Eternal Academy

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Chapter 22

Kol disappeared once I took the lollipop from him, without even saying goodbye. He won’t admit it, but I think my hug made him uncomfortable. Doesn’t seem like he gets a lot of affection.

Turns out Nick and I was being held underneath the stadium where the wars game are played. They have cells down there from back in the day when more dragons went to school here and occasionally lost control. And the kitchen and living room? Is where the guards slept. Who knew we were right on campus that whole time?

Mateo and Lucien haven’t left my side since we left those cells. Not that I’m complaining. I feel much safer with them around. Nick on the other hand went back to his dorms.

The cops were called, or whoever those guys were. It was the same guys that picked me up from the woods, plus more. All dressed alike. Lucien says they’re guards for the council. Trained to make supernaturals that break the law disappear. He didn’t say how though.

Many students came out there dorms to watch Victor’s body be carried out. When the guards questioned us on who killed him, Lucien told them it was him and Nick. No mentioning of Kol. Which made sense, considering he’s supposed to be in hell.

“Are you ok?” Mateo wraps an arm around me, pulling me to his side. All of us are sitting in the common area, including Abigail and the twins.

“I can’t believe the dean kidnapped you! Or well ex dean.” Abigail says. Then her and Matt get into a discussion of what they would’ve done to him if they were there.

My head drops on to Mateo’s shoulder. My hand was still a little sore from punching that guy earlier. “I’m sleepy.” It had to be almost 2am. Thankfully classes are canceled tomorrow.

Lucien stands, holding his hand out to me. “Come on.” With much effort I pull myself up, almost falling into his arms. He laughs, scooping me up bridal style. “If you wanted me to carry you, you could’ve just asked.” He says, walking up the stairs.

I grip his shoulder sleepy, struggling to keep my eyes open. “Shut up.” I hear footsteps behind him, and look to see Mateo following. “A sleepover?” Lucien grunts.

He doesn’t go to my room of course, but carries me in his. Laying me down on the bed he starts to undress me, putting my pajamas in a neat pile on the floor. They were dirty from laying on that cell floor. Honestly I probably burn them tomorrow.

Mateo stands awkwardly next to me. Lucien stripes down to his boxers, climbing in the bed behind me. “This is the only time I’ll allow this to happen dragon. Don’t touch me, don’t look at me, and stay on that side of the bed.” I roll my eyes, but Mateo nods in understanding. He usually sleeps in his boxers as well, but tonight he’s choosing to sleep fully clothed. Sliding into bed in front of me he reaches for my hand, at the same time Lucien wraps am are around me. I sigh in content, my men.

“She has a right to know.” My eye cracks open slightly, hearing voices.

“She’s been through enough already, we should give her time.” I stretch, sitting up in bed. Lucien, Mateo, and Nick are all standing in a circle.

“What’s going on?” Everyone is fully dressed, making me wonder how long I’ve been asleep. “What are you hiding from me?”

Lucien growls, “We’re not hiding anything, we just think it’s too soon to tell you.”

Nick scoffs.“They think it’s too soon, you guys can leave the room and I’ll happily tell her.” He and Lucien have a glaring match.

I cross my arms glaring at the two of them. “Might as well just tell me cause I’ll keep asking.”

“We know who your fathers are.” Mateo blurt. I freeze.


Lucien takes a hand through his hair, seeming frustrated. “Before we discovered you were missing we found something. A letter the lycan queen gave my father before she died.”

“She tells how your fathers used their beauty to convince her to carry you.” Mateo continues.

“Just tell her who her fathers are. Skip the dramatics.” Nick grabs me from the bed and sits down, placing me on his lap.

“The gods. Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon. You’re a demigod.” Mateo says, a look of amazement on his face. He looks three seconds from dropping on his knees and repeating he’s not worthy.

“And a Lycan.” Lucien adds, as if I need a reminder.

My mind goes blank. “Does this mean I should sit with the demigods?”

Nick pinches my side. “There are no known demigods fathered by the great three. Only you, you’re above them.” Great, way to stand out even more.

“But I have no powers, hell I don’t even have a wolf.”

Mateo nods. “And now I understand why. Demigods go through some sort of ritual to unlock their powers.”

“That sounds painful.”

“It’s not, in fact we could perform it. I studied it enough to know the procedure. That way your heritage can remain a secret.” Nick gets excited by the idea, and I mean really excited. The excitement starts to poke me in the ass. I look at him over my shoulder, eyebrow raised.

He smirks. “Powerful women turn me on babe. Especially when it’s my woman.” He nips my ear, I giggle.

“That’s settled then. When do we start?” Lucien asks Mateo.

“It’ll be a while, I have to gather all the ingredients.” He bends down to give me a kiss. “I’ll start now. See you later angel.” I watch him leave with slight longing.

Nick stands, maneuvering me so I have to wrap my legs around him. “And we’ll be going to my room. Later mutt.” Lucien tries to kiss me when he walks by, but Nick moves so he miss, laughing at his anger. “You’ll get your time later.” I shake my head at the two of them, blowing Lucien a kiss over his shoulder. He slaps my butt. “That’s cheating.”

“Oh shut up.” We bicker all the way to the fae dorms, where we’re sadly interrupted by the last person I want to see. “Nick.” Margaret frowns when she sees us. I try to lean back and look at her, but Nick press my head into his neck.

He pause. “Can I help you Margaret?”

“What’s going on here?” I could just picture the glare she’s giving me, hell I could almost feel it.

“I’m taking my mate to my room so we can have sex like adults. What does it look like?” I blush, damn just tell everybody.

She sputters, seemingly not able to come up with a reply. “I’ll be calling my mother.” She stomps off. Nick shrugs, carrying me the rest of the way.

Once in his room he drops me on the bed, grinning. I can see his cock straining through his pants. “Looks like you need some help with that.” I rub my feet against him. He groans, reaching for me. I squeal in excitement as he starts to rip my clothes off.

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