Eternal Academy

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Chapter 1

I chewed nervously on the end of my pencil, my eyes taking in every student around me. They looked normal enough, but I knew they were all monsters. This school was built for monsters. The biggest monster being Victor the dean. The one who dragged me here, convinced I’m a monster too. Though I’ve never seen this wolf that he claims I have.

A quick glance up front reminded me the teacher was addressing the history of demons. If I was smart I’d pay attention, instead of worrying about which classmate might eat me. Victor mentioned the school wasn’t just for werewolves, but other supernaturals as well. He didn’t give me a list or tell me anything else. I guess I was going to discover the different kinds on my own. But now there’s talk of demons? Did we have demons here? Why the hell would a demon need an education?

Leaning back in my chair I was seconds away from putting my legs on the desk. This was so boring. After getting over the fear that I had to attend a school full of monsters for four years, I expected a little more action than normal school. So far the only thing different are the classes.

Maybe I’ll get my action when I meet the other werewolves. Since I was one- something that’s still up for debate - I was told I’d have to sleep in the werewolf dorms. That’s right, we don’t get to go home, everyone lives on campus. Not that I had a home to go to.

“You should pay attention.” A soft voice whispers next to me, interrupting my thoughts. My body stills, not expecting such a rich voice. If treasure could talk...

I righted my seat, fixing my gaze on the figure next to me. Flaming red hair, a face half covered in freckles, covered slightly by the black frames of his glasses. I tilt my head, he was damn hot. I’ve never been attracted to red heads, but my oh my. What kind of monster was he? A male siren? Did they have male sirens? “And why’s that?”

He shuffles in his seat, slouching down more. Throwing a nervous glance my way, he pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose. I think my panties just melted. “Demons are known to be the most vicious in the supernatural world. You should be prepared on how to deal with them if ever faced against one.” He rushed out, some words mumbled.

I smile in sympathy, it’s obvious he wasn’t much of a talker. Pressing my pencil to the notebook - both given to me by the school - I decided to humor him.

For the rest of the period I take a few notes, glancing at the red head every now and again. He nodded his approval. I think I found my first ally.

When the bell rings signaling the end of class. I make sure to pack at the same speed as him, hoping to have a chat. Once I finish I walk over to his desk, he was still loading up books. “What’s your name?”

He jumps, startled. A blush covering his cheeks when he turn to face me, making his red hair stand out even more. “Mateo.”

I hold a hand out for him to shake. “Pleasure to meet you Mateo.” Though the pleasure was all mine. I eyed his body and what he was wearing. Simple blue T-shirt and dark blue jeans. He looked absolutely delicious. My pulse quickened just watching him. He grabbed my hand in a tight grip, which surprised me. I expected sweaty and loose. At least I got the sweat part right.

He nods, then turn on his heels for the door. “Wait!” He stops, body stiff. “I need help finding my next class.” He exhaled in relief, and I arch a brow. What did he think I was going to say? Tell him how badly I wanted to jump his bones? That wasn’t happening.

Not saying a word, he holds his hand out. But somehow I knew what he was asking for. I dug in my back pocket for the crumbled piece of paper the deans secretary gave me. Scanning it quickly, he thrusts it back to me. “We have second period together.” He blushes. “Follow me.”

Shouldering my backpack I follow him out the class. While we're walking I can't help but notice how much he hunches when he walks. Then I realized it was so he’d go unnoticed. Though that didn’t happen, plenty of females did a double take as he passed. He didn’t notice any of them, for some reason that made me feel good.

We stopped outside of classroom B12. “This is chemistry.” Damn right it is. He blushed again, shit! Can he hear my thoughts? Was that a thing supernaturals could do? Like Edward from twilight? “You space out a lot.” I blink, cheeks heating. I did not space out.

I follow him silently into the classroom. There was only one way to determine if he could read my thoughts or not. Sitting calmly next to him, I waited until we were deep into the lesson to try out my plan.

From the corner of my eye I watch him furiously take notes. He was very concentrated, forehead creased with thought. Damn he looks sexy I thought loud and bold. I watched for a reaction, but he never slowed his writing. Breathing in relief, I pull out my own materials. Something I should’ve done at the beginning of class. Oops.

Since leaving this place wasn’t an option I may as well make the most of it. Not like I had anywhere else to go. Back in Seattle I was living in a foster home, there’s so many kids there I doubt Felicia would notice my absence. She was a terrible foster mother.

“Do we have any witches present at the moment?” My eyes snapped to the professor. His eyes were scanning the room sharply. Did he say witches?

Two female hands went up in the front. I stiffened, holy shit. Witches are real? “Great, do one of you mind coming up for this demonstration?” The one closer with dirty blonde hair happily jumped from her seat, eager to please. “Ok Ms. Smith, pick two and mix them to cause a flame reaction.”

I lean closer to Mateo. “What the hell did I miss?” I had no clue what was going on. I really need to stop spacing out.

He not so subtly leaned away from me, putting space between us once again. Did I smell or something? I raised an eyebrow, he blushed. “She has to figure out which two liquids will cause a flame. Since she’s a witch she should be able to figure this out quickly. They use spells to help with most of their magic, and most spells require potions.” I nod, leaning out of his space. His eyes flicked to me, then back up front. “You really should start paying attention.”

I flash him a grin. “Kind of hard to do when I’m sitting next to a sexy red head.” I wink.

His eyes widen, and before I can stop him he packs his stuff, moving to a desk across the room. I shake my head, laughing quietly. Oh he was going to be fun to tease. I guess this place won’t be so bad.

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