Eternal Academy

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Chapter 19

We all shuffle into the office. The boys letting me have the only seat. They stand around me like bodyguards, making me roll my eyes. So much for being inconspicuous.

Victor clears his throat. “Ms. Cortez, do you mind going over the events of the restroom with me please.” I look at Mateo, who’s focused on Victor. No doubt reading his mind.

“I was in the stall when all the lights went out. Then I was attacked by one of the guys who I know is a demons. His eyes were pitch black. He flipped and killed the other guys, then disappeared.” I left out the fact I was late to class because I was cleaning Nick’s kids off me. He didn’t need all the details.

He nods. “Do you know why the guy attacked the other two?” I opened my mouth to say he’s my mate, but stop. For some reason I didn’t want him to know that.

“He’s a demon, when do they ever work well together?” Nick asks.

“Very well, thank you Ms. Cortez. You’re excused from classes today.” I almost squeal in happiness.

I lead my men out, hoping to go to my room for a long nap. “Not yet little wolf.” Nick says.

I turn to him. “What?”

“We have things to discuss.” He glances at me while we’re walking. “Like why you have so many mates, including a demon one.”

“What!?” Lucien freezes next to me.

I glare at Nick. “Stay out of my head!”

Lucien grabs me, forcing me to face him. By now we’re in the middle of campus, luckily class was still in session. “What demon?”

“His name is Kol, he killed the other demons when they tried to attack me.” Now that I think about it, I wonder how much was the bounty? How much was my life worth to these people?

“We can discuss all matters in my room.” Nick insists. I force Lucien to keep walking.

Once we make it to the fae dorms, Nick is quick to escort us to his room. I go in first, walking in like I own the place. Claiming the first spot on the bed. “Do a lot of fae’s have dark and light magic?” I ask Nick, who’s snuggling in next to me.

He shakes his head. “I’m the only one in existence. Light and dark fae aren’t allowed to date. My parents were rebels back in their day, didn’t follow the laws. Thus I was created.”

I gasp, “Are they in jail?” He laughs.

“I wish, instead their punishment was giving up their first born. Meaning me, that’s why I’m in an arranged marriage.” Lucien’s attention snap to us at this. He was pacing the floor for some reason, with Mateo trying to avoid him.

“You’re married? Are you leading my girl on?” He demands.

“Our.” Mateo sighs, sitting next to me. It’s funny how he always correct him. “And that’s a good question.”

“We mated!” I blurt, coming to his defense. I hate the thought of Nick leading me on, but that’s not the case. I trust him.

Lucien scoffs, “We know pup, we can smell the half breed all over you.” I blush, damn can’t hide shit around him.

I cross my arms. “Then what makes you think he’s leading me on?”

“Be quiet pup so he can answer my question.” I glare at him, he’s such an asshole sometimes.

“Obviously I’m not leading her on and you know that wolf. Stop with the pointless accusations.” He says, rolling his eyes.

“We have bigger problems.” Mateo Speaks up. He points to Lucien. “The main being why your father wants our mate dead. Second, how a demon is on earth and why he’s your mate.”

“Why are any of you my mate? There has to be a bigger picture. If I’m lycan shouldn’t I have only one?”

“Remember the research I did? About the half demon half wolf? Maybe you’re only half lycan, and it’s your other half that allows you to have so many mates.” He looks thoughtful, and his explanation makes sense.

“How am I supposed to find out if I’m half anything?” How I wish my patents were alive, if only to tell me what the hell I am.

“I’ll sneak into my father’s office later. I have a spare key.” I look at the clock on Nick’s desk. The last classes for the day just ended.

“I’ll go with you.” Mateo nods, like he’s still trying to convince himself it’s a good idea. “Dragons eye remember, we can spot treasure from a mile away.” Lucien rolls his eyes, but doesn’t object.

I yawn, it’s time for my afternoon nap. I hop to my feet. “I’m going to my room, all this thinking is making me sleepy.”

Nick settles back in his bed. “You can always sleep here little wolf.” Tempting, but I haven’t slept in my own bed in a while. I usually sleep in Lucien’s room.

“My bed misses me.” I smirk at him, he shrugs.

The three of us leave the fae dorms, ignoring the fae now occupying the common area. “I’m going to head over to the war games. I’ll see you later.” Lucien pulls me to him, giving me the sweetest kiss I never thought he was capable of. “Sorry if I’ve been an ass. I don’t like knowing people want to kill my girl.” He mumbles against my lips.

I fist my hand in his shirt. “Maybe you can make it up to me later, after you’re done playing spy.” I whisper, placing my hand against his crouch.

He groans, biting my bottom lip. “Get all your rest now, cause you won’t be getting any later.” He promise. I wink, pulling away.

“Promises promises.”

Mateo is quiet next to me as we walk, seeming to be in deep thought. I bump his shoulder. “What’s up?”

His eyes flick to me, then to the ground. “Do you...never mind.”

I growl, “Out with it!” I hate when people start a thought and don’t finish it. It drives me crazy trying to figure out what they were going to say.

He coughs, “Do you mind if I stay with you?” I stop, staring at him in shock. He takes my stare as something else. “It’s fine if I can’t, I know you want to be alone and -” I cut off his rambling, placing my mouth on his.

“You don’t have to ask, you’re my boyfriend you can stay whenever you want.” Lucien sure as hell never ask. “And according to Lucien you’re my favorite boyfriend so, bonus points to you.” He laughs, and I lean over to kiss his cheeks. He’s such a sweetheart. With a monster dick. What a combination.

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