Eternal Academy

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Chapter 20

Mateo lays in the bed before me, and I watch him remove his glasses and place them on my desk. Curious, I walk over and pick them up, looking through them. Every thing magnifies significantly. “Damn you’re blind.” I chuckle. “Aren’t supernaturals suppose to have like super vision or something?” He shifts uncomfortably on the bed, and I fear I might’ve upset him. Setting his glasses down I move to the bed, climbing on top of him. “I’m sorry, I meant no offense.”

His hand goes to my stomach, stroking my belly button. As weird as it sounds, it makes me horny. “I know you weren’t trying to offend me, but you’re right. Usually only witches have vision complications, with some being seers and what not.” I had no idea what a seer was, but I didn’t want to interrupt him. “I was born premature, and I guess that somehow messed with my vision. I started needing glasses when I was five.”

His eyes glaze over, seeming to be lost in a memory. This is the first time he’s ever been so open with me. But all I can focus on is his hard body underneath me. How long has it been since I’ve had alone time with my dragon? I grind my lower half against him. “Mateo.”

He snaps out of whatever daydream he was in, eyes widening up at me. “We don’t have to do anything, if you want to just rest.” He says, but the way he hardens under me says something else. I grind against him again in answer. He groans. “Ok, but you’re staying on top.”

I grin, leaning down to cover his mouth with mine. The scent of mangos invade my senses. Sliding my tongue across his bottom lip, he opens his mouth letting me explore. I moan at the taste of him, my fingers gripping his shirt. He tugs on the bottom of mine and I break the kiss to remove it. I struggle for a second to unclasp my bra and he watches patiently. Once my breast are free he sits up, sucking on a hard nipple. I moan, my hand going to his hair. His other hand comes up to squeeze the other breast, his mouth working my other one.

“Mateo,” A breathless moan escapes me. I grind against him harder, panting slightly. He releases my breast, only to switch to the other one. I’m putty in his lap as his mouth works me. Moaning and humping him like a horny dog. My hands travel from his chest to his jeans, undoing them. I hook my fingers in them and his boxers, starting to pull them down. Leaning forward I work them over his hips, while he continues sucking and squeezing my breast. “Mateo.” I say again, impatient this time. He chuckles, biting my nipple. I arch my back. I swear if I don’t have his dick in me soon I’m going to explode.

Grabbing my hips he lifts me off him, setting me on the side of the bed. “Strip.” He demands, kicking his pants and boxers off. My eyes are glued to the hard erection standing proudly up between his legs. “Hurry up angel.” He says, in a voice that shows he’s getting impatient as well. I start pulling my skirt down, but he shakes his head. “Leave that on.” I blush, slipping my panties off. He holds a hand out to me, helping me climb on top of him. Gripping my hips with one hand, he grabs his cock with the other.

He lifts a finger between my legs, touching me quickly. No doubt checking to see if I’m ready for him. Out of all my mates so far, he’s the biggest. When he feels how wet I am, he starts guiding me down. I suck in a breath when his tip pokes through. Shit! I forgot just how big he is. “Fuck Mateo,” I groan when he’s about two inches in. He stops. “Don’t stop.” It’s like losing my virginity all over again when I’m with him.

Throwing caution to the wind, I slam down on him. A silent scream leaves me and I slum forward, my head on his chest. Feeling moisture gather behind my eyes. “Shit angel.” He strokes my back, holding me to him. Not moving an inch. It takes a second for the pain to reside and the pleasure to set in. Sitting up I wipe my eyes, smiling at a guilty looking dragon. “I’m sorry.”

I shake my head, “You have nothing to be sorry for.” Not his fault he was blessed with dickzilla. I rotate my hips, both of us moaning at the movement. Rolling my hips back and forth I moan at the feeling of him inside me. Mateo let’s me ride him at my own pace, only moving to hold my hips. But I can tell he wants more.

Lifting up slowly I move until I feel the tip of him, then slam back down. He moans, “Fuck I’m sorry.” Before I can ask what he’s sorry for, he flips us over on our sides. Moving behind me he grabs my leg, lifting it. I moan when he moves forward, pushing himself in deep. He doesn’t slow down, ramming into me hard and fast. I grip the sheets, half my face in the bed. My dragon has officially snapped, and now he was fucking me hard.

He nails dig into my hips as he thrusts in deeper, holding my ass against him. “My angel,” He whispers, kissing the back of my neck like he’s not fucking me into oblivion. Every time he enters me he hits my g spot, making me cry out.

“Don’t stop,” I moan. He hooks an arm under my leg, holding it higher. Surprisingly he goes even deeper. My hand flies to my lower stomach, where I can feel him moving in and out of me. Shit my dragon is trying to kill me.

Suddenly he’s hot inside me. His cock taking on a burning temperature, but it doesn’t hurt me. It pushes me over the edge. I shake in his arms, my orgasm blowing through me like a tsunami. Mateo doesn’t slow his thrusts, he’s goes faster. And I know he’s close.

Then he stills, jets of come bursting out of him and into me. He’s breathing hard, sweat slicking our bodies. “Shit,” He groans in embarrassment, burying his face in my shoulder.

“What?” He let’s my leg drop, but doesn’t pull out. His warm inside me, not like the blazing heat he was before.

“I lost control,” He mumbles. “My dragon came out.”

My eyes widen. “Is that the heat I felt?”

He groans again.“Yes.” I laugh. “It’s not funny angel, you could’ve been seriously hurt. There have been stories of dragons burning their mates alive during mating.”

I push back against him, and he hardens inside of me. Moving his hips slowly against me. “Well I’m perfectly fine.” I say, reaching around me to grab his ass. “I can handle your dragon.” He thrusts hard into me, reacting to my words. It isn’t long before we’re going at it like rabbits again. Almost two hours later I fall asleep from exhaustion.

Waking up I groan, the bed under me hard and stiff, and cold. My eyes fly open, landing on steel bars. I sit up, feeling something heavy on my wrist. My eyes adjust to the darkness, and I see my ankles and wrist are chained to a wall. I look around, starting to panic. I was in a cell. I scream. “Help me!” Where was Mateo? The last thing I remember is falling asleep next to him.

“Calm down little wolf.” My eyes snap to the side, spotting Nick in a similar situation as me. Chained and caged. I start to cry. “Oh fuck! Don’t do that now when I can’t hold you little wolf.”

“What’s going on?” I sniff, trying to control my crying. Now is not the time to show weakness. Whoever has us could be watching.

He shrugs, heading falling back against the wall. “I have the strongest feeling Victor has taken us.”

“Why are you so calm about this?” He didn’t even try to wake me while I was out.

Tilting his head towards me, I see a look I’ve never seen in his eyes. Murder. “Because I’m going to kill him.”

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