Eternal Academy

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Chapter 21


I slam yet another draw close, growling. “There’s nothing here.”

“There’s got to be something.” The dragon ruffles through papers on the desk. He smells strongly of my pup, and I try not to inhale too much. Or I’ll go running to her. It’s only been a couple of hours, and all I can think about is being in bed with her. I smirk slightly, recalling how she insisted on sleeping in her room earlier. Knowing it’s because I force her into my room every night. Sighing I turn to another draw, reminding myself I’m doing this for her. My hands clench into fists at my side. I wanted to kill my father now and end this, but the others insist we figure out what he wants.

“I think I found something.” I rush over to the dragon, snatching the piece of paper out of his hand. I read over it several times, not believing what I was seeing.

“What does this me-” I’m slammed into the wall by shadows.

“Where the fuck is she?” A voice demands, seconds later a hand is wrapped around my neck. Pitch black eyes stare back at me, murderous rage in them. I try to speak, but his grip is too tight. I can feel my lycan coming to the surface. The male tightens his grip, and my lycan whimpers, cowering back into me. What the fuck? “I won’t ask again.”

“Are you looking for Catalina?” My eyes shift to the dragon, warning him to shut up. This man was clearly a demon, meaning he works for my father. “She’s in her dorm.”

He drops me and I slum to the floor. Like a predator on the hunt, he advances on the dragon. A wall of flames appear between them. The demon laughs, flicking his wrist the flames disappear. “Just because you smell like her doesn’t mean I’ll hesitate to break your neck.” He warns. “I checked her room and she isn’t there. Do not lie to me again.”

The dragon looks as alarmed as I feel. He was the last to see her and she was in her room. I stand up, wincing at the pain on my neck. The demon sits on the desk, pulling a lollipop out the pocket of his trench coat. Shoving it in his mouth. “I’m going to ask the two of you again. Where. Is. My. Mate?” The room starts to shake, books falling off the shelves. How strong was this demon?

“We don’t know.” The dragon shouts. The room stills, and I fear all hell is about to break loose.

“Ok.” Then he disappears in a cloud of shadows.

I look at the dragon with a ‘wtf’ look on my face. He shakes his head. “We have a bigger problem, our mate is missing.”

“So is the fae,” the demon appears again, leaning against a book shelf missing half its books. Thanks to him. “I checked.” He grins. Most likely he went to question him too.

“Who hired you to kill Catalina?” I needed to confirm what we thought.

“A lycan.”

The dragon curse. “Do you think he has them?” I nod, there’s no doubt. He probably planned all of this. Waiting until she was alone so he could snatch her. But why did he take the fae?

“Enough of this pointless chattering. Use your bonds and find her.” We give him blank looks.

“What?” The dragon asks. I can’t for the life of me remember his name. Even though Catalina says it a lot.

“You’re all children,” He eyes me. “And his name is Mateo.” I shrug. “She’s bonded with you both, focus on the moment you first had sex with her.”

“There was a cord.” Mateo says, surprised.

The demon nods, though I could see the impatience in his stance. If he had bonded with her he wouldn’t even waste his time with us right now. “Think of that cord.” I sigh, but do what he says. Several minutes go by and nothing happens. Then, faintly a black cord appears. Stretching from me and disappearing into the nearby wall.

“I see it.” Mateo calls out.

“Good. Go get my girl.” The demon turns, shadows start to gather around him.

“Where are you going?” I can’t help but ask. Shouldn’t he be going with us?

A grin full of malice cross his face. I almost wish I didn’t ask. “People to kill, places to see.” Then he’s gone, whistling what sounded strangely like jingle bell rock.

Mateo grabs my arm. “Let’s go.”


I don’t know how long we’ve been down here. Days, maybe months? “It’s been two hours.” Nick laughs, obviously reading my thoughts.

I slump against the wall. “Feels like forever.”

He sighs, the humor leaving him. “I know.”

“Do you think the others noticed us missing yet?” Mateo had to know, he was the last one to see me.

“If they’re not still searching Victor’s office then yes, Lucien would definitely notice you missing right away.” Shit, I forgot they planned to snoop. That must be how he was able to kidnap me.

“This is a disaster.” I just wanted to relax in my room after having hot sex with my dragon. Was I asking for too much?

