Eternal Academy

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Chapter 2

Mateo turned out to be a good tour guide, and even better eye candy. Once you look pass all the adorable blushing. He pointed out things that will later help me find my classes on my own. But lucky for me we had a majority of classes together, including lunch. From the look on his face I could tell he was dreading it.

“Where do you usually eat during lunch?” I had a feeling it wasn’t the cafeteria. Either way I planned to follow him like a lost puppy. So far he’s the only one that’s spoken to me. And I was drawn to him. Like he’s a missing part of me, and when I’m close I feel whole. Weird right? I just met the guy.

The tips of his ears turned pink, something I was used to. He blushed a lot, it’s cute. “The library... But I can stay in the cafeteria if you want.” He offered.

I smile gently, looping my arm through his. “Nonsense, we’ll eat in the library together.” I ignore the blush I knew he now wore. I decided in first period that he was going to be my first friend here, even if I didn’t know what he was. I looked over his tone muscular body. I also wouldn’t mind being more than friends. But baby steps, I just met the guy. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

He steers us down a hall, other teenagers eyeing us as we pass. The cafeteria surprisingly, was just like any other cafeteria. Even the food, I was expecting something...else.

I did notice the clique like setup though that you only see in movies. The first table you see when you enter is full of gorgeous women. I stared unashamed at them. “Those are succubus.” Mateo whispers next to me. “Over there, the werewolves.” He pointed to a table next to the succubi. It was full of rowdy men and women. I shuddered, I was going to be sharing living quarters with them soon. “Fae,” A table behind them was full of luminous people. They were more gorgeous than the succubi. But they were too beautiful, you could almost sense the otherworldly to them. One in particular stood out the most. A red head sitting on top of the table, laughing loudly. She was the most beautiful out of them all.

Gently he moved my attention to the opposite side. Pointing out the vamps, demigods, and witches. I wonder which group he belonged to. The curiosity was eating me alive, but I’ll wait until he feels comfortable to tell me. We grab our trays, mine with salad and pasta, his with two burgers, fries, and a gold goblet. “Why do you get a goblet?” No one else had one, everyone else had bottles of something.

He gives me a sheepish look. “My family sent it.”

“Are you royalty or something?” Was I hanging out with a prince? He sure looked like one.

He shrugged, “Or something.” I didn’t push for details. I feel like patience works best with guys like him. A very obvious introvert. It may take a while before he's comfortable opening up to me.

Pushing our way back to the door I followed him silently. “Hey Mateo! Found yourself some new treasure?” A female voice called out. My eyes went to the succubus table, narrowing on a blonde beauty. She flipped her hair, grinning at him. Her smile was almost blinding, meant to draw you in. He didn’t respond, just continued walking.

Once we made into the quiet of the hall, he finally spoke. “She’s been wanting to get me in her bed.” His cheeks tint pink. I almost growl.I already hate her.

“No success then?” I ask slowly, when I wanted to demand he say no. Please say no. The thought of him in her bed, I cant even.

He looks back at the cafeteria door, like he can still feel her stare. “I’m one of the few she hasn’t gotten her claws into.” I laugh.

He leads me up two flights of stairs before we reach the library door. The librarian, an older lady, greets him upon entering. He gives her a small smile back.

Flopping down on a couch, he casually drags a nearby table closer for us to put our food on. It was quiet while we ate, even though I had a million questions. “Do you know where the werewolf dorms are?”

He chokes on a fry, looking at me in surprise. “You’re a werewolf?”

“That’s what I’m told.” I shrug.

“I would’ve thought,” He eyes me curiously, then shakes his head. “Never mind, yeah I can show you.”

I watch him, noticing the pink tint to his cheeks that wasn’t there moments ago. My eyes narrow. “What did you think I was?”

His head snaps up, a look of guilt on his face. “A succubus.” He mumbles.

I wasn’t sure if I should be offended or not. On one hand, he obviously thinks I’m attractive. On the other, he thought I was a sex demon. I decided to treat it as a compliment. “You’re not too bad looking yourself.” We lapse into silence after that. He wasn’t much of a talker.


Following him through campus, he pointed out the other dorms and who they belonged to. Outside was made up of many routes and roads. Each one leading to a particular place. The buildings were color coordinated. The few we passed were black, yellow, blue, and orange. I tried to store away everything he was telling me for later, but honestly I couldn’t stop staring at his ass in those jeans. He has a perfect round one. He looked back over his shoulder and blushed. No doubt catching me.

At the end of the street not too far from the witches dorm, were the werewolves. A large black building. He stopped at the door, knocking on it hesitantly. Honestly I was surprised he was even still here. The door opened halfway, revealing a tall beautiful brunette. “Can I help you?”

Mateo clears his throat, looking back at me. “She’s a werewolf.” He stated, then looked down at his shoes. I grin stepping up next to him, so close that I could feel his body heat. I wanted to drown in the scent of him.

The girl cocked her hip. “Oh really?”

I life my shoulders in a shrug, “That’s what they keep telling me.” She looks me up and down, then step back inviting me in.

I walked through with my head held high. I will not let these wolves intimidate me. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” I throw over my shoulder at Mateo, but he was already gone.

“Are you guys together?” The girl ask, closing the door.

I stop my strut of confidence to face her. “No, why?”

She shrugs, “I’ve never seen him interact with anyone else willingly, only if it involved a project.” I smile fondly, he was such a nerd.

“Where do I sleep?” I didn’t care to stand here and gossip with her about him.

“Follow me, my name is Abigail by the way.” She introduce. The house was quiet, not what I expected after what I witnessed at lunch. Where was everybody?


“If you’re wondering where everyone is, they’re at the war games. Well except Lucien our alpha, he’s visiting his mom. He’ll return Friday though to knight you in.” I roll my eyes at her words.

“Knight me in?”

She throws a grin over her shoulder. “The dean’s idea, not ours.” Of course it was.

The dorms were four stories high, and I was on the third floor. “This is you, right across from Lucien.” She grimaced, “I feel sorry for you, the walls are kind of thin. You’ll be hearing his nightly activities.” Now it was my turn to grimace. Great, across the hall from a manwhore. “Well I’ll be off to let you get settled. Just yell my name if you need anything.” She winked, skipping off down the hall.

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