Eternal Academy

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Chapter 15

A week goes by with no incident. I’m grateful and suspicious at the same time. Why the random attack? Was it just a warning or the beginning?

Today was also the day I have to meet with my tutor. Lucien insisted he be with me during it. I thought about protesting, then realized the dean never said I couldn’t bring someone. And apparently Lucien gives no fucks about skipping.

“Don’t say a thing, remember you’re a shadow, you don’t exist.” I warm him outside the door.

He gives me a crooked smile, only one side of his mouth lifting. “You make me feel so special babe.”

I punch his arm. “I’m serious, you have no filter and you’re easily angered. You’re only here to observe, no comments. You’re -”

Faster than I can anticipate, he pulls me to him, crashing his lips to mine. Whatever words I was about to say he swallows them. Pulling him closer I was instantly putty in his hands. Curse this bond between us making me weak.

His hands go to my ass cheeks, squeezing them hard. “I think my breakfast is gonna come back up.” We pulled apart and I groan at who's standing in the doorway. It was the fae from the war games. Suddenly I was very glad he came with me.

He snarls, baring his teeth at her. “Shut your fucking mouth.” He can have such a potty mouth sometimes.

She shrinks back inside, slamming the door. Huh, who knew she was scared of the big bad alpha? I press closer to him, suddenly feeling why he was really angry. I grin. “You got blue balls babe?” His eyes -that was still watching the door - turned to me. I gasped, they were a dark yellow. “Lucien?” I ask tentatively. I’ve never seen his eyes change color before. They were beautiful, not at all scary like when his father does it.

Shaking his head he grins, eyes going back to their normal green. “Sorry pup,” He leans in. “My lycan could feel your anger and snapped.” I squeal when he licks my ear. Satisfied with my reaction, he turns and head inside.

The fae doesn’t look at Lucien as we take our seat and I smirk. Damn she really is afraid of him. “Victor wants me to prepare you for the trails,” She starts, glaring at me. What the hell is her problem? “To do that you’ll need to connect with your wolf.”

I snort. “Good luck with that.” This ‘wolf’ of mine only comes out in life threatening situations. And considering I’m apperently a lycan I don’t know how she’s going to get this wolf side out. If any one should be training me on my wolf it’s Lucien. I peek at him, to find him already staring.

“As a light fae,” She continues, completely ignoring my words. “I have the power to calm anyone around me. I think our first step should be meditating, until you feel your wolf.” Now Lucien snorts. She sits on the floor, doing the pretzel cross. “Copy me.” I sit down across from her, mirroring the same position. Lucien sits behind me, in the exact same position. So close that his legs rub against my back. I groan inwardly, how does he expect me to clear my mind when he’s this close? I have a feeling he’s doing this on purpose. “Close your eyes and picture a river flowing.”

I do as she says, picturing the flow of a small river. “A river flowing reminds me of last night.” My eyes snap open, looking over my shoulder to glare at the pervert.

“Be quiet!” I snap, he grins, throwing me a wink. Damn alpha getting me excited and shit.

“Focus!” The fae snaps in my face.

“He distracted me on purpose!” I argue.

“Suck it up pup, life has distractions.” He’s so not getting any ass from me.

“He’s right.” The fae agrees.

“What’s your name?” I blurt. She blinks.

“Margaret.” I nod. Finally a name to the face. I was tired of referring to her as ‘the fae’.

Lucien stands to his feet behind me. “This is boring as hell, I’ll pick you up after pup.” He leans down capturing my lips for a second, then turn on his heels and leave.

“You’re one lucky bitch.” I blink.


She grunts, “Lucien doesn’t date. He’s more of a hump and move on. You’re the first girl he openly shows affection to. Plus you caught the dragon’s attention too.” Huh, I knew people found Lucien attractive and that he was kind of a whore. But I didn’t realize he’s never been in a serious relationship with any of them. Then there’s Mateo who doesn’t even talk to girls but is dating me. I swear my men are trying to get me killed.

“I guess, back to work yes?”

The rest of the time we go through the motions of keeping calm, establishing peace yada yada yada. All I got from this extra time is this meeting is pointless as hell. Why did the dean set this up? So far I’ve learned nothing about the trails. Only what a flowing river looks like surrounded by a field of flowers.

When the bell ring I’m so happy that I almost dance. Margaret glare at me, but I know she feels the same.

The door to the classroom we’re in opens as we’re packing our bags. I automatically assume it’s Lucien come to pick me up. But Margaret squeals in happiness. “Babe!” I roll my eyes. Who in their right mind would date this girl?

“Margaret.” I stiffen, spinning around. Nick is standing there watching me. Margaret has her arms around his neck, trying to pull him down for a kiss or a hug. Who knows. I can’t take my eyes off him. What is he doing with her? Are they a thing? Oh my God! Is this who he’s in an arranged married with? He nods, answering my silent question. My eyes dart back and forth between them. I feel a stinging sensation behind my eyes and know I have to get out of here.

I rush pass them both, not stopping even when he calls my name. This can’t be happening. I assumed he meant someone far away that he never sees. Not the girl that plays on his team in war games and lives in the same dorms as him!

“Catalina?” Mateo falls into step with me. He must’ve been waiting outside the building. I’m glad it’s him and not Lucien. I have a feeling he’d try to go back in and fight Nick, being alpha and all. “What’s wrong?”

I wipe my eyes, refusing to look at him. What if he was hiding something too? I’d die if I knew he was engaged to someone else. “Nothing.” I sniff.

He doesn’t say anything else as we walk, not even when we enter my dorms and go to my room. I lay down in bed, pulling the covers up to my chin. Mateo slides in silently behind me on top of the covers, pulling me to his chest. “Mateo?”

“Yes?” He breaths.

I bite the inside of my cheek. “You’re not secretly married are you?”

He laughs. “I assure you I’m not. It’s just you. Only you, always and forever.” I smile, eyes getting heavy. For someone that doesn’t talk a lot, he always know the right things to say.

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