Eternal Academy

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One Week Later

Whispers sounded around the classroom. Girls giggling with their friends. I lean over to Mateo. "Do you know what all the excitement is about?"

He looks up from his notes, a disapproving look on his face. "You should be focusing on the teacher." I glare at him. "But if you must know, the new dean arrives today." Ahh, I forgot all about that.

"That's why everyone is excited?" Geez, and here I thought it was something cool. "Who cares."

"Victor was dean for centuries, it's a shock to everyone that we'll be getting a new one." I guess that makes sense. Considering I didn't know much about the schools history.

"Let's just hope this one doesn't try to kill me." I joke. He doesn't laugh. Due to recent events (Victor trying to kill me) all projects have been given an extra week. Thank God for that, since our group hasn't done anything.

For the rest of the class I switch between daydreaming and taking notes. Abigail stops us in the hallway on the way to our second class. "The new dean is here and he wants to speak with you." She jumps excitedly. "He's so hot Catalina!" Mateo coughs next to me. "Oh hush, she's allowed to look." I giggle.

"The only people I want to look at is my mates." I wink.

She scoffs. "Well you for damn sure have enough to look at. Greedy whore." We laugh. "But seriously, he sent me to get you."

I groan. "Why does he want to speak with me? I'm done with dean's for a lifetime. I made a choice to avoid them at all cost."

"You can't just avoid the big boss." Mateo chuckles. "I gotta head to class, find me after." He hesitates, and I roll my eyes. Planting a quick kiss on his cheek.

"You two are so cute." Abigail gushes. Out of the three of my mates she knows about, Mateo is her favorite. She thinks it's adorable how he only gives me attention. "Come on, I'm supposed to escort you to captain hottie." I shake my head at her, laughing.

"Why do you think he wants to see me?" The closer we got the more nervous I felt. My track record with dean's so far got me cautious of them.

She blinks at me. "Really? How about you almost getting murdered? Maybe he wants to reassure you he's not gonna lock you in a cell." She jokes. But honestly I'm hoping he does.

We reach the office, the receptionist no where to be found. "I got it from here."

She pouts. "Dammit, I was hoping to get another look at him." I shush her, hoping he doesn't have bionic hearing. She salutes me, turning to go back down the hall.

I take a deep breath, knocking on the door. "Come in." A deep voice calls out, making my toes curl abs heart beat speed up. Oh no no no! Are you telling me every guy I meet is my mate? Just from my reaction to his voice alone, I know he's one. I debate on running, how the hell can I be mated to a teacher?

I want to run, but I also want to see him. I can't help it, he's meant to be mine forever. What if he's some older man with grey hair? And not the cute grey like Nick's. I force all those thoughts away, maybe I'm reading too much into this. Maybe he's not my mate at all.

Swinging the door open I walk in with my head down. "You wanted to see me?" I shuffle next to the door. I can't bear to look at him, but it's also killing me not to. When I don't get a response, I peek up. Only to find the desk empty. What the hell? I look around. He was just here.

A quiet hiss sounds behind me and I freeze. Rough hands grab my hip, in a flash I'm sitting on the desk. A large male body between my legs. I glance up, making eye contact with dark red ones. I bite my lip, taking in his short black hair, pale skin and red lips. "Uh, hi?" I squeak.

He grins, showing sharp fangs. Inhaling deeply, his eyes brighten slightly. His mouth opens, fangs extending. I blink, and suddenly there's a pain in my neck. That pain turns into pleasure quickly and I moan, clutching his head against me. He growls, fangs buried deeply in my neck as he drinks. A white cord wraps around us, confirming what I thought. He's my mate.

I tilt my head, giving him better access. My legs go around his waist, feeling his excitement. I moan again, reaching for his pants.

He throws himself back with a hiss, detaching from my neck. My hand flies to my neck clutching the wound. "Dammit!" He punches a nearby wall. I drink in the sight of him, dressed in a black suit paired with a black tie. He looked yummy. "Stop looking at me like that!" He snarls at me.

I bite my lip. "Huh?" Abigail was right. He's sexy as hell. He looks back at me, then quickly looks away.

"Control yourself Ms. Cortez! I can smell your arousal." He says in anger. What was he mad about? He's the one that attacked me! Strange our bond formed without sex. Vampires bonded through bites?

I smirk. "That's your fault."

"You're excused from the trails this year due to circumstances." He walks slowly over to his desk, that I'm still sitting on. "You may leave now."

I blink."What?"

He sits down, ignoring me as he reach for a stack of papers. "I said you may leave."

I hop down to face him. "That's it? We just bonded. I know you're my mate."

He finches. "That was a mistake, I lost control. I'll find a way to fix this." I stare, not believing what I was hearing. He didn't want to be bonded to me. My eyes fill, but I refuse to cry on front of him. So be it.

I head for the door, my heart breaking with every step. What did I do for him to reject me?

I shake myself, looking back at him once, a plan forming in my head. He was chosen as my mate for a reason, and I'll make sure he realizes it. Closing the door behind me I make a promise. I was going to make him accept me as his mate.

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