his hold. My eyes blazing when I face him. “You don’t control me. I can handle things on my own.”

He glares reaching for me, but I step around him. “Pup.”

I roll my eyes. “Let’s go Mateo.” We walk away from him, I pause turning around. “And don’t you dare follow me.” He growls.

When we reach first period the door is closed, class starting. I turn to Mateo in surprise. “Wow, you’re late for class!” I giggle.

He has a miserable look on his face. “First it’s late to class, next it’s prison.” He huffs, pulling the door open. I follow in after him, trying to control by giggles.

It’s not until third period that I remember what the Dean said to me. I pull Mateo to the side in the hallway. “What the hell is the Goh trails and why didn’t you tell me about them?”

He looks confused, then recognition flashes in his eyes. “Is that why you were called to the office?” I nod. “Hmm, I didn’t tell you because I didn’t expect you’d have to do them. Considering you arrived during the middle of the school year and having no idea you’re a wolf.” A group of females walk by, stealing glances at him. I bare my teeth. “It’s weird that he’s making you do them.” He continues, unaware of my possessive actions. I blush, I shouldn’t be embarrassed warning girls off. He’s mine. They’re all mine. I freeze, the possessive thought surprising me. “You alright?” Peering at me closely he studies me.

I nod. “I’m fine.” My stomach rumbles, making him smile. Pulling his backpack forward he opens it, digging around.

“Here,” He hands me a granola bar. “This should hold you over till lunch.” I happily take it.

“You’re giving my girl granola bars for a snack?” Nick walks up to us. I want so badly to throw myself in his arms, but I know he’s not ready for people to know about us. Even if he just referred to me as his girl, not many people are around to hear.

“Hi Nick.” I whisper. His eyes roam my body, lingering on the chest area. My body heats up, and I clench my legs together against the wave of pleasure that hits me. “My little wolf, how nicely you fill out your uniform.” My cheeks heat.

“I don’t see you offering her anything.” Mateo retorts, slinging his backpack on.

Nick smirks. “Hold out your hand.” I do as he say. He snaps his finger, and a small plate with a delicious chocolate cake appears. My mouth waters at the sight. Perched on the corner is a small fork.

“No way is she sneaking that into class.” Mateo reaches for it and I snarl.

“I’ll take my chances.” He gives me this adorable pout that almost makes me cave, almost. Cake over pouts any day.

Nick laughs, “I’ll see you guys around.”

We walk in to class with Mateo positioning himself in front of me, blocking the plate from the teacher. I smile, I’m slowly corrupting him.

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