A crashing sound had us both straightening. It’s the only sound we’ve heard in the last two hours. Could it be Victor coming to gloat then kill me? I held my breath waiting to see what was going to happen. At the end of the hall a door creaks open slowly, a bright light spilling into the dark cellar. “Angel?” I almost cry out in relief.

“I’m here!” I yell, yanking on my chains. Heavy footsteps sound, and then Mateo is standing at my cell.

“Stand back.” I nod, even though I can’t move. He grabs hold of the bars, straining to pull them apart. After a couple of minutes he makes a hole big enough to fit through. He rushes to me, and finally notices I’m chained up. Crouching next to me he grabs the chains. I feel a flare of heat, and then I’m free.

“Mateo!” I throw myself at him. He falls back trying to catch me.

“We have to go, there are guards upstairs. Lucien is holding off as many as he can.” He pulls me to my feet and out the cell, stopping to free Nick. “Can you fight?”

Nick nods, “But my magic has been dulled.”

“Anything helps.” We rush to the door as a group. Going up a flight of stairs we step out into what looks like a kitchen. Fighting can be heard in the next room. Nick rushes off to the sound, Mateo and I stumbling after him.

In the next room Lucien is fighting two large males at once, another two closing in on him. Nick intercepts, punching the closes one in the face. “Stay here.” Mateo says, pushing me behind him. Then he takes off to join the fight. I roll my eyes, going to help Lucien.

I reach the guy on the left, punching him in the face. He stumbles back, then glare at me, advancing. “Catalina! Stay out of this!” Lucien barks, landing a hard left hook to his guy. Knocking him out cold. The other dude is so focused on me he doesn’t notice Lucien behind him, until he’s also knocked out.

In the span of ten minutes my men have taken every one out. Lucien pulls me in for a rough hug. “Don’t ever disappear like that again.”

“I didn’t, I was kidnapped.” I tell him, but it’s muffled by his shirt. He pinches my butt.

Nick comes over, throwing his arms around the both of us. “I won’t disappear either.” Lucien growls, pushing him off.

“What do we have here? A Bastard lycan and her clan of dicks.” We all turn, just as Victor and about fifteen men walk in. Lucien instantly maneuvers me behind him.

“Father.” He snarls.

Victor flicks a hand at him. “I’ll deal with you later traitor.” Then his eyes focus on me. “The missing lycan princess, I’ve waited so long to find you. Your fathers hid you well.” Hold on, did he just say fathers? As in plural, more than one? What the hell? “But you can only hide for so long.” He snaps his finger and they start to pan out around us, trapping us in a circle.

“Stop this.” Lucien growls, fur starting to sprout along his arms.

“What are you talking about? You know my parents?”

He snarls, saliva flying from his mouth. Gross, can’t believe I thought he was attractive once. “Know them? The lycan queen was my wife! Until they defiled her!” I snicker at the word defile, Mateo elbows me in my side. What? It’s a funny word.

“You can’t blame my mate for your wife cheating.”

Victor laughs, though it lacks any real humor. “She didn’t cheat! She was seduced! And to avenge her I’m going to kill their creation.” His eyes turn a bright yellow, full of anger. “Kill them all!” He orders.

My mates form a protective circle around me, as Victor people start closing in.

Then the lights turn off. I still, clutching the back of who ever is close to me shirt. The sound of grunts and snapping has me confused. Are my mates attacking? What’s going on? Then the lights turn back on.

I stare in surprise, Victor and his men are dead on the floor. Heads twisted at an unnatural angle. Kol appears, seemingly out of nowhere, arms wide with a white stick poking out of his mouth. No doubt it’s a blue lollipop. “What? No hug for your savior?” I blink. What the hell just happened?

“If she doesn’t hug you I will.” Nick grins.

Kol narrows his eyes at him. “Touch me and you’ll end up like them.” He nods his head at the dead bodies.

Nick winks. “Playing hard to get huh?”

Kol ignores him, focusing on me. With a grin and a flash of shadows, he’s in front of me. Holding a pink lollipop. “I got this for you.” I just stare at it. He just killed eleven people and doesn’t look like he broke a sweat. He frowns when I don’t take it. “Do you prefer cherry? I can get you cherry.” I throw my arms around him. Even though I barely knew him I can’t ignore the fact that he just saved our lives.

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