Eternal Academy

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Chapter 3

Pushing the door open the first thing I notice is how bare the room was. Stark white walls greeted me. But the room itself wasn’t bad. A queen sized bed was placed against the wall, I had my own desk and chair. There was a large window looking out into the forest behind us. A bathroom and a walk in closet. Honestly, it was better than my old room at the orphanage. The lack of belongings it possessed was all my fault. Even if I was able to get the little things I had from the orphanage, it still wouldn’t be much. Not enough to turn this room into something more homey.

I drop my backpack on the floor, flopping on the bed. Another new school. I was barely starting my other one, and now I have to start all over. My jaw clenched, all thanks to that bitch Claire and her pack of hyenas. If I ever see her again...

I shuffle on the bed, trying to get comfortable. That’s when I feel something thick under me. I sit up, reaching under the covers, my hand wrapping around an envelope. I pull it out, popping it open. My mouth hangs open in shock, it was full of money. I flip it over, checking the front. It was addressed to me. This must be a mistake. I didn’t have a dime to my name, it’s one of the reasons Felicia ignored my existence.

Opening it once again, I saw a note inside.


A gift for giving this school a chance. Your books are paid for, this is for you to spend however you like. As long as you try your best to succeed and pass your classes, more will come. Please enjoy Eternal Academy and all it has to offer.

Dean Victor

I counted the money once, twice, three times. But the amount never changed, five thousand dollars. Five thousand dollars to stay in this dump? Holy shit! More will come the dean knew how to get his way.

I grin hugely, grabbing a few dollars, then shove the rest under my pillow. I should probably invest in a safe or something if I'm going to be having this much money laying around.

First things first though, I’ll definitely need to buy clothes. Apparently Eternal Academy didn’t require you to wear a uniform, but they do have them. I’ll probably end up wearing it when I don’t feel like doing laundry. Would they let me go to the mall? Do they even allow students to leave? Only one way to find out.

Slipping out of my room I went in search for Abigail. It was only three pm so most of everyone was out of class, but the halls were still empty. Where’d she say everyone was? The war games? I’ll have to ask her about that.

Making it to the first floor, I finally start to hear voices. I follow them pass the common area, and into the kitchen. “Catalina!” Abigail grins at me like I'm an old friend. She was leaning against the counter next to another girl. I frowned when I realized it was the succubus from the cafeteria.

“Hey, I was wondering if it was possible to go to the mall?” The succubus snorted.

Abigail gave me a pitying look. “We can only leave campus on the weekend.” Damn, it was Monday. Why didn’t the dean provide me with anything?

I huff, “What the hell am I supposed to wear for the next five days?”

She laughs, “I can loan you some things.”

“She likes giving to charity.” The succubus smirk. Abigail elbows her in the side.

“Chill out Claire.”

I throw my head back, laughing out loud. “Why am I not surprised?”

She glares, hands going to her hips. “Something you want to say wolf?”

I smirk, “Nope!” It’s like every girl named Claire has it out for me.

Abigail walks over to me, looping her arm through mine. “Come on,” I sigh, letting her drag me. “Show yourself out Claire!” I didn’t want to judge her because she hangs out with the succubus, but I was really curious how that friendship came to be.

Abigail’s room was on the second floor, last door in the hall. Unlike my room, hers actually had some life to it. Pictures of friends and family covered every inch of the wall above her bed. Her desk was full of knick knacks and even a cool lava lamp. “What are you wanting? Jeans? Skirts? Shorts?” She called out from her closet.

I take a seat on her bed, loving the plush comforter on it. “Jeans and T-shirt will be fine.”

She peeks her head out the closet, looking me over. “I’ll pick.” Then she disappears back inside. I raise an eyebrow, ok what was that about? Shrugging, I went back to surveying the room. This time focusing on the pictures. “Ok, here we go.” She steps out holding several articles of clothing. Gently she lays them out on the bed, I frown seeing several pairs of shorts. “Oh don’t give me that look! You’ll look hot in them.”

I force a smile on my face. She didn’t have to give a complete stranger her clothes to wear, I should be grateful. “I’m sure it will.” Chewing on my cheek, I prepare to ask my next question. “Do you have an extra towel and soap?” I flush.

She giggles. “God the dean didn’t give you shit huh?” I shrug, he hadn’t planned on finding a stray and bringing her to his school. “I’ll get you everything you need.” Her eyes narrow, a look of concentration on her face. Then she smiled, “Come on the rest of the gang is here! Let’s go meet them.”

I cock my head, straining my ears for any sounds of others. “I don’t hear anyone.”

She giggles, tapping the side of her forehead. “Mind link, once you’re knighted in you’ll be able to communicate with everyone.”

I wince, “Sounds like one hell of a headache.” But she was undeterred, grabbing my hand and pulling me out of the room. “What about the clothes?” I look back longingly at them, I didn’t want to be stuck wearing the same thing for the next two days because of some wolves.

“You can pick them up later.” She notices my stare.

I sigh, letting her drag me through the dorms once again. Unlike last time the common area was no longer empty. Now five other wolves lounged in varies places. Three guys and two girls. A girl and a boy shared a love seat together, two guys sat on the floor, and the last girl perched on an arm rest. “Guys, this is our new roomy Catalina.” She gently shoves me in the middle of the room, like a sacrificial lamb. I survey the bored faces around me, arcing an eyebrow. This was the welcome committee?

“She’s hot.” One guy says, winking at me. The girl next to him punched his shoulder.

“You know Lucien always gets first dibs.” She sighs, giving my body a once over. This Lucien guy sounded like a real tool that fucked anything with a pulse.

I wave a hand over my body. “Get your look fill, cause no one is getting a piece of this ass.”

One guy on the floor snorted. “It’s cute she believes that.” I ignore him, squeezing on the love seat between the guy and the girl. They give me startled looks.

“What? I refuse to stand.” The girl laugh.

“I’m piper.” She points to the guy on the seat. “My boyfriend Caleb, over there is Amber, and on the floor are the twins Zach and Matt.” Now that she pointed out they were twins, I could see it. Except Zach has blonde and Matt has dark black hair. At least it’ll be easy to tell who’s who. I wave at everyone, not really that big on introductions.

For the rest of the day we hang out in the common area, joking and laughing. Even though the dorm had four floors, only the seven of us lived here. Well eight, including the womanizer.

Not many werewolves came to Eternal Academy, only the most elite.

By the time I returned to my room, stopping to get the clothes and other supplies, I was tired. But as I laid down my thoughts drifted to Mateo. He was the most shy guy I’ve ever met. It was cute how he blushed after almost everything he says. I laughed softly, remembering how red his face was when I sat next to him on the couch. You can tell he doesn’t interact with people often, especially not females. Will I see him tomorrow? Or will he avoid me? I also didn’t know if I should hang with the shifters now that I’d been introduced. But according to Abigail I wasn’t part of the pack until Lucien said so.

I yawned, stripping out of my clothes. Since I didn’t have pajamas I’ll be going commando tonight. I should’ve asked her for pjs.

Settling under the covers I was surprised by how soft they were. They definitely didn’t look this soft. It didn’t take long for the warmth to lull me to sleep.

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