Eternal Academy

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Chapter 16

“I don’t want to do this.” I pout. But Lucien isn’t phased.

“You’ve been avoiding him for days. Even if I don’t like the guy, even I can admit he’s taking it rough.” He points at the fae table.

Nick is sitting there in a grey t-shirt, with dark circles under his eyes. I’ve never seen him wear such a dark color, in fact I didn’t even know he owned dark colors. Everyone is laughing and joking around him, but he’s just staring at his salad. It doesn’t look like he’s had much sleep. He’s tried reaching out to me several times, but I refuse to see him. It hurts me to see him like this, but it hurts even more knowing he shares living quarters with his fiancé.

I shrug. “He’s a big boy he’ll be fine.” He looks to Mateo for help, but he shrugs. No matter what Mateo will always be on my side.

We decided to sit in the cafeteria today, only because Lucien wouldn’t stop following us to the library crowding our space. My alpha can be clingy sometimes. I didn’t mind sitting in the cafeteria, it was convincing Mateo to that was the challenge. I convinced him by offering him alone time later, he accepted, blushing the entire time. My dragon was kind of a sex addict.

“You’re impossible, if you were a normal pack mate I’d order you to go over there.”

I cross my arms glaring at him. “I’d kick your ass.”

He smirks, “And I’ll have your ass soon.” He promises. Abigail chokes on her milk next to me, I blush. God why is he so, ugh!

“Uh oh, here comes trouble.” Matt snickers with his twin from the other side of the table. I follow his gaze, watching one of the succubus sashay her way over to us.

“Hi Lucien,” She ignores everyone at the table. “I have a free period later, maybe you can stop by my room.” She leans forward practically shoving her breast in his face. “Like old times.”

Lucien eyes shift to me uneasily. He knows I know about his past, I’ve just never been confronted about it. A low rumble starts in my chest. I’m on my feet before I can even comprehend anything. Lucien watches me, not moving an inch.

Without a second thought I slide between them, throwing my legs on either side of him. Grabbing his shirt I pull his mouth to mine. His chest rumbles, and he pulls me impossibly closer. Before we take it too far I pull away, staring the succubus down. “Lucien is mine." I growl loud enough for half the cafeteria to hear, even making our round table shake. The loudness of it surprises even me. The power behind it...

She whimpers, almost running away from our table. I look around, noticing several eyes on me. I blush, burying my face in Lucien’s neck. What the hell was that? I can still feel my chest vibrating. Then I realize that isn’t my chest at all.

“The fuck are you all looking at?” He growls out. It was quiet, then conversation quickly started back up. Sometimes having a demanding alpha comes in handy.

Matt chuckles next to me. “Damn that was hot, at least she didn’t piss on you.” I reach out to punch him.

I attempt to remove myself from Lucien’s lap, but he doesn’t let me go. I shift my hips, then realize why. He’s as hard as marble beneath me. My little display of possessivness clearly turned my wolf on. I laugh, he digs his nails in my hips. “Shut it little wolf.”

I place my mouth next to his ear, blowing air into it. “Maybe I’ll take care of your little problem later.” I yelp as he stands, locking my legs around his waist.

“We’ll be back.” The table erupts in laughter, and I see Mateo get up to follow us.

“Put me down Lucien.” I demand.

“How close do you live dragon?” He walks through the halls holding me close to him. Mateo walks next to him.

“It’s best she goes to the dorms.” He hesitates, watching me in Lucien arms. I can tell he wants to take over, the dragon in him wanting to hold his best treasure. I blow him a kiss. Earning a smack on my ass.


“The dorms it is.” He carries me the entire time, even up to my bedroom. He gets the door open without my key and I have a suspicion he has a copy of his own.

Throwing me on the bed with a growl, he starts removing his clothes. I watch, biting my lip. Damn my alpha was sexy. His pants and boxers drop to the floor, his hard cock standing at attention. Grabbing my ankles he pulls me to the edge of the bed. My face lined up with his cock, I lick my lips. “Suck.” I don’t need to be told twice.

I take him into my mouth, dragging my tongue up the length of his shaft. From my peripheral I see Mateo pulling off his clothes. I clench my legs together, both of my men want a blow job at the same time. Lucien grips my hair pulling me off him, he angles my head in Mateo’s direction. “Suck him.”

Mateo steps up next to him, face red. Lucien watches me and I open my mouth for Mateo. He groans when he slides in my mouth, forcing himself in deeper. I gag. “Shit sorry.” He starts to pull back. I reach up to grab his balls, keeping him in place.

Bobbing my head I get into a rhythm with him. Suck, pull and lick. Just when I feel his balls tighten, I’m snatched off him by my hair. I glare up at Lucien who winks, pressing his cock against my lips. I open for him, and he pushes in, all the way to the back of my throat. This time I don’t gag, expecting this. He thrusts in and out of my mouth hard and fast. “That’s it pup,” He moans, fucking my mouth with fever. “Take it all baby.” I’m so wet between the legs I can feel it dampening my panties. Reaching down I rub myself hard.

He swells in my mouth, I suck him in deeper, just as he explodes. His come hits the back of my throat and I swallow it all. After a few more slow thrust he pulls out. My attention instantly goes to Mateo. I barely have him in my mouth before he explodes, blushing furiously. Some drip out the side of my mouth as I try to swallow it all.

With a plop I release him, sitting back rubbing myself. Lucien cocks an eyebrow, steps forward letting his fingers join mine. I moan as he rubs me, pressing hard against my clit. I freeze, then cry out from my quick release.

We’re all breathing hard, and I yawn. Sucking dick is very draining. Mateo cracks a smile, obviously hearing my thoughts. I lay down as they get dressed, my eyes closing.

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