Eternal Academy

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Chapter 17

It’s two days later when Nick finally corners me. I guess he was tired of waiting for me to come to him.

I’m walking to my next class when I’m yanked inside a closet. I open my mouth to scream, but a hand covers it. “It’s me.” My eyes adjust to the darkness, and I see Nick standing in front of me.

He removes his hand and I glare at him. “What do you think you’re doing?” Something falls behind me and I jumped.

“I miss you.” He steps closer to me, and I feel the heat from his body.

I cross my arms. “Your fiancé not keeping you entertained?” It hurt referring to her as that. To think he didn’t belong to me.

His hands grip my waist. “Everyday I’ve been trying to get out of this, while letting you have your space. Now I have a solution.” He chuckles. “The answer was right in front of me the whole time.”

“What are you talking about?”

Leaning forward he presses a kiss to my forehead, making my body warm. “You’re my mate Catalina, if we consume our bond nothing can break it.” I’m thrown for a second with the use of my real name. I’ve never heard him say my name before.

“Consume? As in have sex?” I squeak. Why did the thought of having sex with my fae make me nervous? Is it because I know we shouldn’t do it? That he’d be breaking some kind of rule? He nods, bending down and capturing my lips. My eyes flutter close, loving the feeling of his moist lips against mine. His tongue ring press into my lip, the coldness from it mixing in with our heat.

I pull it into my mouth, sucking gently on his lips. He groans. “Fuck I can’t wait.” His hands go to my skirt, yanking my panties down. I gasp, a cool breeze hitting my wetness.

Stepping back I hear the sounds of clothes rustling and hitting the floor. He walks back to me, grabbing my hips. “Lift your legs.” I do, and pushes me against the wall. My legs wrap around him and I feel him at my opening. I’m so wet I know he’ll slide in easily. He doesn’t push in though. “I want you to know I’m not just doing this to get out of an arranged marriage. I’m doing this because you were made for me, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” His words bring a tear to my eyes.

I pull him to me, crashing his lips to mine. My tongue slipping into his mouth to taste him. His hands grip my ass. “You drive me crazy little wolf.” Without warning he pushes in. I gasp, my head falling back.

“Nick,” I moan, fuck he’s big. I shouldn’t be surprised though, all my men are blessed.
He chuckles, pulling out of me slowly. That’s when I feel something else inside. Something small hard and a little cold. “Nick?” I question.

He nibbles on my chin, slamming into me. Whatever it is I’m feeling feels amazing with his thrusts. “That’s just my piercing baby.” He grunts, going deeper. My eyes widen. His piercing? His dick is pierced? The thought cause a wave of moisture between my legs.

My back slams against the wall as he bottoms out in side of me. Holy shit, I can feel him in my guts. Is this man trying to kill me? “Oh fuck Nick.” I moan again.

His nails dig into my thighs as he holds me up, pounding into me like his life depends on it. I grip his shoulders holding on, my nails digging into his back. He hiss, going faster. Weird mewling sounds are coming out of me as he works my body. Bringing me to the edge. I clench around his length and he moans. “That feels good baby.” I do it again. He grabs my chin yanking my mouth to his. He slams in me again, this time hitting a certain spot. I cry out, the orgasm smacking into me. Burying my face in his shoulder as he continues to thrust in me, his movements now jerky and wild. I can tell he’s getting close.

With a roar he pushes deep in me, coming so hard it sends me into another orgasm. A light forms in the room and I look between us. A blue cord snapping into place between us, just like with my other mates. We are officially bonding.

His thrusts start to slow as we both try to catch our breath. After a while he pulls out, letting me down to my feet. My knees wobble and I fall into him, he laughs. I slap his chest. “It’s not funny.”

He kisses me, sighing happily. “Thank you for accepting me.”

I frown. “What?”

He bends down in front of me and I feel my panties being pulled up. I blush. Once my panties are secured he dresses himself. “I thought you would never forgive me.”

“I wasn’t mad,” I admit. “It just hurts.”

“I know,” He sighs. “I’m more tuned in to your emotions then you know.” The bell rings, making me jump.

“Shit! Mateo is going to kill me for missing class.” I groan. I lean up to give him a quick kiss. “I have to go.” Not caring who sees I rush out of the closet, making my way to class. Halfway there I feel something running down my leg. I stop, blushing furiously. Changing direction I head for the restrooms instead. No way was I sitting in class with Nick’s sperm dripping down my leg.

Thankfully the restroom is empty when I run in. Darting into the first stall I grab some tissue, cleaning up any evidence of what happened moments ago. Tossing it the toilet I pull the handle, just as the lights shut off. I freeze. “Hello?” The sound of a door opening had me holding my breath. What the hell happened to the lights? “Hello?” I try again, but there’s silence. Did someone just leave or walk in?

I reach for the handle on the door, feeling around blindly. Aren’t I supposed to be a lycan? Why the hell can’t I see in the dark? Finding the latch I pull the door open, shuffling out.

I’ve always held the fear of the lights turning off while I’m in the bathroom. Though usually I’m in the shower. One of the many reasons I never close my eyes.

Now I’m living that fear.

My hands stretch out in front of me, feeling for the sink or door. Anything really, maybe even the light switch.

A gust of wind whips against my back, I freeze. Something is in here with me.

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