Eternal Academy

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Chapter 18

A feather like touch taps my shoulder. I whirl around, breathing heavily. “Who’s there!?” A deep laugh answers. I try to adjust my eyes to the darkness, but I can’t see shit. I start sweating. “This isn’t funny.” The air rushes out of my lungs when I’m slammed against the wall. I wheeze, trying to catch my breath. Only for a warm hand to wrap around my throat.

I claw at the hands, sparks igniting where our skin touched. The lights flash back on, and suddenly I’m staring into a pair of black eyes. He cocks his head, wavy blonde hair falling to the side. Showing a deep scar on his eyebrow. “Things just got interesting.” He grins, gaze dropping to my breast. I’m wearing a tee shirt and know he can’t see anything. Yet I can feel exactly where his eyes are.

“This is her?” A new voice joins in. My eyes dart to the two figures behind him. I start struggling again, not sure when I stopped. The male holding me releases a deep sigh.

Placing me down gently to my feet, he faces the other too. “Sorry boys, this is a bounty you won’t be collecting.” He shrugs. “In fact, you won’t be leaving this restroom.” My hand rubs my throat, feeling the soreness. That’s going to bruise. I take in the man in front of me. He’s tall, and wearing a long black trench coat. But even with the coat on I can tell he’s fit, just from the way it fits him, tight around the shoulders. He angles his body so he’s right in front of me, blocking me from the others.

The other dudes laugh. The one with black hair starts to speak. “What makes you -” the male in front of me acts fast, grabbing the sink ripping it off the wall and hurling it towards the guy speaking. It flies at him with so much force that his body flies back, the sink meeting his head with a loud smack, the sink shattering on impact. I scream as blood splatters on the wall, blood and brains everywhere. The male looks back over his shoulder, then waves a hand. My scream cuts off, sound no longer coming out of me. Holy shit! Did he just turn off my voice box?

“What the fuck Kol?” The guy with blue hair spits. Kol, my body reacts to his name. And not in a negative way. He leans against the wall, pulling something out of his pocket. My eyes squint, is that a lollipop? He unwraps it, shoving the blue globe in his mouth. “Are you out of your mind? Killing Brent over a wolf bitch?” I flinch at his tone.

In a blurr he’s in front of the dude. “Say that again?” Kol’s voice is deep and deadly, chilling the air. I feel goosebumps on my skin.

The man eyes dart to me, a promise of death in them. “The wolf bi-” He gurgles, suddenly choking on his own blood. Kol steps back, and right before the guy falls I see the stick of his lollipop sticking out of his throat. My eyes widen, he just killed him with a sucker!

“What a mess.” He pouts at the figure on the floor. “That was my last one.” I make a sound of shock and his eyes snap to me. With supernatural speed he’s in front of me again. I press my back against the wall. “What’s your name?” His eyes are no longer pitch black, now they’re a dark blue. And gorgeous.

“Catalina.” I don’t know if it was the fear that made me answer, or something else. Something else that I hope I’m wrong about.

He looks over his shoulder as if sensing something, the room starts to darken. “I’m afraid our meeting will be cut short kitten.” He turns back to me and swiftly press his lips to mine. My eyes close on their own, warmth speaking through me from the heat on his lips. “Until next time.” The door opens and the pressure is gone. I look up to find my men rushing in. They take in the dead bodies with little interest, more focused on me.

“Are you alright?” Mateo crouch in front of me, taking my hand in his. I nod, unable to speak. My mind still trying to wrap around what happened. One thing I know is they were sent to kill me, also they were demons.

“What happened?” Lucien demands, his eyes doing a sweep of me. Nick is standing on my left, a look of concern on his face. I know he’s the most confused, considering I just left him minutes ago to head to class.

“I came t-to clean up and,” I pause, looking at my guys. “I was attacked. The lights went off and next thing I know I’m being held against the wall by my throat.” A choked sob comes out of me. I could’ve died. In the blink of an eye.

A deep growl leaves Lucien, he looks back at the bodies like he wants to murder them again.
Nick runs a finger through my hair. “At least you were able to protect yourself little wolf.”

I shake my head. “That’s the weird part, there was three of them. The other one, he killed those two.” My eyes widen at Mateo. “I think he’s -”

“What’s going on here?” The dean walks in with a scowl on his face. Takes one look at the dead bodies, and narrow his eyes on me. “Explain.”

Lucien steps in front of me. “She was attacked by demons. Maybe you’re the one that needs to explain. How did demons get in the school?” A few of the staffs that stood behind him gasped.

“That’s absurd.” He waves his questions away. “Not to mention impossible.”

Lucien growls, “The proof is right there on the floor father.” He spits the last word. I put my hand on his arm trying to calm him down. He was a real hot head sometimes and now was not the time. If Victor’s the one that sent them we couldn’t let him know we are on to him.

“All of you in my office now!” He spins on his heels, the crowd of people parting to let him by.

“It was him.” Mateo whispers so only our group can hear.

“What?” Lucien and I ask at the same time.

“I read his thoughts,” He cringes, obviously invading someone’s mind was something he only liked to do with me. “He’s upset the assassin’s didn’t complete the job, considering he hired the best of the best.”

Lucien swears, “I’m going to kill him.” He says, walking off.

Nick grabs him. “No.”

He yanks out of his hold. “What do you mean no? He tried to kill my mate.”

“Our.” Mateo mumbles, Lucien glares at him.

“Because he knows something that we don’t. Killing him won’t give us that answer.”

“He might know she’s a lycan?” Mateo suggests.

“No,” Nick shakes his head. “It’s something deeper, otherwise he would have killed her himself. Or killed her the day they found her.” I shuddered, it was weird hearing about being murdered.

“Guys,” I interupt them. “We’re supposed to be in his office.” I remind them. Plus I wanted to leave this restroom, the dead bodies were creeping me out.

“We’ll meet in my room after, I added my own wards for extra protection. It’s safe and more private.” Nick suggests, my other two mates agree.

The four of us make our way out the door, I grab Lucien’s arm pulling him back. “Please control your temper.”

A sigh. “It’s hard when I know he’s trying to kill my girl.” I smile, blushing slightly.

“And he’s failing, I’m still here.” He nods, bending down for a kiss. I meet him halfway.

“Thank God you are.” He mumbles against my lips.

“There will be time for smooching later, get a move on.” Nick calls out from up front. Lucien rolls his eyes.

“Someone’s jealous.”

“I heard that.”

“I wasn’t whispering half breed.” I roll my eyes at the two of them, running to catch up with Mateo. My only normal mate apparently.

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